After two years of marriage, the Japanese Lesbian actress broke up with more and more frictions and was difficult to repair

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Although the entertainment environment in Japan is relatively open to China, it is still very difficult for Japanese artists to come out in public. However, there are two Japanese actresses, who not only freely disclosed their love, but also held a high-profile marriage. Japanese Lesbian actresses broke up after two years of marriage. The reason is that the friction between them after marriage is increasing day by day and can not be repaired, so they are absolutely separated. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Gay actresses break up after two years of marriage

Ichiase Wenxiang and shansenqian are the first gay couples in the Japanese entertainment industry to hold a public wedding. Both of them wore white wedding gowns at the wedding. Both of them were very beautiful. Although this relationship was opposed by many people at the beginning, ichiase Wenxiang and shansenqian overcame various difficulties and finally got married hand in hand with the blessing of their families. The marriage between Yoshito setase and shansenqian is still an explosive news.

Unfortunately, this marriage lasted only two years, exactly one and a half years. Because after a year and a half of marriage, ichiase Wenxiang and shansenqian have separated, and their relationship has become estranged. Finally, after discussion, the two decided to separate and announced to the public that they had broken up. It was also very sad. Naturally, everyone is also very curious about the reason why ichiase Wenxiang and shansenqian separated. It is reported that they had a lot of friction in life after marriage.

Gay actress wedding photos

And there is a big problem between the two people. Shansenxi likes children very much, so she always wants to adopt a child after she gets married. However, Ichi Seto Wenxiang is on the contrary. Ichi Seto Wenxiang is very critical of his position of not having children, and the two broke out very big contradictions. From this point of view, marriage, whether of the same sex or the opposite sex, will have all kinds of problems. If you are not careful, you will worship.

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