After four months of free food and drink for Ukrainian refugees, Europe finally can’t stand it!

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Author: Zhengjie bureau this article is authorized to be reproduced from: Zhengjie Bureau (wechat id:zhengjieclub)

Apart from the United States, Britain is the most active anti Russian in the Russian Ukrainian war.

The British sent guns and artillery to Ukraine, and they could not wait to kill Russia.

British Prime Minister Johnson also ran to the Ukrainian platform.

Britain spared no effort in encouraging the Ukrainians to work hard, but when it really wanted to help the Ukrainians, it was evasive.

Many Ukrainian refugees finally escape the war and go to Britain, but they will be ruthlessly repatriated.

As a matter of fact, it is the mentality of most European countries to hope that Ukraine can defeat Russia on the one hand, but dislike Ukrainian refugees on the other.

So why has the attitude of European countries changed so much since they vowed to share the fate with Ukrainian refugees to the death and now they are so disgusted with them?



Since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, more than 7million Ukrainians have become refugees and fled to other countries for refuge.

Among them, about 5million people have obtained refugee status in the EU, and the vast majority of these people are women and children.

In the early days of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in order to run on Russia, Europeans were very enthusiastic about accepting Ukrainian refugees. Many people even held signs and lined up to invite Ukrainian refugees to live in their homes. Governments of various countries also introduced many preferential benefits.


On March 7 local time, Ukrainians gathered at the railway station in the Ukrainian city of Lvov

It seems that these people are not refugees who come to seek refuge. Instead, they are like rich relatives of these Europeans, who are being fawned one by one.

Germany has received at least 320000 refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The German government is also very generous. Every refugee can receive a subsidy of 1000 euros (about 7000 yuan) every month. Ukrainian high school students can go directly to German public universities without taking the college entrance examination.

Among European countries, Poland is the country that receives the largest number of Ukrainian refugees. According to UNHCR statistics, about 5.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, of which more than 3 million have come to Poland.


More than 3 million Ukrainians fled to Poland

Poland receives a large number of Ukrainian refugees, also because at first Poland was really warm to Ukrainian refugees and gave them good treatment.

In order to express support for Ukraine, Polish buses once carried the flags of Ukraine and Poland.

At the beginning of March, the Polish parliament passed a bill allowing Ukrainian refugees entering Poland to live legally for 18 months.

In addition, Ukrainian refugees can not only receive one-time subsidies, but also get Polish ID numbers and enjoy various work and medical benefits.

At the same time, people and institutions hosting Ukrainian refugees can also receive various subsidies every day.

Bulgaria has accepted about 350000 Ukrainian refugees and placed them in their own luxury hotels for free, making these Ukrainians feel as if they are not fleeing, but coming for vacation.

In the face of the influx of a large number of Ukrainian refugees, Sweden is particularly generous. It announced that as long as it is a car with Ukrainian license plates, it can pass through the tollgate of the Oresund bridge free of charge.

In order to accept a large number of Ukrainian refugees, Sweden has specially opened new offices in weikesshe, beixueping and marsta in Stockholm.

In addition, the Swedish immigration office has also set up a new national immigration team, mainly to coordinate the police, civil emergency agencies, administrative committees and other relevant agencies.

In order to express its support for Ukraine, every weekend in March, Sweden will light the Oresund bridge with the color of the Ukrainian flag.

It can be said that at the beginning of the conflict, these European countries were really generous to Ukraine and tried their best to take in more refugees.


As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been lingering, the attitude of Europeans towards Ukrainian refugees is also the old lady’s new year, getting worse day by day.

However, it is not entirely the fault of European countries. The main reason is that the economic pressure is too great.

As a result of the double blows of the COVID-19 and the war between Russia and Ukraine, prices in EU countries soared all the way.

Among the 27 EU Member States, except the Netherlands, the inflation rate in other countries has reached the highest point in history. Even Britain, which has successfully “brexit”, is not doing any better.

Now, the budgets of European governments have reached their limits. The economic recession is very serious. The admission of a large number of Ukrainian refugees has exacerbated the economic crisis in European countries.

The German Research Institute has roughly estimated that if these Ukrainian refugees are taken in for a long time, they will have to spend at least 15-17billion euros a year to support them free of charge.

Moreover, these Ukrainian refugees are difficult to create economic value for German society due to limited communication and reluctance to put down their bodies and go out to work.


Ukrainian refugees at Berlin central station, Germany

This is even true for rich countries such as Germany, and it is even more difficult for those countries that rely on EU assistance to survive.

According to the statistics of the EU think tank Institute, the EU will spend at least 43billion euros on the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees in 2022, accounting for almost one quarter of the total EU annual planned expenditure. As long as the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, this figure will continue to increase.

No wonder European countries have tried their best to let Ukrainian refugees go out for employment.


