After Sun Wukong learned the Scriptures, he took two disciples. Who are they?

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After Sun Wukong learned the Scriptures, he took two disciples. Sun Wukong is bold, and his disciples are not small. How much are they? What’s the matter with a blackmail queen mother and a great war leader of Tongtian sect? The story is actually like this.

Sun Luzhen

One: a blackmail Queen Mother

The eldest disciple of Sun Wukong is sun Luzhen. Like Sun Wukong, he is also a monkey and was born from the spirit stone of Huaguo Mountain. The difference is that Sun Wukong receives the innate Qi, while sun Luzhen receives the acquired Qi. Although the innate and acquired Qi are different, it is also a spirit born from heaven and earth. There is no doubt about this.

Since Sun Luzhen is a spirit created by heaven and earth, of course, he had the intention of seeking immortals and visiting Taoism when he was very young. Under the guidance of the old monkeys in Huaguo Mountain, he, like Sun Wukong, set up a raft to go to sea and drifted overseas for more than ten years. Unfortunately, Sun Wukong was lucky enough to meet the Bodhi ancestor, but Sun Luzhen was a little unlucky. He did not meet a real person for more than ten years. He had no choice but to return to his hometown, Houshan found a cave and jumped down. He was full of plans. He would die in the cave without any skills.

Sun Wukong was moved by his sincerity. By this time, he had succeeded in learning scriptures and had been granted the title of fighting and conquering Buddha. With a position in the west, he could not go down to the world easily. What should he do if he could not go down to the world easily?

If he didn’t have the ability, he divided the deified shadow into sun Luzhen’s dream. In the dream, sun Luzhen was accepted as an apprentice. It took seven days to pass on his golden cudgel and his skills, such as somersault clouds and seventy-two changes.


Besides, sun Luzhen is not a quiet monkey. He was not able to bear it. Now he has the ability, what should he do? He flew to the heaven with the golden cudgel. He wanted to learn about Shifu’s deeds in those years, and he also went to the heaven.

It doesn’t matter if you go to heaven. When you drive all the way to yaochi, you suddenly think that yaochi is the residence of the queen mother, and the queen mother has a treasure named peach. It’s really good. Now when you come to yaochi, you don’t take a few peaches back. Do you mean to say that you have been in heaven?

So, holding a stick, she blackmailed the queen mother and hurriedly brought out some plates of flat peaches. Otherwise, she would want you to look good. As soon as the queen mother heard that the man looked like this, she immediately thought that he might have something to do with the monkey king in those days, so she quickly sent someone to the west to invite him.

When Sun Wukong came, he taught him a lesson. After the lesson, he put on a tight hoop. Why do you wear a tight hoop? The Scriptures collected by the Tang monk at that time were not properly understood, and many people later misunderstood them. Therefore, the Buddha made a wish to find another Scripture collector in the West. This scripture collector was Han Yu’s good friend Dading, also known as Tang Banji, during the Tang Xianzong period.


Tang Banji

Sun Wukong put a tight hoop on Sun Luzhen to make him be honest and protect Tang Banji to get scriptures. He also got a good result. Sun Luzhen therefore became honest. A few years later, the tight hoop suddenly broke out. Knowing that the scripture collector was calling, he went all the way to see Tang Banji and willingly protected him to get scriptures. Later, he became a Buddha and was granted the title of “fighting god Buddha” by the Tathagata.

At this point, sun Luzhen, the eldest disciple who blackmailed the Queen Mother’s mother, has completed his merits. What about the other disciple?

Two: a great war, the leader of Tongtian sect

It is said that the leader of the jiejiao Tongtian sect, after the Wanxian array was taken away by Hongjun’s ancestors, was not willing to fail. After so many thousand years, he made a comeback and asked Laojun and Yuanshi Tianzun for an explanation.

Tongtian leader

The three realms are facing another catastrophe. What should Laojun, Yuanshi Tianzun and others do? They had already known that there was such a move, so they already had a way to deal with it. What method?

Transcending the eight immortals, let these eight immortals work together, and you can deal with the leader of Tongtian sect. These eight immortals are not others, they are Tieguai Li, Han Zhongli, LV Dongbin and other eight immortals.

It is said that it is easy for others to become immortals. Only at the end of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), LAN Caihe, a beggar in Chang’an City, could not learn it. Although tie Guai Li and others did not lose confidence, LAN Caihe was very depressed. He felt that he had been pulled back by your Taoist friends’ cars. What should he do?

Sun Wukong, who was defeated by the Buddha in the battle of the Western Heaven, knows that Lan CAI and the previous generations were the barefoot immortals in the sky. He once had a little kindness to Sun Wukong. Now the benefactor has encountered difficulties, can Sun Wukong ignore them?

LAN Caihe

So he went down again and accepted LAN Caihe as an apprentice. This time, he was even more straightforward. He passed on the five hundred years of skill to LAN Caihe, and directly made him an immortal. After LAN Caihe became an immortal, it was easy to do this. After more than a hundred years, he and other Taoist friends, such as tie Guai Li, successively instructed Han Xiangzi and Cao Guoshu to become immortals. So far, the eight immortals were finally together.

Therefore, LAN Caihe fought with Tieguai Li and other Taoist friends against the leader of Tongtian cult, and finally defeated him, helping the three realms to survive a disaster. Later, he was also awarded the title of shangbadong immortal for his merits, leaving many beautiful legends on earth.

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