After graduating from college, should I go online for car Hailing or take out?

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Source: wechat official account: Jiubian has been authorized to reprint

Some friends have complained to me that it’s hard to find a job after graduating from college. It’s better to take out the food.

I happen to know a little about taking out. As for their complaints, I can only tell them that taking out is both physical and mental work. Although anyone can go, it can only be more “voluminous” compared with civil engineering and machinery. It’s really difficult to make a difference.

Last year, I suddenly received a message on Weibo. A friend came up to me and asked me if I would graduate soon (I didn’t say what graduation was). It’s hard to find a job. Should I go online for car Hailing or deliver takeout? I like my article very much. I hope I can answer his doubts about life.

I thought it was a prank and ignored him.

However, I do know something about online car Hailing. After graduating from junior college, a distant relative of mine likes leisure and hates work. He doesn’t want to enter the factory to make screws. His family bought him a car for rent. In addition, I have former colleagues who have become senior executives on the online car Hailing platform. Considering that “the destination of the yard farmer is online car Hailing”, I often talk to them about the online car Hailing algorithm:

The first is to fight against the platform. The platform is not a person, but a system running a set of very complex algorithms. One thing you need to know is that compared with the three treasures of literary and artistic youth entrepreneurship, flower shops, coffee shops and milk tea shops, there are also three treasures of “youth without background” cyberventure, Didi, takeout and we media. The former is facing the market attack, while the latter is mainly fighting against the platform.

The most basic thing is that novices will be pushed for orders at the beginning. The above must be done well, actively let the guests give praise, and explain anything to the customers so that they can understand. The platform likes drivers who are highly rated and complain about not receiving enough orders (helping them make money), and raising their own rating is the basis.

Moreover, the platform has a “villain’s Island” mechanism. If customers don’t think highly of you, you are the kind of driver that the platform wants to discard as soon as possible. So when sending orders, you will be given priority to send customers who are very hard to talk about and have a lot of things to torture each other until you quit as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if this kind of customer platform is lost.

Then there is how to receive more orders. For example, when and where there are many tickets, and where you can get a return ticket; Get a client to see where there are fewer cars, and then go there and take a seat; If there are many cars nearby, turn the car towards the hot spot, because turning around is a time-consuming operation. The platform hopes that online car hailing and maintaining mobile status are easy to have lists. If you don’t refresh the position, your weight in the platform algorithm will be reduced, and you won’t be pushed.

The operation of the platform is so complex that it already has the flavor of “metaphysics”. There is a story that is not a story circulating in a certain platform. One of their senior algorithm engineers went to do online car Hailing after graduation. The overall performance is very poor, and they are about to enter villain Island. This is very normal. In the “headline system”, the research on Tiktok and today’s headline recommendation algorithm has become a prominent subject. There are special teams to start businesses by studying this and guiding content creators. Now those platforms are so complex that they update videos every day.

However, before I could communicate with the little friend on Weibo about the tips of online car hailing, he was already talking to himself there. He said that there must be a car for online car Hailing. It’s better to have an electric car and a charging pile. Otherwise, the charging fee at the charging station is too high and you can’t make any money. He doesn’t have a parking space or a charging pile, let alone an electric car. It’s better to deliver takeout.

However, there is a bit of confusion about whether to use a motorcycle or an electric vehicle. The electric donkey saves money, but the range is short, only about 200 kilometers. It is seriously insufficient, and there is anxiety about the journey. The motorcycle has a endurance of about 400. It is fast to refuel, but the oil price is expensive. It costs about 90 yuan to fill up a box. It’s a little tangled. I don’t know how to choose.

The next day, I found out that the electric donkey of express had no need to be charged and had realized the “power change”. I went to a thing just like the express cabinet, took the battery out of the car seat and directly replaced it with a charged one. In this way, there was no travel anxiety, so I decided to buy an electric donkey.

I was shocked. Is it true that the goods are going to deliver takeout?

In the next few days, he occasionally sent me a few words. Sometimes he wrote too much, sometimes he wrote too little, sometimes he commented on my posts, sometimes he talked about himself. After a long time, he suddenly found that I knew enough about express delivery, and I could deliver it.

