After the Tangshan beating incident, three major events are very important!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

We have all seen the beating incident of Tangshan 6.10 barbecue shop. This incident occurred at this time, exposing a very deep-seated problem, which is closely related to the current social reality, and it is necessary to have an in-depth discussion.

Through collecting and sorting out the public information on the Internet, uncle Ren Yi, the owner of sina Weibo, sorted out the complex case records of suspect such as Chen and Liu Tao, with a lot of bad deeds in history. Take Mr. Chen as an example. He was involved in the case of illegal detention in december2015 (criminal detention at large), the case of hit and run in 2017, was listed as the executor of dishonesty in 2018, involved in unjust enrichment in 2019, and was listed as the executor of dishonesty again in 2020. Liu Tao’s situation is even more bizarre. He was able to go unpunished after committing an illegal detention case in 2015. During this period, he caused eight car collisions by speeding without a license. He was detained only in march2018 and given a two-year light sentence for pleading guilty in court.

According to the data sorted out by “Uncle Ren Yi”, Chen and Liu Tao are likely to have been caught in the nationwide anti Mafia campaign in recent years.

As we know, in the past few years, the national special campaign to eradicate criminal syndicates and evil forces has swept out many major and old cases and destroyed a large number of protective umbrellas. The political and legal field can be described as a revolution. For example, the case of burying bodies in the playground in Hunan and the case of sun Xiaoguo in Yunnan, which caused a sensation all over the country, have made the people all over the country applaud. It is no exaggeration to say that if there had not been the vigorous special campaign to eradicate the underworld and evil in the past few years, our current social security would not have been so good. In particular, at a time when the global power game situation is extremely bad and the global economic pressure is huge, it is estimated that the underworld and evil forces will be very rampant now if it is not for the anti Mafia and anti evil actions several years in advance.


At the beginning of 2021, the national anti Mafia and anti evil campaign achieved fruitful results, including Tangshan. In this special action, Yang Guoquan, the “fishing tyrant” of the underworld gang that has long occupied the coastal waters of Tangshan, organized illegal fishing and bullied the market, was eradicated. He was overthrown with the “umbrella” behind him. In this case, 62 cadres alone were dealt with.

After the completion of the national anti Mafia campaign, China has started the national normalized anti Mafia campaign since 2021. This year is the second year of the normalized anti Mafia campaign.

So, what does this have to do with the “fishing tyrant yangguoquan” case?

According to the textual research and analysis of “Uncle Ren Yi”, the owner of sina Weibo, the case of Chen and his associates was “handled” for some reason before 2018. Obviously, this is the result of the transaction between typical underworld organizations and umbrellas. However, since the beginning of 2018, Mr. Chen has run out of money and is on the blacklist of dishonesty, which restricts consumption. So what happened in 2018? At the beginning of 2018, Tangshan police eradicated a large underworld criminal organization headed by yangguoquan, gaorongguang, gaorongjie, etc., which was the “fishing tyrant yangguoquan” case.

According to the investigation of the police, the gang has occupied the local sea area for a long time, established a so-called company relying on the wharf, drove away and threatened foreign fishing boats, and controlled the fleet to engage in illegal fishing and forced trading for a long time, involving more than 300 million yuan. In the end, yangguoquan was punished for several crimes, including organizing and leading a criminal organization, illegally fishing aquatic products, gathering people to fight, fraud, false accusation and framing, extortion, and provocation. He decided to be sentenced to 24 years’ imprisonment, deprived of political rights for 5 years, and confiscated all his personal property.

Yangguoquan is a “fish bully”, and there are two companies under the name of chenmouzhi, an important suspect in the beating incident. One of them is a Tangshan Hongshui aquatic products breeding Co., Ltd., which he serves as the legal representative, which operates the aquatic business. Considering the underworld organization characteristics of Chen mouzhi, he is likely to have upstream and downstream business relations with Yang Guoquan. Since the beginning of 2018, Chen mouzhi has no money. It is likely that yangguoquan’s business path has been cut off, so his financial path has also been cut off. Moreover, he has left Tangshan since 2018, which is also likely to be his intention to avoid the limelight of the special action to eliminate criminal syndicates and evil.