Poland uses “weaning” to force Ukrainians to be self reliant

In order to make it easier for the refugees to find jobs, the Polish government has also abolished the original permits. Employers only need to notify the labor office within 14 days of the formation of the employment relationship.

Poland, as a pioneer in supporting Ukraine, can’t stand it. Other European countries have no patience with Ukrainian refugees.

Czech government plans to modify welfare to restrict Ukrainian refugees.

In the new measures, the Czech government plans to link medical insurance with employment. Every adult refugee in Ukraine can only enjoy the insurance services for the first 180 days free of charge, and the refugees living in shelters can no longer enjoy unconditional financial assistance because of this new regulation.


Czech government urges Ukrainian refugees to find employment, otherwise they may lose benefits

To make matters worse, the Czech government is only prepared to provide Ukrainian refugees with basic assistance such as accommodation and food until the end of June.

According to local media reports in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian government has let Ukrainian refugees move out of luxury hotels and reduced their accommodation allowance from 20 euros (about 139 yuan) per person per day to 7.5 euros (about 53 yuan).

Most of these Ukrainian refugees are forced to move to cheap hotels, or to a refugee center rebuilt from a gymnasium or an abandoned hospital, or even set up a temporary detention hall in the state government, which is completely different from the previous accommodation conditions.


Ukrainian refugees who stayed in high-end hotels in Bulgaria for free were transferred to low-end places by bus

Of course, Ukrainian refugees can also find jobs in Bulgaria and find new homes at their own expense after earning money.

It can be said that these countries hosting Ukrainian refugees are worried about money.


The government is worried about money, and the European families who take in Ukrainians are even more upset. Since the Ukrainians came in, their lives have become worse and worse.

Belgium has received about 100000 Ukrainian refugees.

To the surprise of the Belgian government, although most Ukrainian refugees have solved the problem of food and housing, there are more and more contradictions between local people and Ukrainian refugees.

A Belgian housewife originally only wanted to accept a couple, but she was forced to accept a family of four and a cat. What made her more unbearable was that the cat would urinate everywhere, making her home very dirty.

Belgian Melanie also feels that her life has been in chaos since Ukrainian refugees came to her home.

Originally Melanie was a very outgoing and communicative person, but now she can only communicate with “guests” with translation software.

What makes Melanie more uncomfortable is that every time she is working, the Ukrainians in her family will use their mobile phones to broadcast public programs. Although Melanie has reminded her several times, they still refuse to use headphones.

Melanie can only console herself with this. After all, they have just experienced a terrible war, so they should still help them.


A large number of Ukrainian refugees flow into European countries, resulting in a “cultural conflict” in both directions

It may be possible to adjust to life habits, but some Ukrainian women even seduce other people’s husbands.

Lorna Garnett, a 28 year old British woman, originally had a happy family. She had a loving husband and two children, but everything has changed since Sophia, a Ukrainian refugee woman, was taken home.


Lorna and her husband Tony had a happy group photo

Sophia took the initiative to find Lorna’s husband Tony for help on the social platform. The two had a good chat on Facebook. Then cassophia was received to live in Tony’s home.

In order to make Sophia more comfortable, Tony even gave up his daughter’s room and let the two children huddle together.

What makes Lorna more unbearable is that Tony is getting impatient with her. Instead, he often drinks, chats and watches plays with Sophia, just like a couple in love.


Tony and Sophia are becoming more and more intimate, just like a loving couple

After a period of time, Lorna couldn’t bear it and decided to drive Sophia out of the house. To Lorna’s surprise, Tony had to leave with her. He also said that he couldn’t live without Sophia and would be with her in the future.

Finally, Lorna and Tony went through the divorce formalities, and Sophia will apply for permanent residency in addition to moving to the city center with Tony.


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Lorna just accepted Ukrainian refugees out of kindness, but she didn’t expect to break up her good home.

In fact, most European families are also taken in out of kindness, but unexpectedly, cultural differences, lack of privacy and property security have made them more and more exhausted, and quarrels between landlords and Ukrainian refugees have become the norm.

As a result, in Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium, more and more landlords have begun to drive away the Ukrainian refugees who are boarding.

These landlords admitted that they had made wrong decisions because of the publicity of the government and the media.


Of course, the most intolerable thing for Europeans is that Ukrainian refugees are not only ungrateful, but also domineering.

At the end of last month, in Vienna, the capital of Austria, several Ukrainians drove two luxury SUVs with Ukrainian license plates and parked in the no parking area of a top luxury hotel.

Two Vienna local taxi drivers mistakenly thought they didn’t know the rules, so they kindly reminded them to move the car.

Unexpectedly, instead of being ungrateful, these Ukrainians jumped out of the luxury car and beat and scolded the two drivers until they beat one driver unconscious before driving away.


Video screenshot of Vienna driver beaten by Ukrainians in the street

After this incident was exposed, it directly angered the people in Vienna, who couldn’t help mocking roast on the Internet.