He said that he was very suitable for delivering takeout, because he had a very good memory and was heinously good. When he read, he didn’t think he could endorse very quickly, but when he began to deliver takeout, he found that his memory of space was very exaggerated, and he could remember it once he walked.

For a delivery clerk, the most difficult thing is not to find a specific community. After all, as long as he can see the navigation, there is basically no problem. Just after entering the community, whether he can quickly find the unit building is a big problem.

Because the unit buildings in many residential areas are not marked, you will be confused when you enter the residential area. What is more embarrassing is that when you ask the people in the residential area, you will find that most people only know their own building. In particular, young people are likely to ask questions for nothing. They only know the building they live in. Uncles and middle-aged and elderly women with children who walk around are often very clear. They have a better attitude and are accurate when they ask. The problem is that sometimes there is no one in the whole community, and sometimes they walk around. It is very metaphysical.

Some communities are very large, and electric donkeys are not allowed to enter. If you can’t locate them quickly, you will turn around like a headless fly in the community for a few times, probably overtime.

The key is whether you can remember it after running several times. The key reason is that some people have a bad memory. They are still confused about their career after running many times. If they can’t continue, they can only do express delivery. If they can’t continue, they can only go to the construction site. As for screwing, don’t get me wrong. Only young people can screw.

This is also why many takeout have to do express delivery for several years first, and have a deep understanding of the terrain and landform of that area, otherwise the novice will be in trouble once the protection period is over.

What? Do not know what is the “novice protection period”?

That is to say, the takeout platform usually gives simple lists to novices. Once the novice period is over, all takeout staff compete together. The basic algorithm logic of the system is: the takeout staff who give more orders are highly capable, so give them the orders first. This is also in line with the consistent style and head incentive of Internet companies.

The takeout workers also have a strict hierarchy. Rookies can’t find either a unit or a business. The real Shan Wang can not only remember every building in every community within his sphere of influence, but also the habits of most of his regular customers. This is strange to say. However, the ordering of meals also conforms to the obvious “28 law”. At once, a few of them ordered more takeout than the others. You gave them enough, It ripens slowly.

Some communities have to call before entering the building, because there is no signal in the building; Some families have children who are not allowed to knock at night. If you knock, they will get angry; Sometimes I send them to the mansion. The security guard is very aggressive and asks you to fill in the form. He has a few pokes, which can be done in ten seconds. In some villas, electric donkeys are allowed to drive in, while some do not. If there is no electric donkey in the villas, it is easy to break your leg if you can’t find the way.

An excellent courier can always remember all these things after one experience, and draw inferences from one instance. The last time he sent them to building 1, this time it was building 3. Go directly to the building near the last one. If you forget everything about the last one, you have to ask again. That’s over. On the contrary, each order can save several minutes or even ten minutes. If shared equally, dozens of more orders can be sent out every day.

“If we cannot avoid the fate of being exploited, we must improve the value of being exploited.” He concluded.

In addition, sending milk tea, rice noodles and cakes is totally different. The cake is afraid of bumping. A pit on the road may deform the top of the cake. The cake varies from hundreds to thousands. Whoever spreads it will be unlucky.

Moreover, it is very dangerous to pass the cake to the head of household, because the other party may have miscalculated the center of gravity of the cake, or they may have no idea about the weight of the cake, pick it up, and then turn it over. At this time, the probability will be furious. A really experienced veteran must first make sure that the other party has taken it well before letting go. Or it looks like an antique. It should be put on the ground for the other party to pick it up, or it will be unclear if it falls on the ground.

It is not hard to say that the final responsibility is yours. If the cake is ordered by a sister, her mood will probably get out of control, because you have ruined her very important day, even though she dropped it herself. At this time, it’s enough to admit the loss. Apologize and take away the cake. Next time, pay attention, or the situation may escalate out of control and evolve into a complaint. You can’t leave for most of the day. In the end, you still have to pay for the loss. However, some cakes are more than 1000, and you have to eat them with tears.

So they have an internal story about giving cakes to others for their birthdays, but they can’t give them to themselves for their birthdays. Most people simply set up not to pick up such things. There are also experts. The art experts are courageous. They only give cakes. They are known as “cake riders who ride the dust”.

