America is drinking the blood of Europe, but Europe is still saying hi!

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Original: Zhanhao source: official account: Zhanhao wechat ID: zhanhao668

Against the background of the unprecedented changes in a century, the pace of restructuring the world political and economic order is getting faster and faster, which we can see and experience from any corner of the world. For example, Ukraine is already facing disintegration and may even be destroyed in the future; For example, although we enjoy peace, the impact of the epidemic on our work and life is also obvious; Even in developed countries, such as the United States and the European Union, disgusting inflation and economic weakness are also very uncomfortable. The European Union, in particular, has been tortured by the Russian Ukrainian war.

Recently, we have been analyzing Germany, which lost the most in the Russian Ukrainian war, but in fact, Germany is an economic power after all, with a GDP of more than $400 billion, so it can support even if it is hard. However, those small Eastern European countries that are not clear-minded and whose politics are dominated by politicians completely controlled by ideology are really miserable!

On the one hand, the economic foundation of Eastern European countries is not good. In the past, after joining the EU, they could enjoy some benefits brought by the EU market, but now even “big powers” such as Germany and France are Wang Xiaoer, and they certainly have a hard time; On the other hand, when the United States encounters problems, it is really hungry and puts meat in its mouth. Therefore, when the global economy and geopolitics encounter major problems, these small countries will certainly bear the brunt and become victims.


Just now, after Russia indefinitely suspended the “beixi-1” natural gas, European Commission Economic Commissioner gentiloni said that based on storage capacity and energy-saving measures, the EU has “made full preparations” for Russia’s complete gas shutdown. Gentiloni also said that although the specific situation of each country is different, at present in the EU, “due to the diversification of supply, the gas storage capacity of natural gas storage facilities is about 80%”.

Although the European Union is tough, in fact, Russia’s gas transmission to Europe has long been greatly reduced, and there is no place to make up for this huge gap in European natural gas demand, so natural gas prices will skyrocket in Europe. Countries like Germany can endure this situation for the time being, but countries like Czech Republic can’t.

Just now, a large demonstration of 70000 people broke out in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, which also uses “beixi-1” natural gas. You can feel the atmosphere of the demonstration in the video. In fact, we can see from the video that the number of demonstrators may be far more than 70000.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has a population of 1.3 million, which is equivalent to a small prefecture level city in China. Even if 70000 people take to the streets, it is more than 5% of the urban population. There are two main demands for such a large-scale demonstration: one is to oppose NATO and the European Union, condemn the government’s sanctions against Russia, and demand that the Czech Republic maintain neutrality in the Russian Ukrainian war; The second is to require the government to ensure the supply of cheap natural gas by directly signing contracts with Russia and declaring military neutrality. In response, the Czech Prime Minister said that the demonstration was initiated by “Pro Russian forces”.

No matter what the Czech Prime Minister said, the real contradictions lie there, and the two appeals are also very sharp. The Czech Republic joined NATO as early as 1999, and joined the European Union in 2004. It is one of the first countries in Eastern Europe to embrace the West. Now, after the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, the Czech people have started to oppose NATO and the European Union. In Zhanhao’s view, this is less than two points:

1? In the Czech Republic, there is still a popular base of Pro Russian forces

The fact that the Czech Prime Minister can say that this is a demonstration initiated by “Pro Russian forces” has clearly shown that there is still a certain public opinion base in the Czech Republic. The harm brought to the Czech Republic by the Russian Ukrainian war has made some Czechs realize the harm of completely turning to the West.

2? The Russian Ukrainian war really hurt Czech people’s livelihood and economy

Objectively, the impact of the Russian Ukrainian war is very large. The most direct impact is that it has greatly pushed up the energy prices of EU countries and brought high inflation. Take the Czech Republic as an example. The CPI in July was as high as 17.5%. The Czech people can’t stand such a high inflation rate, so there were large-scale demonstrations.

In fact, the large-scale demonstration in the Czech Republic objectively hit the European Commission hard in the face. Just after it was announced that the EU had made sufficient preparations, the large-scale demonstration in the Czech Republic broke out here.

Then, when the Czech Republic cannot withstand, how long can other Eastern European countries support it? For example, take July as an example. Poland’s inflation rate was 16.1%, Lithuania’s inflation rate was 21.6%, Latvia’s inflation rate was 21.3%, and the EU’s inflation rate in July was as high as 9.8%. Don’t forget that it’s not winter yet. With the current situation, Europe will encounter extreme cold weather in winter. By then, the price of natural gas can rise to the sky, and the inflation rate will be even more serious.