Dominique nep, a member of the Vienna City Council, angrily tweeted two satirical tweets and denounced these people: “far from fighting for the motherland, Ukrainian men beat up taxi drivers outside the luxury hotels in Vienna. Get out of our country!” “Expel criminals and deserters!”

Some time ago, on the streets of Warsaw, the Polish capital, Ukrainian men got drunk and flirted with Polish beauties walking at night.

When a passer-by met him, he immediately stepped forward to stop him, trying to protect the harassed beauty.

Unexpectedly, several drunkards not only did not stop, but intensified, punching and kicking the brave Polish men, and then took out the murder weapon to stab several knives.

Finally, the Polish man died of serious injury due to excessive blood loss.


Live videos circulated on social media showed that some people were speaking Ukrainian, but the relevant videos were silenced

However, it is strange that although Ukrainian language appeared in all videos, they were all muted.

Some polish netizens left a message saying that the original video links they shared were blocked. As long as the words with the word Ukraine were deleted in the comments, it was obvious that someone was making targeted comments.


Polish netizens’ comments on the incident

In fact, this is not the first time that Ukrainians bullied poles in Poland.

Previously, there was a Polish woman who was severely beaten by three Ukrainian men in public because the pork dumplings she bought were called Russky in Polish and had a similar pronunciation to Russian in English.

An investigative reporter in Poland could not help condemning: if I keep silent for the sake of pathological unity, I really do not see any hope for the future of Poland.


Polish investigative journalist wojciechsalinsky angrily condemned the Ukrainian beating incident


The admission of so many Ukrainian refugees once made the outside world feel that the EU is very responsible.

But in fact, European countries have never been “great philanthropists”.

Before that, due to war and other reasons, a large number of homeless refugees emerged in the Middle East and Africa, such as Syria and Iraq.

Although these people all want to apply for asylum in Europe and other countries, they are basically rejected without any accident.

For example, Poland, which is a large recipient of Ukrainian refugees this time, was once determined not to accept any refugees.

In 2015, the EU asked Member States to share the number of refugees, but Poland firmly disagreed.

In 2017, Poland was supposed to accept some refugees, but after the successful election, the new ruling party directly withdrew from the agreement on accepting refugees.

Later, when asked how many refugees Poland has received in an interview with the media, the Polish politician tadczynski righteously said that he was proud of not receiving any.


Tacinsky believed that for the sake of Poland’s security, no refugee would be accepted

At that time, the practice of Poland annoyed European Union countries. Many countries also prosecuted Poland, but still could not change Poland’s decision.

Last year, a large number of Middle Eastern refugees passed through Belarus and arrived at the border between Lithuania and Poland. Although these refugees actually wanted to go to Western European countries such as Germany and France, they were brutally expelled by Lithuania and Poland, and even the Belarusian government was implicated.

However, the EU countries that generously accept refugees are not so kind. Although they accept some refugees, it also depends on which country the other party comes from.

Residents of countries such as Iraq and Syria can certainly pass the application in Germany, but refugee applicants in the Balkans have little hope of obtaining refugee status.

The reason why Germany accepts a large number of refugees is not that they have too much money to spend, but only to solve the problem of labor shortage.


In 2015, the group photo of Merkel and the young refugee was once widely circulated

People in the Balkans are used to being free and lazy and don’t like work very much. On the contrary, people from Syria, Iraq and other countries are willing to work and bear hardships when they arrive in Germany. Coupled with low wages, they are very popular with employers.


Refugees integrated into the German job market and became the backbone of the bottom jobs

At first, the European Union scrambled to receive Ukrainian refugees. In fact, it was also unprofitable. It mistakenly thought it was profitable.

In the view of the European Union and other countries, although Ukrainians are unfortunately refugees, they also belong to Europeans. Moreover, they are “smart and educated high-quality refugees”, which can add some strength to the national population.

Moreover, encouraged by the media and the U.S. government, they feel that supporting Ukraine is attacking Russia, and even regard Ukraine as a hero. By helping Ukrainian refugees, Ukraine can compete with Russia wholeheartedly and keep Russia under control.

However, what these European countries did not expect was that the Russian Ukrainian war had such a great impact on the economy, the rapid rise in energy prices, and even the export of grain and fertilizer were seriously affected. Inflation in all countries has been in a dangerous zone.

Nowadays, the admission of these Ukrainian refugees has undoubtedly become a burden, with people complaining and the government suffering.

In contrast, the United States has regained its hegemony.

No wonder the German legislator said bluntly that Europe has become a pawn of the United States in this Russian Ukrainian conflict. We must be vigilant against this dangerous trend.


German legislators feel that Europe has become a pawn of the United States and lost in a mess

Nowadays, Ukraine is still in constant war, and these Ukrainian refugees can’t be sent back. However, European governments can’t afford to continue to eat and drink for free.

However, there seems to be no good way for European countries except to break their teeth and swallow them.

Of course, the United States is secretly happy.

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