America kills, China saves! Iraq is a mirror

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In 2003, the United States launched the Iraq war on the basis of fabricated lies. The U.S. military bombed the Middle East country into ruins.

The fragmented Iraq has been described by the western media as a “democracy window” because the United States has sent democracy and the Iraqi people have been “free”.

But more than a decade later, the “better reconstruction” plan boasted by the United States has remained on paper, and most Iraqi people are still struggling in turmoil and poverty.

After Isis was defeated in Iraq and Syria in 2016, Iraq saw the hope of rebuilding its homeland, but the United States and Europe did not have the capacity for such a large-scale construction.


They only have one mouth. On june16,2018, on the 15th anniversary of the Iraq war, a Hollywood female star visited Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. After smelling the smell of charred corpses, she said, “although they have nothing, they have been free.”.

If the United States can do nothing practical (except murder and robbery), it will rely on public opinion to cover up its crimes.

What is Iraq to the United States? Military base + strategic fulcrum + oil company.

What do the Iraqi people need most? Schools, hospitals, water supply, power supply, housing

But these are long-term projects, and Iraq does not have enough construction funds.

At this time, China extended a helping hand to the Iraqi people.

For the “infrastructure maniac”, Chinese enterprises have the ability to complete the construction of infrastructure and livelihood facilities in Iraq.

The capital problem is solved through the “oil for infrastructure” scheme. According to the agreement reached between China and Iraq, Chinese companies are responsible for infrastructure construction in Iraq, and Iraq provides 100000 barrels of oil to China every day.

Moreover, China has not imposed any political conditions on Iraq, and no matter how the political situation in Iraq changes, it will not be affected.

In the “oil for infrastructure” program, there is a US dollar trading link missing. 100000 barrels of oil is only the initial supply. After Iraq’s oil production capacity is improved, the supply will increase.

In the reconstruction plan of Iraq, the recovery of education is the top priority. If children are not allowed to return to school as soon as possible, they are likely to be bewitched by extremist organizations when they grow up.

The shafaqi news agency of Iraq published a report on the 18th that the foundation stone laying ceremony was held on the same day for the education project of China’s assistance in building 1000 schools in Iraq, announcing the official and full-scale commencement of the project to help the country rebuild its education system after the “Iraq war” launched by the United States.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa kadhimi and Chinese representatives attended the ceremony. Kadhimi said in his speech that since the “Iraq war” in 2003, the restoration of the education system has not received enough attention, and the “model school”, as the first project implemented under the framework of China Iraq cooperation, can be described as “meritorious for the present and beneficial for the future”.

According to the agreement signed between China and the Iraqi government on December 16, 2021, the 1000 schools will be built by China Power Construction Group (679) and China Power International Technology Co., Ltd. (321), with a construction period of two years.


The second phase will have 3000 schools, and the third phase will have 4000 schools, a total of 8000 schools.

In addition to education, China will also build airports and 900 apartment buildings in Iraq, as well as ground photovoltaic power plants and underground drainage systems.

8000 schools is an incredible number, which is the survival and hope of the next generation for Iraq.

What is human rights? This is the concept of human rights that China has shown the world. The human rights lighthouse destroyed more than 1000 schools in Iraq and more than 3000 schools. Today, 3.2 million Iraqi children are unable to go to school.

Cold knowledge: Iraq’s education penetration rate was once the highest in the Middle East. In the early 1980s, UNESCO awarded Saddam a gold medal in recognition of his contribution to the cause of compulsory education.

The United States has turned this place into a hell on earth with Tomahawk missiles. The West calls this “defending human rights”.

The United States also wants to dismember Iraq into three parts:

1? The Kurds established a Kurdistan “state” to control the Kirkuk oil field in the north;

2? A region divided by the South and the Persian Gulf, controlled by Shiites;

3? Greater Baghdad and surrounding areas are controlled by Sunnis.

In this way, everyone needs to turn to the United States for help. The United States can stir up trouble here at any time and let its troops or agents stay here permanently.