On the surface, the serious inflation in Europe is the increase in energy prices brought about by the Russian Ukrainian war, but in essence, it is the economic plundering of EU countries by the United States. It is an extraordinary measure taken by the United States to curb its own inflation and stimulate its own economic development. To put it bluntly, this is the means by which the United States uses geopolitical and military means to ultimately transfer its own crisis.

In fact, the target of the U.S. transfer was originally China. As early as 2005, he wanted to pass on the crisis through the appreciation of the RMB, but he failed to achieve his goal. Later, the subprime mortgage crisis broke out and triggered the global financial crisis. After the outbreak of the global financial crisis, the United States took advantage of the joint rescue of the G20 platform to release a large amount of liquidity to the world. After this round of joint rescue, the US economy has become more hollow, and it has ceaselessly obtained economic growth opportunities by releasing liquidity. The United States has also detonated the “financial Trojan horse” – the European debt crisis, which it planted before. During and after this round of market rescue, China had the largest economic growth in the world, the United States had the second largest economic growth, and Europe had almost no growth in the past decade or so.


However, the problem is that the crisis in the United States has not been resolved, and the past debt foam has been covered up by a new asset price foam for the time being. However, with the growing foam, the virtual economy must be supported by the real economy. In order to force China to comply, the United States launched a trade war with China. However, the United States had no comprehensive advantage in the face of China’s economy, and was defeated in the trade war in the end. After being defeated in the trade war and encountering the COVID-19 epidemic, the trump administration and the Biden administration released more than $6 trillion of liquidity in more than a year. These liquidity eventually turned into inflation and first attacked the United States. The inflation rate of the United States began to rise rapidly from April to June 2021, reaching 9.1%, constantly hitting a new high in decades.

In this context, the United States must find a target to pass on, and the final target is the closest ally group – the European Union.

Economically, the United States eats up the other side. For example, when sanctioning Russia, the United States buys some Russian oil and gas and resells it to the European Union to make small money. The real way to make big money is to rely on geopolitical, economic and financial means. The United States is drinking the blood of Europe, and European countries are still talking about themselves!


In 2014, the United States quietly planted a wedge between Russia and Europe – the Ukrainian Street revolution. In this revolution, the goal of the United States was to take over the whole of Ukraine. In the end, Russia was forced to promote the pro Russian eastern Ukraine region to seek armed autonomy. At the same time, Crimea was taken away to ensure the Black Sea’s access to the sea. This incident has directly put Russia’s relations with the West into sharp confrontation.

Taking advantage of such confrontation, the United States has forced Russia to use force against Ukraine by pushing Ukraine to join NATO. Russia’s use of force against Ukraine scared the whole of Europe, so it desperately assisted Ukraine and sanctioned Russia, which of course created more serious confrontation. The sharp confrontation between Europe and Russia has two direct consequences:

1? Capital flight

The United States has stimulated Russia and Ukraine to break out a war, which is a way to kill many birds with one stone. In addition to suppressing Russia and controlling the EU to jointly deal with China, the more realistic value is that the Russian Ukrainian war will make the capital in the European market flee like a frightened bird. Where did western capital flee from Europe? There is no doubt that the first choice is the United States. If capital fled from Europe to the United States, the American economy would certainly benefit and the European economy would certainly suffer.

2? Devaluation of Euro

The outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war attracted a large number of funds to flee from Europe, which will inevitably bring about a significant depreciation of the euro against the US dollar. Sure enough, the euro has fallen below 1:1 against the US dollar, and the depreciation has exceeded 20% in the past year. The sharp depreciation of the euro means that assets denominated in euros have also depreciated, and the price of goods purchased in the international market has risen sharply; The sharp appreciation of the US dollar means that assets denominated in US dollars have appreciated, and the price of international goods purchased by the United States has fallen sharply.

In this way, the two most direct consequences of the above two situations are that wealth is transferred from Europe to the United States, which is equivalent to the United States cutting European leeks. The United States has passed on its inflation to Europe through exchange rate changes, which means that it is robbing Europe in disguised form. Why did demonstrations break out in the Czech Republic? The ordinary people can’t bear it!

The United States has cut European leeks in this way, but Europe does not know that it is completely influenced by ideology. The German Foreign Minister even said that even if the German people oppose it, she will insist on supporting Ukraine… Europe is controlled by these politicians, so why not be cut leeks by the United States?


When will Europeans be awakened? Zhanhao believes that Europe needs to do at least two things to prove that it understands: first, the signing of an investment agreement with China has taken effect, and China and the EU have deepened cooperation; The second is to go beyond the pressure of the United States, open the “beixi-2” natural gas pipeline, and conduct in-depth negotiations with Russia. If you do one of these two things, it won’t be so miserable. But now Europe doesn’t do either of these things, and the future consequences can be imagined!

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