After killing Pipa Jing, Jiang Ziya stripped her clothes. Why?

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Those who practice in the Qing Dynasty must abide by the rules and regulations. In journey to the west, Zhu Bajie was originally Marshal Tianpeng in the sky. Because he flirted with Chang’e after drinking, he was demoted to the mortal world and became Zhu Bajie. So he accompanied Tang monk to the west to ask for the Scriptures, so as to redeem his sins. As far as rules and regulations are concerned, people who practice are most likely to make mistakes.

The diet is light. You can’t drink or eat meat, and you can’t be close to women. While Jiang Ziya in the list of gods stripped off her clothes when she killed the pipa Jing. We looked at her death as a bit unorthodox, and it shouldn’t be what a Taoist should do. Why on earth?


Jiang Ziya was an apprentice of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. He used to practice on the Kunlun fairy mountain, but he came down to the capital of the Shang Dynasty in order to eliminate demons and defend Taoism. The first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty asked Jiang Ziya to complete his meritorious deeds and become a God, but he could not return to Kunlun mountain.

Jiang Ziya is also a straightforward and jealous person, so he became angry with his master. Since he could not return to Kunlun, he would drink and eat meat in the mortal world. Like ordinary people, he worked hard for life and completely let go.

Jiang Ziya captured troublemakers in the backyard of the Song family. Only then did he become known to the world. Jiang Ziya has been practicing in Kunlun for more than 40 years. He has always said that he is chopping firewood, boiling water and doing some rough work. In fact, these do not need to be taken seriously. After all, he is the chief disciple of Kunlun mountain. The magic skills he really cultivates are fire eyes, resurrection and samadhi true fire.

Jiang Ziya is a fortune teller in the mortal world. Because he is a monk and can see through the world, his divination is very accurate. All of a sudden, he became a well-known diviner. People are afraid of being famous, but pigs are afraid of being strong. When Jiang Ziya became famous, trouble naturally came to her door. So a man came to Jiang Ziya’s fortune teller’s house to make trouble. This was the jade Pipa master.

The goblins are naturally very beautiful. The pipa spirit is the same. It is very bright and moving. It has the posture of sinking fish and falling geese, and the appearance of closing the moon and shying flowers. Wearing filial piety clothes, the pipa master wept all the way. He cut in line and ran directly to Jiang Ziya, without any objection. Jiang Ziya is a man of Taoism. Naturally, she can see at a glance that this woman is not a human being, but an incarnation of a demon. Her predecessor is the pipa spirit.


Pipa masters do not come to divine, but to seek trouble. Jiang Ziya saw her identity at a glance, and naturally understood her intention. Cultivators always take it as their duty to eliminate demons and defend the Tao, so when the pipa master reaches out to Jiang Ziya to look at her face, Jiang Ziya directly holds the beautiful woman’s hand and doesn’t let go.

A big man holds a beautiful little girl’s hand, does not let go, and has been staring at others, which is not allowed either now or in that feudal era. As a result, more and more people gathered at the gate of Jiang Ziya’s shop to watch the excitement. Everyone was very angry and asked Jiang to let go of the pipa essence. Ordinary people can’t see that this woman is a monster. Jiang Ziya is also very embarrassed. He can’t explain clearly for a moment.

The crowd was so indignant that they asked yuan to release them. Jiang Ziya finally had no choice but to throw an inkstone at the head of the pipa master. This smash directly killed the pipa master and fell to the ground. The onlookers saw that Jiang Ziya had directly started to kill people, so they went directly to Bigan to complain.

But the public says the public is right, and the women say the women are right. For a while, Bigan could not judge who was right. Then he took Jiang Ziya to King Zhou of Shang Dynasty and asked him to make a judgment himself. Along the way, Jiang Ziya didn’t let go of the pipa master’s hand, even in front of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty. Jiang Ziya wants to prove that he is right. He can only let the pipa essence show its original shape.


Because King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was also very curious about monsters, he agreed to let Jiang prove his innocence. So he prepared to burn the pipa spirit. In order to suppress the monster, Jiang Ziya had to use Fuyin. So Jiang Ziya untied the pipa Jing’s clothes in front of King Zhou of Shang Dynasty, and put a seal on her head in front of and behind her body. Jiang Ziya did this to prevent the pipa essence from escaping from the body.

Conclusion: if the original spirit of Pipa Jing escapes, Jiang Ziya’s crime of murder will be substantiated. As a result, it is conceivable that under the baking of Jiang Ziya’s samadhi fire, the pipa essence soon showed its original shape, which destroyed her cultivation in an instant.

King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty was dumbfounded. At the same time, Jiang Ziya also proved that he was innocent. He did not intentionally commit murder, but eliminated demons and defended the Tao. Therefore, King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty rewarded Jiang Ziya for his innocence and meritorious service. Later, King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty was so ignorant that he killed loyal officials, which caused people’s anger to boil. This made Jiang Ziya join the camp of King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty, overthrowing the Shang Dynasty and establishing the great Zhou Dynasty. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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