Syria is also divided into three parts according to this model, and Libya in North Africa.

Reconstruction? It is not in the plan of the United States at all.

What is the point of breaking up the Arab world? Preventing the re emergence of political strongmen in Iraq and other countries makes it difficult for the United States to control.

The weaker and more fragmented Arab countries are, the more Israel can control the Middle East by virtue of its military superiority and establish a “new order” led by the United States and Israel.

For the sake of this “new order”, the United States does not care how many people have died in Iraq, how many children have no access to education, and how many refugees have been displaced.

What China has brought to Iraq and the Middle East is another kind of order – stability, order, cooperation and development.

The “new order” of the United States will be realized through war and massacre.

China, on the other hand, realizes a real order through construction and cooperation.

Biden will visit the Middle East next month to attend the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit and meet with the leaders of Egypt, Iraq and Jordan.

But Biden’s first stop was Israel and then went to Saudi Arabia.

The United States wants to strengthen its influence in the Middle East, especially in oil production, with the intention of attacking Russia politically and economically.

At this time, Iraqi Prime Minister kadhimi’s attendance at the commencement ceremony of 1000 Chinese aided schools is of profound significance.

Countries in the Middle East can compare the actions of China and the United States.

Interestingly, the news about the construction of 1000 schools has been ignored by the western mainstream groups. At present, only “French, Cantonese and Chinese” and a small German media have specific reports. CNN and BBC were busy analyzing Biden’s visit to the Middle East and the international energy situation when they talked about the Middle East.

In the west, not only politicians, but also the media, who all day long pretend to be “defenders of human rights”, do not care whether Iraqi children can get access to education opportunities and conditions.

However, on the Internet, whether English speaking or Arabic speaking netizens, many people are comparing the United States and China.


Some netizens also made contrast pictures.

Many people say:

“The US led NATO has destroyed more than 100 schools in Iraq and killed more than 1000 school-age children, while China will build 1000 schools here.”

“The United States has carried out brutal bombing and military occupation of Iraq for many years. On the contrary, China is building schools there.”

“The United States brings death and destruction, and China brings hope and development.”

“Who do you think Iraqis want to cooperate with most in the future? All countries should seriously consider it.”


Those who frantically attacked China for helping Iraq build schools were those who spoke Chinese as “consumables”.

Some of them say that China is “giving” Iraqi schools, some say that China is “occupying” Iraq, some say that China has “deprived” local jobs, and some say that China is “fighting” for oil everywhere… Let’s not say anything more vicious.

Arabic users who quarreled with “consumables” probably took too much effort to read and reply. Most of them simply posted the Chinese and Iraqi flags in the comment area.

CNN and the BBC played down the matter, not because they did not know the importance of schools to Iraq. In the past, the United States built a Christian School in kraks, Nineveh province, and the western media simply blew it up.

CNN doesn’t say anything now, which means that they haven’t found a spray point to spray on China. If they start reporting, it is estimated that they will use “debt trap” and “Neo colonialism” to slander China, or simply call the school a “concentration camp”?

The most shameful thing about the United States is that it does not help Iraq build livelihood facilities, but it still has to stop others.

At the beginning of 2019, Iraq was ready to import electricity and natural gas to Iran because electricity could not be guaranteed.


As a result, the US Secretary of state threatened the Iraqi government that it would be punished if it cooperated with Iran.

What is the use of the US threat when China cooperates with Iraq? China is not afraid of you.

The Iraqi reconstruction contract is so tempting, but what can American companies do? Our domestic infrastructure is still in a mess.

The reconstruction of Iraq is not only an economic issue, but also a political issue. If Iraq does not get rid of the United States, it will be difficult to get on the right track.

But if Iraq wants to get rid of the control of the United States, it must rely on the strength of other major powers in addition to itself.

Looking at Iraq in the mirror, who is the real representative of human civilization will soon have an answer!

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