If he really cooperated with yangguoquan, and he could escape punishment in the case of “fishing bully yangguoquan”, it not only means that he is likely to avoid the special action to eliminate criminal gangs, but also that he is not directly involved in the case of “fishing bully yangguoquan”, so he escaped punishment in that action.

However, this time, he could not run away! According to the latest news, all the 9 people involved in the beating case of Tangshan barbecue shop have been arrested and brought to justice. The Tangshan Municipal Party committee and government immediately decided to carry out the “look back” action of the city’s special fight against Mafia and evil.

At the same time, the Tangshan beating incident was not investigated by Tangshan police, but directly designated by Hebei Provincial Public Security Department to Langfang police for investigation. In other words, the investigation of this case is directly led by the relevant departments of Hebei Province. If there are umbrellas involved in Tangshan, these umbrellas will not be able to protect the suspect. I’m afraid they will also be unable to protect themselves!


To sum up, we can see that the national normalized fight against Mafia and evil is running at a high speed. Where the legacy of Mafia and evil forces appears, the normalized fight against Mafia and evil will be launched.

Regarding the normalization of China’s anti Mafia campaign, Zhanhao specially searched and consulted relevant materials. On December 27 last year, at the press conference of the 2021 national normalized anti Mafia struggle, Chen Yixin, Secretary General of the central political and Legal Commission and director of the national anti Mafia office, reported on the completion of the “ten practical things” of the 2021 national normalized anti Mafia struggle. These “ten facts” are very real. We excerpt several for reference:

1? Most of the “escaped fish” have been hunted down. As of December 26, 610 of the 680 target fugitives have been arrested, with an arrest rate of 89.7%, of which 214 have surrendered.

2? New progress was made in the verification of key clues. The national anti Mafia office organized direct verification of 114 key clues, led and led the destruction of 164 Mafia related organizations and 1018 evil related criminal groups, and arrested more than 14000 suspect.

3? A number of “protective umbrellas” were thoroughly investigated. We will thoroughly investigate the “protective umbrella” and carry out the education and rectification of the political and legal team to “eliminate the black sheep”. This year, 9931 cases of Mafia related corruption and “protective umbrella” issues were investigated and dealt with, and 1037 people were transferred to judicial organs.

4? Stock cases were basically handled according to law. As of December 20, the completion rate of stock cases after the end of the special struggle had exceeded 99.3%. Since this year, a total of 58.938 billion yuan of property involved in the case has been implemented.

5? The renovation of the four major industries has achieved phased results. As for the information network industry, by the end of November, 370000 cases of telecom network fraud had been cracked, and 549000 suspect had been arrested; For the transportation industry, severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as porcelain bumping, harassment and extortion of truck drivers; For the engineering construction industry, it organized the investigation and disposal of more than 7800 outstanding clues such as forced projects and illegal construction; With regard to the natural resources industry, we have severely cracked down on crimes such as “sand tyrants” and “mining tyrants”. Since this year, 121 criminal gangs involving natural resources have been killed and more than 2500 suspect have been arrested.

Looking at the five facts in this excerpt, we can see that in the past few years, our country has maintained high pressure on the black and evil forces and has not relaxed because of the end of the special action. It is also the high pressure brought about by the normalization of the fight to eradicate the underworld that makes it difficult for underworld gangs like Chen and Liu Tao to make as much money as before. Just imagine that Mr. Chen, who was “all powerful” in Tangshan in those years and could easily escape legal punishment with the help of his umbrella, has been restricted by the court three times since the special action in 2018 for more than 30000 yuan as the person subjected to enforcement. And let’s look at the case records of Chen and Liu Tao before 2018. At that time, they were all hands and eyes, and they could easily escape punishment after committing a crime.


We can see from Mr. Chen’s situation that as of the outbreak of his beating, he still hasn’t found a new way to make money that can make him “brilliant” again, which also shows that our country has always maintained high pressure on these black and evil forces in the normalized struggle to eradicate them. We can also see from Chen’s rampant behavior this time that he was so rampant before, and this time it was probably an outbreak that he could not control because of drinking for a long time.

