After the Tangshan beating incident, Tangshan’s anti-criminal operation has obtained more than 10 real-name reporting clues

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Two days after a group of women in a barbecue restaurant was beaten by a group, a “thunder storm” was launched in Tangshan, Hebei Province to rectify social order.

According to the decision of the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, starting from June 12, a half-month summer social security rectification “Thunderstorm” special action will be launched, “targeting the attack on the masses with strong reflection and social impact. Violent criminal activities…with the power of thunder, we will fight with all our strength and win the decisive battle.”

On June 13 and 14, reporters from The Paper saw in downtown Tangshan that public security and other departments have strengthened the city’s The patrolling of the street was under control, and police cars flashed their lights on the road from time to time.

A few days ago, nine suspects in the case of gang beating of women in a Tangshan barbecue restaurant have been arrested.

One stone creates a thousand waves. In Tangshan, which is in the “eye of the storm” of public opinion, there have been more than a dozen online “real-name reports” recently. The whistleblowers who appeared in the video with their ID cards included female bar singers, cake shop owners, villagers whose land was occupied, old people who complained about the death of their sons, and Zhejiang businessmen who came to Tangshan to invest and set up factories, and collided with ships at sea. The surviving Liaoning ship owner…

At present, Tangshan police have dealt with many illegal and criminal acts reported online. In the case reported by the bar singer and the owner of the cake shop, the police arrested a total of 6 suspects. In response to the report on the “underworld forces” in the case of 5 deaths and collisions, the staff of the Tangshan Coast Guard told The Paper on June 13 that the relevant case was being checked.

How do public real-name reports and official rectification actions form a synergy under the benign interaction? In this massive “Thunderstorm”, for the hero city Tangshan, it may be a “bone scraping to cure poison”.

Screenshots of recent online real-name reports. The picture comes from the Internet

Someone was quickly arrested after real-name reporting

Use police in different places to emphasize “strict law” p>

These days, Mr. Meng has become the most famous “cake shop owner” in Tangshan.

On June 10, on the night of the gang fight at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, Mr. Meng with a long beard and a blue shirt appeared in an online video. “Today, I want to expose a gang of underworld gangs led by released prisoners with their real names.” He raised his ID card with his left hand and said that the gang involved has been blackmailing him since July 2021. He went to his store and home to harass and make trouble nearly 20 times, and publicly threatened him in front of the police; his cake shop was damaged and smashed by masked personnel twice.

Two days later, on June 12, the Public Security Bureau of Fengnan District, Tangshan City reported that according to Meng’s report, the two main suspects, Shi and Li, had been arrested and brought to justice.

Only one day after Mr. Meng posted the video, another report video circulated on the Internet. The whistleblower is Xiao Zhang, a young woman.

Xiao Zhang, who is wearing a white mask in the video, speaks quickly. According to her, she was a resident singer in a bar in Tangshan City. From May 23 to 24, a group of people illegally detained her and her friends. “Forcing our victims to kneel, beating and insulting, drawing on white paper, threatening and intimidating.” Xiao Zhang said, “Forcibly control our victims to carry out a series of underworld behaviors such as shutting down black rooms, locking dogs in cages, and group beatings, imprisoning them. Up to 16 hours.”

Xiao Zhang reported that she had been illegally detained for 16 hours. Video screenshot

On June 12, one day after Xiao Zhang posted the video online, the Luanzhou City Public Security Bureau of Hebei issued a police report saying that according to Zhang’s report, Zhu Moubin, Yang Mou, etc. 4 suspects were arrested.

The two cases reported by Xiao Zhang and Mr. Meng respectively were under the jurisdiction of the Tangshan Municipal Public Security Bureau.

The “Police Information Bulletin” issued by the Fengnan District Public Security Bureau of Tangshan City and the Luanzhou City Public Security Bureau ended with the words: “Next step, our bureau will handle the case strictly in accordance with the law, and resolutely safeguard the dignity of the law and the public. Legitimate rights and interests.”

Recently, some netizens discovered that Mr. Meng had deleted the reported video he had posted on social platforms, and some netizens left a worried message: “Mr. Meng, are you okay?”

< p> “There is no problem with my personal safety.” Mr. Meng posted a video in response to netizens saying that some people used his previous video as a “tool to discredit Tangshan people”. “This is really too much,” he said. “After communicating with our public security organs, I voluntarily deleted (the video).”

