After reading these five stories, you will suddenly realize

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After reading these five stories, you will suddenly realize

1. Past and present life

Once upon a time, there was a scholar who made an appointment with his fiancee to get married on a certain day. On that day, the fiancee married someone else. The scholar was hit by this and fell ill.

At this time, a wandering monk passed by. He took a mirror out of his arms and asked the scholar to look at it. The scholar saw the vast sea, and a murdered woman was lying naked on the beach. A passer-by took a look, shook his head and left. Another passer-by took off his clothes, covered the woman’s body and left. Another passer-by went over, dug a hole, and carefully buried the body.

The monk explained that the female corpse on the beach was your fiancee’s previous life. You are the second passer-by who once gave him a dress. She fell in love with you in this life, just to return your love. But she will eventually repay the person who buried her all her life. That person is his present husband. The scholar has a great understanding and recovers from illness.

2. Children’s heart

A single woman had just moved in. She found a poor family next door, a widow and two children. One night, the electricity suddenly stopped in that area, so the woman had to light candles by herself.

After a while, I suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. It turned out to be the next door neighbor’s child. He asked nervously: “ Aunt, do you have any candles in your house& rdquo; The woman thought to herself: is their family so poor that they don’t even have candles? Don’t lend them, lest they rely on you! So he yelled at the child and said: “ No& rdquo;

Just as she was about to close the door, the poor child opened a loving smile and said: “ I knew there must be no one in your family& rdquo; With that, he took out two candles from his arms and said: “ Mom and I were afraid that you would live alone without candles, so I brought you two& rdquo; At the moment, the woman felt remorse and moved to tears, holding the child tightly in her arms.

3. Pure heart

There was a small town where it had not rained for a long time, causing heavy losses to local crops. So the priest gathered everyone together to hold a prayer meeting to pray for rain in the church. There was a little girl in the crowd. She was so small that almost no one could see her, but she also came to the rain prayer meeting.

At this time, the priest noticed what the little girl had brought, and excitedly pointed to her on the stage: “ That little sister moved me very much& rdquo; So everyone looked in the direction of his fingers.

The priest then said: “ We came to pray for rain today, but she was the only one in the whole hall with an umbrella today& rdquo; Everyone looked carefully. Sure enough, there was a small red umbrella hanging next to her seat; At this time, everyone was quiet for a while, and then came a beautiful scene of applause and tears.

Sometimes we have to say: children are not small at all, they are big! Their love is great! They have great confidence!

4. We only need three hours

Fortunately, I booked a ticket with my husband to go back to my husband’s house that day. After getting on the bus, I found a lady sitting in our seat. My husband motioned me to sit next to her first, but did not ask the lady to give up her seat. When I looked carefully, I found that her right foot was a little inconvenient, so I realized why her husband didn’t ask her to step aside.

From Chiayi to Taipei, he never told the woman that the seat was his. After getting off the bus, I said to him, who was distressed by my husband: “ It’s a good deed to give up her seat. But it’s so long since Chiayi came to Taipei, you can ask her to give you back your seat and change your seat& rdquo; My husband said: “ If it is inconvenient for others for a lifetime, we will be inconvenient for these three hours& rdquo;

Hearing her husband say this, I am very moved. Having such a good husband who is kind and doesn’t want to be known makes me feel that the world has become much gentler.

Once the mind turns, the world may be different. In life, everything has the ability to turn. It depends on how we think and turn. We won’t succeed in three minutes, but maybe it will take only one minute and life will be different.

5. Elderly couples staying in hotels

One early spring night, everyone was already asleep. An elderly couple walked into a hotel, but the hotel was full.

The receptionist could not bear to ask the old couple to go to the hotel late at night, so he led them to a room: “ Maybe it’s not the best, but at least you don’t have to run& rdquo;

When the old man saw the clean and tidy house, he lived happily.

The next day, when they wanted to check out, the waiter said: “ No, because you live in my room. Have a nice trip& rdquo;

It turned out that he spent an all night at the front desk. The old man was very moved and said: “ Son, you’re the best hotel operator I’ve ever seen. You will be rewarded& rdquo; The waiter smiled, sent the old man out, turned around and forgot about it.

One day, he received a letter containing a one-way ticket to New York. He came to a magnificent building as shown in the letter. It turned out that he received a billionaire and his wife that night. The rich man bought a big hotel for the waiter and was convinced that he would manage it well.

This is the legendary story of the famous Hilton Hotel and its first manager.

Cause and effect is in your own hands! When the master has not made clear the grand goal of life, he has done a good job in the present with his heart!

Everyone is a waiter. Greatness begins with serving others. A person’s ability to serve others is as great as his achievements in life!

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