“Airbus big order”, China kills three birds with one stone! Boeing cries pain!

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On July 1, a day of special significance, three Chinese Airlines (China Southern Airlines, Air China and China Eastern Airlines) announced orders to purchase Airbus a320neo airliners. The total order is 292, and the catalog price is US $37.257 billion.


The three announcements showed that the transaction amount of the aircraft purchase contract was determined through fair negotiation.

In the actual transaction, Airbus will give a large discount, so the actual price will be lower than the catalog price.

Airbus officials were very excited. They sent a document thanking the negotiation teams of both sides for their long-term and extensive efforts during the epidemic, saying that this order “shows the positive recovery momentum and prosperity prospects of China’s aviation market” and “customers’ strong confidence and firm recognition of Airbus”.

European media said that this record order is a shot in the arm for Airbus. In 2020, when the epidemic just broke out, Airbus’ annual delivery volume was reduced by one third, and now Airbus has finally obtained orders from China.

Airbus has reason to be excited, because according to the prediction of China’s aviation market, China’s civil airlines will update about 8000 aircraft by 2024. If Airbus can get one-third of the orders, the future of Airbus will be quite optimistic.

For China, our deal with Airbus has the effect of killing three birds with one stone:

1? When the world is generally facing the problem of inflation, the money in hand should be quickly turned into real goods.

Although the negotiation has been going on for at least two years, it is now finalized and announced, which fully shows China’s purchasing power in the global market. No country can achieve this trading volume today.

2? The announcement on the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland signifies China’s determination to adhere to fair trade and free trade. Hong Kong remains a globalized financial center and free market.

This gives a slap in the face to the Anglo Saxon group, which has long slandered and discredited China

Did China use its economic advantages to coerce Europe? Has China politicized the market?

3? It can promote the solution of the international airworthiness certificate of China’s domestic large aircraft C919, and the United States is now dead card C919 airworthiness certificate. Then, in addition to Russia, the EU will be a breakthrough.

In addition to those European politicians who go to extremes (serving the interests of the United States), politicians who advocate China EU cooperation will be more confident, especially European capital groups.

Some people like to quote this sentence, “there is no forever friend, no forever enemy, only forever interest.” Today, the interests are in front of Europe. Who will refuse?

Whoever doesn’t join China’s circle of friends will have a bad life, because the price of taking China as an enemy will be very heavy. Eat sugar or spank yourself.

In fact, another subtlety of the time when the order was announced was that the Madrid summit of NATO had just ended (June 28-30). When the United States used military issues to form gangs everywhere, China used economic issues to show a win-win situation.

The key to such a large list is the market in the next decade or so. Directly speaking, it can’t be without political factors.


What is politics? Those who make more friends and fewer enemies unite the majority and fight a very few.

With this reassurance, Airbus capital group can invest more money in production and market planning for the next ten or twenty years. The president and prime minister in front of the stage can be replaced, but the capitalist is the unchanging master. Capitalism always has to look like capitalism.

When Chinese airlines and European Airbus raise their glasses together, the one who is most stimulated is Airbus’ competitor, Boeing of the United States.

How happy Airbus laughs, how ugly Boeing scolds.

Boeing officials immediately issued a statement yesterday, saying: “as the largest U.S. exporter with 50 years of relationship with China’s aviation industry, geopolitical differences continue to restrict U.S. aircraft exports, which is disappointing. Boeing will continue to urge the Chinese and U.S. governments to have a fruitful dialogue to help orders and deliveries recover quickly, because Boeing’s aircraft sales to China have always helped tens of thousands of Americans get jobs.”

Although Boeing did not accuse Airbus in its public statement, it did hurt Boeing.

However, what is the use of complaining alone? Boeing should reflect, shouldn’t it? Some people ask Chinese netizens to reflect every day. Isn’t it the Americans who should reflect most?

But Boeing hasn’t learned to reflect yet. It blames geopolitics for all the reasons.

As a civil aviation commercial aircraft, the more important issue is flight safety. Does Boeing have no number on its safety record? The statement did not even say “strengthening safety standards”.

It also said that “we should continue to urge the Chinese and US governments to have a fruitful dialogue”. Boeing executives should urge the US government.

Who provoked the Sino US trade war? U.S.A.

Who will do anything to suppress Chinese science and technology enterprises? U.S.A.

