Against the Indian army, China will add another artifact!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

Recently, major media reported that a corps of the Xinjiang military region was equipped with 191 rifles. Many people do not understand the significance of this. Here is a brief explanation.

The news is not long, but it contains a lot of information. There is a key performance, which will greatly improve the combat effectiveness of the Chinese army.

The 191 rifle has many advantages:

High shooting accuracy and reliability;

It has the capability of fire conversion, and can convert between single shot precision firing and continuous suppression firing;

The butt length can be adjusted, and soldiers can flexibly adjust according to their height and shooting environment for the best shooting;

Low recoil force and low shooting sound;

The magazine is transparent and can see the remaining ammunition inside, which is convenient for the shooter to adjust the firing mode;

The gun parts are modular and the ammunition is universal. The bullets of the 95 rifle are used to fight as usual, which means that the army does not have to deal with a lot.

There are many advantages, which are not listed here one by one. Interested readers can learn about them by themselves.

? video screenshot of 191 rifle China military daily

In addition to the above advantages, looking at the introduction of the 191 rifle, the author notes that a key new function of the 191 rifle is equipped with a picatinni guide rail.

You don’t need to know what this is. You can add supporting equipment after you know that it exists. For example, you can add a laser collimator, which is the thing that special forces irradiate the target one by one when you watch a movie.

It can also be equipped with night vision instrument, variable zoom optical sight and other tactical equipment.

It should be clear that the 191 rifle has greatly improved the shooting ability of soldiers.

what do you mean?

Ordinary rifles use mechanical sight. When aiming at a target 400 meters away, the crosshairs almost cover people. Except for a few excellent shooters (such as snipers), most ordinary soldiers can’t fight.

However, if a 191 rifle equipped with an optical sight is used, ordinary soldiers can fight at a distance of 400~600 meters (each 191 rifle has an optical sight).

If there is a war between the two armies, and at a long distance, no one can hit us, we can easily get rid of others. Is this a great advantage? It’s a bit like cheating in games.

After installing night vision devices at night, they have the ability to fight at night; In other application scenarios, the laser collimator or other tactical supporting equipment can be replaced, which can greatly improve the combat power.

In addition to ordinary 191 rifles, there are 191 precision Rifles (sniper guns) with stronger performance.

With this artifact, the combat power of the Chinese army will be greatly enhanced.

Now, this rifle has been equipped to the Western army. For those who always want to break their wrists with China, such as the Indian army, we have to consider the difference between playing the game on and off.

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