Ameber elevator kissing female model plays 3P with musk at Depp Mansion

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The divorce case between amebo and Depp was finally settled, and amebo was also discredited because of the divorce. I didn’t expect that more unknown aspects about aimeber were exposed by netizens. Aimebe, a female model of elevator kissing, even played 3P with musk before she divorced her ex husband Depp and lived in Depp mansion. Cheating was so high. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Female model of emerber elevator kiss

Recently, the video of aimeber kissing with female model card in the elevator was exposed by netizens. Aimeber and card first hugged in the elevator, followed by a lingering kiss. Before her marriage to Depp, ameber had been dating a female photographer for many years. It was even rumored that ameber had secretly married the female photographer. So there is no dispute about her bisexuality. She herself admits that she is a pan sexual lover.

The media card of aimeber’s exciting kiss was drawn. She had previously been in contact with actress Benson and had a wedding, but she did not register for marriage. Later, the two announced their separation. The insider also revealed that amebo had invited his friends to Depp’s mansion without telling Depp. Aimeber once had an unusual relationship with trass’ boss musk, and even aimeber, musk and Kata performed a 3P drama in Depp’s mansion.

Amebo and musk play 3P

Judging from these revelations, amebo’s private life is really chaotic. Many netizens feel sympathy for Depp after reading these revelations. However, aimeber has always felt that he is the right one. Recently, he even disclosed to the outside world that he is already negotiating the publication of the book, and will disclose the inside story of his marriage with Depp in the book. Aimebe is trying to squeeze Depp out of his pocket and make money with Depp.

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