Who is crazy to sanction China’s dual-use military and civilian enterprises on the charge of “don’t use anything”? U.S.A.

Just like in a street, a chicken seller is hostile to his customers every day, and he doesn’t even have a good face. The customer went to a stall to buy chickens and bought many more. Previously, the chicken seller was in a hurry and said, “this is not good. Several people in our family rely on this for food.”

Besides, if there are any geopolitical factors, it is also caused by the United States unilaterally. Don’t forget that Boeing has been sanctioned by China for its participation in arms sales to Taiwan.

Boeing thinks it is a “white lotus” while eating food in the Chinese market and smashing the pot in China?

Boeing’s prevarication with political issues shows that its security problems have not been really improved.

On March 10, 2019, a Boeing 737 Max 8 airliner of Ethiopian Airlines with 157 people on board crashed six minutes after taking off, killing all the people on board. Previously, in October, 2018, the same Boeing model was only 13 minutes from takeoff to crash in Indonesia, killing 189 people.

Boeing has not given you a real explanation so far. Is there any secret you can’t tell?

China is the first country in the world to suspend Boeing 737 Max aircraft, and this aircraft is what Boeing wants to sell most.

Not only did Chinese aviation enterprises cancel the purchase plan of Boeing 737 Max aircraft, but also Australia, which is the most loyal to the United States, canceled the purchase plan of 40 aircraft, and Singapore canceled 7 aircraft. They finally chose Airbus.

In other words, Chinese civil aviation enterprises will not include this model in the consideration list until Boeing has effectively solved the safety problem.

Safety is the most basic condition for civil aviation aircraft, but Boeing’s problem is not just 737 max.

Boeing is artificially creating flight safety risks, which many friends may not know.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, on March 1, Boeing informed Russian Airlines, “Boeing suspended the provision of spare parts, maintenance and technical support, and closed its Moscow office.”

It’s just that you don’t sell new planes. What is the behavior of cutting off spare parts, maintenance and technical support?

When Russian Airlines purchase Boeing, they all have after-sales agreements. It is Boeing’s obligation to provide spare parts, regular maintenance and technical support.

Boeing wants to destroy the safety of Russian civil aviation. Who dares to hand over human lives to this enterprise? In order to match the political intentions of the Chinese government, Boeing is destroying itself.

If Boeing feels pain, the White House will feel pain. Boeing is the Pearl on the crown of the U.S. manufacturing industry and an important part of the U.S. military industrial complex. It is not only related to the U.S. economy, but also has an inestimable influence on U.S. politics. A considerable number of senior officials from Boeing have come from successive U.S. governments.

Many members of Congress also take Boeing dog food. The last time six U.S. lawmakers rushed to Taiwan Province, they publicly asked the Taiwan authorities to purchase Boeing aircraft, but China Airlines can’t bear it, because the digestion is not so large at all.

Boeing is in pain. How can Biden help it out? The White House has fallen into a paradox: China is Boeing’s largest overseas market, and the United States is fighting against China in an all-round way. If the United States bows to China to show weakness and help Boeing get orders. So, how does it explain to the younger brothers?

In addition, if Biden came out to lobby for Boeing, then the chip export enterprises that were stuck by the White House executive order would not be the meat on the palm of their hands? They are also suffering from losing orders.

The main reason why the United States hates Airbus is that it cannot use the reason that “national security is threatened” to govern Airbus’ business with long arms. It can only watch Airbus take away the big list that the United States believes “belongs to Boeing”.

At present, the global public opinion is unfavorable to Boeing, but with Boeing’s financial resources, in two days, there may be articles about “losing in the middle” from various angles on the Internet, if we don’t choose Boeing again.

The White House will then deal with Airbus, such as the issue of enterprises receiving government subsidies, and even more vicious tricks.

For China, purchasing Airbus is part of free trade.

We are trying to develop our own civil aviation industry, and the sadness of ten starts will not be repeated. This lesson itself is a wealth, and the development direction of civil aviation has been clear.


When the C919 mass production scale is formed, we will not only fly at home, but also fly to the world. The day when the two powers compete for hegemony will become one-third of the world is not far away.

New China has a long way to go, one step at a time. No matter what kind of industry, it needs a complete industrial system to support, and China has this condition.

Let them blockade it. After ten or eight years of blockade, all problems in China have been solved!

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