Aloes are like crumbs. Is it true that Mencius Yi Yan overwhelms Yang Zi? Why does Mencius Yi dare to make a gorgeous announcement

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After Chenxiang Rushi was broadcast, many negative comments came out, which made Yang Zi’s fans unhappy. However, compared with the ugly drama, Yang Zi’s fans were most dissatisfied with the news that Meng Ziyi overtook Yang Zi. After Chenxiang Ruxiao went online, Meng Ziyi’s notice of Yan pressing Yang Zi flew all over the sky, and even the word Yan pressing was hot search. Aloes are like crumbs. Is it true that Mencius’ righteousness and beauty outweigh Yang Zi’s? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Is it true that Mencius Yiyan beats Yang Zi

Yang Zi plays YAN Dan in women’s clothes in Aloes like crumbs, and Meng Ziyi plays female number two, YAN Dan’s twin sister Zhi Xi. There have been rumors that Yang Zi will play two roles as Yan danzhixi, but in the end, it’s not like this. As twin sisters, Yang Zi and Meng Ziyi naturally have many rivals. As a result, after Chenxiang Rushi went online, the announcement that Meng Ziyi was gorgeous over Yang Zi began on the Internet, and many marketing numbers also began to end rhythmically. Roast Yang Zi’s face was stiff, not as beautiful as Meng Ziyi on the side.

In this regard, Yang Zi’s fans said that the play had just begun to broadcast, and they began this routine. Yang Zi’s fans didn’t ask. Yang Zi didn’t need to compare with others. In the eyes of fans, Yang Zi is a unique existence and the most beautiful female star in the eyes of fans. Moreover, Mencius Yi has made many announcements about the suppression of female leaders before, so this time, many passers-by saw the news of Mencius Yi’s suppression of Yang Zi, and they all thought it was just Mencius Yi’s hype. Sure enough, there was a background, someone praised it, and even the traffic was not afraid to offend.

Why did Meng Ziyi dare to make a pornographic announcement

Chenxiang Rushi is the last huanrui drama that Yang Zi shot before leaving huanrui. In fact, she resisted at the beginning. Now after watching the play, we also understand why Yang Zi is unwilling to act, because the script is really bad. But since Yang Zi played, it was still attentive. I don’t know if you have found it. Aloes are like the original sound used by Yang Zi in crumbs. Among the aloes like crumbs, only Yang Zi used the original sound, which ended up exploding the other actors in the play.

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