Mr. Meng, the owner of the cake shop, responded to why netizens deleted the video. Video screenshot

After Xiao Zhang and Mr. Meng released the report video, other whistleblowers appeared on the Internet one after another. An employee of the bar where Xiao Zhang used to work said that four employees were beaten by the bar manager after leaving get off work at 4 a.m. on May 29. According to China News Weekly, the report has been taken over by the Luanzhou Public Security Bureau.

In these whistleblower videos circulating on the Internet, most of the whistleblowers raised their ID cards and complained facing the camera.

“My name is Zhang Jiaru, I am 78 years old this year.” In the video, an old man wearing presbyopic glasses is holding an ID card in his right hand and two pages of manuscripts in his left hand. He tells about a traffic accident in Tangshan 17 years ago-his son was hit and killed by an approaching taxi when he was stopping a taxi on the road.

“At that time, the taxi driver was driving too fast, and he answered and made a mobile phone while driving, so he killed my son and dragged him away for more than eight meters.” In the 5-minute video, Zhang Jiaru He spoke slowly, and his hands trembled from time to time. In the end, he choked and said, “Netizens, please do justice to the old man.”

On June 13, The Paper contacted Zhang Jiaru and checked the accident certificate, and learned that the traffic police believed that the taxi driver was a taxi driver. Speeding, the deceased stopped the car in the motor vehicle lane, so it is determined that both parties bear the same responsibility for the accident. The old man Zhang Jiaru refused to accept the accident determination and believed that there was a problem with the evidence collection by the traffic police that year. The granddaughter of the old man told reporters that the matter has attracted the attention of the traffic police, but there has been no progress.

Recently released online report videos also include: a number of jade merchants reported that a woman Xu in Lubei District defrauded jade jade, with more than ten victims and a total amount of more than 30 million yuan; a villager in Qian’an City reported that her Her son was beaten to death six years ago; a Zhejiang businesswoman who set up a factory in Yutian County said that the company’s cashier was beaten by the landlord’s son, causing her left sternum to fracture; a villager in Linxi Town, Yutian County reported that a company had encroached on her family’s two acres of basic farmland; An old man in Hanfeng Town, Lunan District reported that the original village party secretary monopolized the pig market…

In addition, a villager in Zuojiawu Town, Fengrun District, Tangshan City reported that his father was beaten by village officials. On June 13, Zuojiawu Town Government and Zuojiawu Police Station staff told The Paper that the relevant situation was under investigation.

Screenshot of Zhang Jiaru’s video report.

Survivor reports “Hai Pa” collided with boat, killing 5 people

The Coast Guard is checking

< p> Among the various whistle-blowing videos circulating on the Internet recently, Li Hongjun’s accusation has received special attention – a maritime criminal case involving the deaths of five people.

“I, Li Hongjun, on the evening of December 12, 2019, was attacked by a ‘Haiba’ in the waters off Luannan, Tangshan City, Hebei Province… The ‘Jichangyu 06092’ ship I drove was overturned, It resulted in the death of 5 people and serious consequences.”

In the 1-minute report video, Li Hongjun, a fisherman who has been in the sea breeze for more than 20 years, finally emphasized: “The above is true, if there is any false, I will I am willing to bear all legal responsibilities!”

Li Hongjun, born in 1974, is from Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. In November 2019, Li Hongjun and the 5 crew members he hired set off from Yingkou and sailed to the Caofeidian waters in Tangshan, Hebei Province, targeting white clams in the seabed soil.

Li Hongjun told The Paper that at around 7 pm on December 12, 2019, his boat entered the waters of Luannan County, Tangshan City. Because the tide level was too low to return to the port, he stopped at the water surface to wait for the tide.

“My boat was floating on the water and the fire went out.” Li Hongjun said that it was dark at that time, and he and the crew were roasting sweet potatoes around the stove to eat. Suddenly, not far away, a large ship with lights flashing came fast towards them, and soon came to the side of the ship. “A few people on the boat on the other side scolded us, smashed wine bottles at us, and then turned the bow of the boat and hit my stern.” Li Hongjun said, he panicked at the time, and hurriedly started the boat and ran away, “The other side’s boat is a ‘big steel shell’. ‘, I estimated (capable load) 70 to 80 tons. My boat is a wooden boat of 20 to 30 tons, and the difference is too big.”

Li Hongjun recalled that he saw a boat parked in the sea ahead. The “steel-hulled” big fishing boat drove the boat and circled around the big boat to seek shelter for protection, and the boat behind also chased in circles. “On the third lap, his bow collided with my stern.” Li Hongjun said that the big fishing boat serving as a bunker drove away soon after, so he had to drive the boat towards the pier, while the boats behind were still chasing after him. reluctant. About 5 minutes later, he noticed a slightly smaller “steel hull” boat to the right behind the boat.

