Aloes are like crumbs. Word of mouth makes Waterloo. Ugly and gorgeous, hot search

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Chenxiang Rushi has attracted much attention since its filming began. The heroine has changed from Jing Tian to Yang Zi. The hero is also Cheng Yi, who is popular with Liuli, so everyone is optimistic about the play and thinks it will explode. Aloes like crumbs, word-of-mouth Waterloo, did not expect ugly and gorgeous pressure even boarded the hot search. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Aloes like crumbs, reputation makes Waterloo

Chenxiang Ruxiao’s play has been hyped for a long time. Everyone has been waiting for this play for a long time. Originally, it has been said on the Internet that Chenxiang Ruxiao will be airborne on the 18th, but netizens didn’t see it until the 20th. Unfortunately, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Many netizens said they were too disappointed after watching aloes such as crumbs. Even Yang Zi’s own fans came out to roast ugly, lamenting that Yang Zi finally left huanrui and didn’t have to be forced by huanrui to shoot this kind of garbage drama anymore. Yang Zi’s fans have given up aloes like crumbs. What we are looking forward to is another ancient puppet drama everlasting longing for each other that Yang Zi is currently shooting.

One of the reasons why aloes like crumbs is not good-looking by netizens roast is the plot. Many lines in it are also very unreasonable. The plot is not attractive at all, and it is too delayed by netizens roast. The actors in the play are also very rough, and the filters are not used well. The actor Cheng Yi’s acting skills have always been roast. Netizens said that they always felt that Cheng Yi’s mouth was whistling in this play, so he didn’t close it tightly.

Aloes like crumbs, ugly, gorgeous, hot search

In addition, a lot of comments were made about the second female number, Meng Ziyi’s Yan Qianyan pressing Yang Zi. Meng Ziyi’s last play said who is the hero. After the broadcast, there were also a lot of news about the heroine Yang Chaoyue, so many netizens also spit out that Meng Ziyi likes to follow the route of Yan Zi. After the broadcast, the ugly and gorgeous pressure of aloes such as chips were all on the hot search. According to the feedback of netizens at present, aloes such as chips is basically on the street.

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