What other stories are behind the outbreak of this incident? We will wait until the latest police investigation. However, this incident fully shows how important it is for our country to normalize the fight against Mafia and evil after the nationwide fight against Mafia and evil. Just imagine that if there were no regular struggle to eradicate the underworld and evil, these underworld and evil forces would have revived and made a lot of money again. It is estimated that they would not have drunk at the big stall at more than 2 a.m.

Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) believes that this event tells us that it is very important to do three major things well:

1? It is very important and of great significance to normalize the nationwide anti Mafia struggle

Why is it so important and meaningful to normalize the nationwide anti Mafia struggle? The reason is very simple. Under the background that the COVID-19 continues to rage, the international situation is becoming more and more severe and may even start a new cold war, the external demand market has not only peaked, but also the risk of systemic uncertainty is increasing. It is against this background that the central government, with great foresight, put forward after the epidemic in 2020 that economic development should transition to the mode of internal circulation and internal and external circulation promoting each other as soon as possible.

Our country has adjusted its economic development model to a model that focuses on internal circulation and promotes internal and external circulation. Zhanhao believes that its strategic significance is no less than reform and opening up. This model has very high requirements for the internal market environment, that is, the business environment must be able to ensure that the transaction cost in the economic internal circulation is very low and the transaction efficiency is very high. To achieve this, we must reform some management systems, so we see that the central and local governments are focusing on the optimization of the business environment.

In the process of improving the business environment, those blood sucking leeches entrenched in the economic internal circulation system are one of the most negative energy elements affecting the business environment. Take yangguoquan, a “fishing tyrant” in Tangshan, as an example. He organized underworld gangs to occupy the local sea area for a long time, drive away and threaten foreign fishing boats, and control the fleet to engage in illegal fishing and forced trading for a long time. How can there be a fair market with such evil forces? How can there be a virtuous economic inner circle? So it must be destroyed!

However, even if Yang Guoquan, such a leader of the evil forces, is defeated, as long as there are still criminals like Chen, if we do not maintain high pressure on them in the normal struggle to eliminate the evil forces, Chen may become a new “fishing tyrant” in a very short time.

Therefore, the national campaign to eradicate criminal syndicates and evil is of great significance to our country’s economic development and social stability, and to the daily life of our people.

2? Throughout the country, from cities and counties to villages, the evil forces are still not exhausted

You will find that the smaller the area, the more likely there are underworld gangs. The reason is that the smaller the area, the more likely it is to form a regional sect power. Under the influence of the sect power, it is easy to have primitive underworld organizations, and these underworld organizations are easy to make peace with the local corrupt forces, which will eventually hinder local economic development and affect social stability.

We can see from the rampant state of the nine people including Chen mouzhi that the evil forces are still not eradicated in some cities, counties and villages across the country. It is precisely because the eradication of evil has not been completed that the normalized struggle to eradicate the underworld and evil is particularly important. Many people may not know that our country has opened an intelligent reporting platform for eliminating criminal syndicates and evils. The reporting website is: , you can report any clues on this platform. The black and evil forces are our common enemy. Everyone should take action!


3? We must “look back” more in the fight against Mafia and evil in various places

After the incident of beating people in Tangshan, the Tangshan Municipal Party committee and government launched a special campaign to “look back” in the city on the same day. It is believed that this “look back” will certainly catch some of the black and evil forces.

In fact, such evil forces still exist in various places. It is impossible for us to clean up all the large and small evil forces in a few years. However, it is precisely because of this situation that we must always “look back” in our normal struggle to eliminate the evil forces, and continue to maintain high pressure on the evil forces, so that they will lose the foundation for survival in society. In this way, the black and evil forces will not rise in social and economic activities, and the development model of internal circulation in our national economy can really operate.

The Tangshan beating incident has once again exposed that some remnants of the underworld and evil forces are still entrenched and hidden in the depths of society. It is very necessary and important to continue and normalize the struggle against underworld and evil. However, it is not only the party’s and the country’s business to eradicate the underworld and evil, but also our own business. We also need to work together to eliminate the underworld and evil forces, so that our country will be more and more clear-cut!

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