“Two boats, one on the left and one on the right, pinched me to death, and I couldn’t escape.” Li Hongjun remembered that the “big steel hull” boat caught up and rammed three more times. At the stern, when I was about to fill the left rudder, I found that the rudder failed and turned to the left…”

After falling into the water, Li Hongjun struggled to climb out from the cockpit window, and when he surfaced, he found that the bottom of the boat was facing The other crew members were nowhere to be seen. When he was almost exhausted from being soaked in the sea, a Dalian fishing boat passing nearby threw a life-saving rope at him.

Li Hongjun reported that his fishing boat was hit and sank into the sea. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Seven days after the incident, Li Hongjun’s “Jichangyu 06092” boat was salvaged, and a body was found in the back cabin of the boat – it was identified as the crew member Wu Qianzhu. The other four crew members, Ma Hongliang, Zhang Xian, Qin Shidong and Zhang Jinbao, are all missing and will be declared dead by the Tianjin Maritime Court in April 2021.

Li Hongjun became the only survivor of the “Jichangyu 06092” ship. He later learned that the “Jiluanyu 140” boat that hit him at that time was owned by Wang Ruipeng, a native of Tangshan. “I never knew him. He said he had put a cage (net) in that sea area. My boat was waiting for the tide at the time. We didn’t work, didn’t recruit you, didn’t mess with you.” Li Hongjun said angrily, “That sea is the high sea, not your own sea.”

After the incident, Tangshan Coast Guard got involved in the investigation, and the case was classified as a “traffic accident case”.

In January 2020, Tangshan Coast Guard issued a “Notice of Appraisal Opinion” to the parties, arguing that there were three reasons for the overturning of the wooden fishing boat Jichangyu 06092: 1. The boat had insufficient stability after being refitted; 2. . Ji Luanyu 140 wheel pressed its stern to cause a large roll; 3. The left full rudder of the ship’s wheel before the capsize further aggravated the wheel to the left.

In September 2020, Hebei Fisheries Administration and Fisheries Port Administration issued the “12.12 Traffic Accident Accident Liability Determination Letter”. The conclusion of the certificate is that the “Jiluanyu 140” ship failed to comply with the rules and regulations and operating procedures related to maritime traffic safety, which was the main reason for the capsize of the “Jichangyu 06092” ship, and should be mainly responsible; the “Jichangyu 06092” ship bear secondary responsibility.

The owner of the “Jiluanyu 140” ship, Wang Ruipeng, was arrested by the coast guardThe department was detained on suspicion of traffic accident. Li Hongjun was once released on bail as a suspect pending trial. The case was reviewed by the Haigang District Procuratorate of Qinhuangdao City and heard by the Haigang District People’s Court.

Families of the three victims and Li Hongjun filed a criminal incidental civil lawsuit. Li Hongjun and several family members of the deceased told The Paper that the court has not notified the court session. Wang Ruipeng is the only defendant prosecuted by the prosecution, and the suspected crime is traffic accident.

“He deliberately bumped into me three or four times, obviously killing intentionally. How could it be a traffic accident?” Li Hongjun said that he and the family of the deceased were both dissatisfied with the current characterization of “traffic accident” and doubted ” There is an evil force behind the “murderer” that “dominates the sea”.

After the gang fight at the Tangshan BBQ restaurant, on June 12, Li Hongjun posted a video report online. On the afternoon of June 13, The Paper reporter contacted the Tangshan Coast Guard. The staff of the bureau said that the relevant case is being checked, “We already know this and are checking.”

“Traffic Accident Case” Accident Liability Certificate (Partial Screenshot)

” “Thunder Storm” and Long Peace

Including the surviving boat owner Li Hongjun, the cake shop owner Mr. Meng, and the bar singer Xiao Zhang, there have been at least a dozen real-name reports about Tangshan recently circulated on the Internet. Appearing in waves. How do Tangshan officials respond to these public opinions and real-name reports?

“Insist on discovering, investigating, combating, and exposing, and responding to social concerns in a timely manner.” On June 12, the Tangshan Internet Information Office WeChat official account “Tangshan Publishing” issued a statement saying that this time the social Public security rectification actions will increase the intensity of clue detection. On June 13, Tangshan Labor Daily, the official newspaper of the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee, pointed out in a report that the rectification action should widely mobilize the masses and rely closely on the masses.