In addition, there are requirements for physical strength. This is counter intuitive. In fact, takeout is different from express delivery. It has always been a trot. It is normal to run 20000 steps every day. Waiting for the elevator often takes time, so they often make a general assessment. If they are below the third floor, they often don’t want to go up the stairs. My fan can maintain the average level of three-and-a-half of a 20 story building.

Previously, a deputy director of the human resources and social security department in Beijing earned 41 yuan in 12 hours when he went to deliver takeout food. He stepped on all the pits on his first day of work and couldn’t find the specific unit building. He went wrong several times. There was no elevator downstairs. After climbing the stairs for half a day, he couldn’t get over it. Finally, he collapsed. He gave one order an hour. It’s estimated that he would have to be complained about once. It’s good to earn 41 yuan.

The real single king is to spend time in all kinds of details. Every single order is sent out smoothly. Every little makes a lot. He gradually becomes a real expert. The courageous experts of art experts can even send more than a dozen orders at a time (no nonsense, there are, every day). The platform will give these people high priority.

In addition, he doesn’t mind sending them on rainy days. People can’t get out of the house. He likes to order takeout. What’s more, there are bad weather subsidies. When the transportation capacity is insufficient, in order to attract express workers who lie at home, they will increase the subsidies. Even if they can’t be delivered in time, the customer doesn’t complain much. In the same way, business is better in winter than in summer. In winter, people can stay at home without going out. On the contrary, they don’t think it’s a good thing that the weather is neither hot nor cold, because it means that in the off-season, everyone comes out to pick up orders. There are more people and fewer orders, so they can’t make any money.

Recently, it is obvious that business is doing well. He showed me his app interface a few days ago. Last month, the level was “supreme god of war”. At this level, 40 cents was added to each order, nearly 2000 orders were made, the delivery mileage was more than 4000 kilometers, and the monthly income was about 15000. In other words, you have to run 60 or 70 orders a day. You basically wake up and run until you go to bed.

What he doesn’t like is the guy he lives with. Although they are in the same industry, they are in different segments. He does takeout and the other guy does flash delivery. They are both outstanding in the industry and are now at a higher level.

In his eyes, the boy was in heaven. The list was a long distance. He could be seen as a ride along the way. He often gave away some electronic products, passports and real estate certificates. The customer was willing to pay more when he was in a hurry. Life was very good.

However, he also said that each has its own difficulties.

A big man once made a model analysis of flash delivery. The conclusion is that the market scale of flash delivery is insufficient, and the level of delivery personnel is very strict. However, there is a clear bias in pushing orders on the platform. There are orders for high-level screening, and the final result is the so-called “high-level sending and low-level sitting.”

There is only one way to get a higher income from flash delivery: receive more orders, receive more orders, and send more orders. The probability of receiving orders is higher when the level is higher. This requires time. Some people use one account and are online almost 24 hours a day to improve their level as soon as possible.

In this way, you can’t stop. You must always keep receiving orders. If the level is exceeded, you may not receive orders. According to his current situation, it is difficult to improve his level quickly if he is converted to flash. If it’s only a part-time delivery, the grade is slowly improved, and the probability of receiving orders is low. It still depends on delivery as the main business.

Moreover, flash delivery and takeout are two different market segments, with different skills and requirements. His experience in takeout is not necessarily useful. He can’t try to play flash for a period of time, because his level in the current field is very high, and almost all the privileges of the platform have been unlocked. Those lists are only given to the riders below after they sift them. If he runs to do flash, these levels will collapse after a period of time.

In fact, my friends who work on the take away platform also confirmed this. They said that the higher the level of riders, the lower the leaving rate, because they are also “motivated by the head”.

As for the future, he said that he didn’t think about it at all. The 985 of the Internet manufacturers were worried about the future, so he didn’t have to worry about it. He didn’t deserve it.

The article is also going to be written here. After writing the article, I always wanted to sum up a few sentences. I don’t know what to write in this article. I just thought of the lyrics of the Tiktok Divine Comedy, “we are all living hard”. If you want to deliver takeout after reading this article, then remember two things. It’s raining and slippery. Novices don’t give cake easily.

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