Tangshan City, which is located in the center of the Bohai Bay and has a population of more than seven million, has set off a huge special operation – “Thunderstorm”.

According to the “Tangshan Release” report, the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have decided to start a half-month summer social security rectification “Thunderstorm” special action starting from June 12, “to put the attacking edge on the Prospective criminal activities with strong public feedback and bad social impact.”

The above report introduced that the Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government established the “Thunder Storm” Special Action Command, with the secretary and the mayor serving as dual commanders. Counties and urban areas simultaneously launched a special operation, “adhere to zero tolerance for all kinds of illegal crimes, and fight when they show up.”

On June 12, the mobilization and deployment meeting of the “Thunder Storm” operation was held in front of the Tangshan Earthquake Monument. The square is held. The political and legal police officers of the Public Procuratorate and Justice Department stood in neat formations, and rows of special police officers stood with guns.

According to “Tangshan Labor Daily”, the mobilization and deployment meeting was presided over by Mayor Tian Guoliang, and Wu Weidong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and An Zhongqi, Executive Deputy Director of the Provincial Public Security Department, delivered speeches. The meeting pointed out: the recent cases of barbecue restaurants picking quarrels, provoking trouble and violent beating others in our city are extremely bad in nature, and “discredited this heroic city”; our city will carry out the special action of “Thunderstorm” in depth to create a better life for the people of the city. Harmonious and peaceful social environment.

The “Thunder Storm” mobilization and deployment conference in Tangshan City was held on June 12.

On June 13, the Office of the Leading Group of Tangshan’s “Thunder Storm” Special Action announced the reporting method. There are six reported contents, including: fighting, picking quarrels and provoking troubles, intentionally hurting and insulting women, extortion, extortion, bullying the market, forcible construction, forced transactions, gathering of people to gamble, etc. In addition, it also includes cover-up and connivance of illegal crimes, dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty. Violations of discipline and law, as well as “other kinds of illegal and criminal behaviors that seriously affect people’s sense of security and satisfaction.”

On the evening of the 13th, the “Thunder Storm” Special Action Office stated that the report number 0315-12389 of the “Thunder Storm” special action for social security rectification in Tangshan City in the summer that was announced recently is a special report number for police inspectors. In order to accept the report of the “Thunderstorm” special action more clearly, conveniently and efficiently, the office has opened a fixed telephone: 0315-2530000, and a mobile phone: 18031512389, which is specially for special action reports.

On June 14, it was reported that Tangshan City had received more than 500 cases of real-name reports of underworld forces. However, the figure has not been officially confirmed yet. The Paper repeatedly called the two sets of reporting calls announced by the aforementioned leading group office on the same day, but the landline number could not be connected, and the mobile phone number was mostly in the call.

Hebei Daily, Tangshan Labor Daily and other provincial and municipal media have expressed this about the “thunder storm” in Tangshan City: “Severe punches, heavy punishments, punish evil and do everything, never be soft-handed, and use thunderstorms. The momentum will be sharp and decisive.”

On the streets of downtown Tangshan, the surging news reporter recently saw that the public security and other departments have stepped up patrol and control, and police cars are flashing lights on the road from time to time. Pass.

After the gang fight in the barbecue restaurant, the online real-name report emerged in Tangshan City, and the “Thunderstorm” led by the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and the mayor as the double commander has attracted continuous public attention.

On June 13, The Paper published a commentary article “Reporting with real names while the iron is hot is the best clue to eradicate gangsters and evil”; a comment from Chinanews pointed out that don’t let real-name reporting on the Internet become rights protection. The most preferred way to ask the “law” on the Internet can only be a correction, not a substitute, “If it can be solved through normal channels, who would like to show their face with an ID card to make a real-name report on the Internet, and rely on Internet public opinion to force it. Law enforcement to protect their own rights and interests?”

China News also published a comment on “China-Singapore Micro Commentary”, “Sweeping gangsters and eliminating evil must not be a gust of wind”. The commentary pointed out that eradicating gangsters and evil has always been a long-term and arduous task. Solving problems at the “phenomenal” level with thunderous momentum is certainly effective, but eradicating gangster forces must not be just a “gust of wind”, but also Only by digging deep into the problems that have existed for a long time and eradicating the soil where underworld forces breed can guarantee the long-term stability of the society.

“I hope Tangshan can hand over a satisfactory answer sheet to the people in the ‘Thunder Storm’ action of the national ‘cloud supervision’.”

Source: The Paper, Zhu Yuanxiang, Liao Yanzhu Xuan He Peiyun Duan Yanchao

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