American Embassy in China, please don’t lie openly to the Chinese people!

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Author: Ming shusource: official account: Ming shuzatan wechat ID: laomingdashu


Yesterday, the US embassy in China once again spread the so-called “genocide” lie through its wechat official account.

The article was soon deleted.

Let me say, well done!

At any time, freedom of speech has boundaries.

Former US President trump lost the 2020 presidential election, but he refused to acknowledge the election results, repeatedly accused the Democratic Party of election fraud without any evidence, and even incited supporters to participate in the “Capitol riot”. Even as the US president, he was finally banned by social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook.

This fully shows that in the United States, which attaches great importance to freedom of speech, freedom of speech also has boundaries.

The freedom of speech enjoyed by the US embassy in China on Chinese social media platforms also has boundaries. This border means that it must abide by the laws of China and the rules of China’s social media platforms. It cannot openly lie, let alone attack the Chinese government and people based on these lies.

The US embassy in China has implemented the wrong us China policy and spread the lie that there is “genocide” in Xinjiang on Chinese social media platforms. This practice of ignoring facts and confusing black and white is in flagrant violation of relevant Chinese laws and rules of Chinese social media platforms. It is an open affront and provocation to the Chinese people.

The Chinese people have no reason to get used to such malicious acts of the US embassy in China.

From trump to Biden, why did two successive US administrations violate facts and conscience and repeatedly spread lies about the existence of “genocide” in Xinjiang in the international community?

Is it because the U.S. government and U.S. politicians have high moral standards and are full of love for Muslims in Xinjiang, China?

Of course not.

For decades, the US government has committed unforgivable crimes against Muslims around the world:

——For decades, the United States has long been partial to Israel in the Palestinian Israeli conflict and has turned a blind eye to serious violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people;

——Over the past 20 years or so, the United States has launched wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, causing the displacement of millions or even tens of millions of people and the destruction of their homes and lives in these countries. What’s more, American soldiers operate drones far away from the battlefield to bomb the targets of these countries. In countless “accidental bombings”, countless innocent Muslims lost their lives;

——After the trump administration came to power, it prohibited the people of several Islamic countries from entering the United States, which is a naked racial discrimination against Muslims;

——In 2001, the U.S. government launched the war in Afghanistan. In the past two decades, the war behavior of the United States has made this already extremely poor country even worse. Today, the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is getting worse. The US government has illegally confiscated and detained $7 billion of foreign exchange assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan. At a time when countless Afghans are starving and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, this act of the United States can be called “murder”:

——Over the past period of time, the media has repeatedly reported that the US military stole and robbed local food and oil in Syria, which is even more lawless;


These “atrocities” mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg of the numerous crimes committed by the United States against Muslims around the world.

Even so, up to now, the US government and politicians have neither apologized for these crimes nor compensated the innocent victims of these crimes.

Such a country should be hypocritically concerned about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China. It is really a big laugh.

To what extent should the US government and politicians be thick skinned, ignorant, arrogant and stupid before they can shamelessly play such hypocritical and boring games?

The US government and US politicians should study a Chinese allegorical saying: “weasels wish chickens a happy new year with no good intentions!”

This sentence is too appropriate to describe the boring “performances” of the US government and US politicians on the Xinjiang issue.

It’s ironic that while committing numerous crimes against Muslims in the Middle East, they turned their heads and thought nothing had happened, and then began to care about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China.

Isn’t this naked hypocrisy?

Why do the US government and US politicians hypocritically care about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China?

It is very simple. In fact, they do not care about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China. If they really care about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China, they should give a big medal to the Chinese government under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It is under the leadership of the Communist Party of China that Xinjiang’s economy, society, culture and other undertakings have developed rapidly over the past decades, and Xinjiang’s population has grown steadily, The people of Xinjiang have enjoyed more and more real human rights.

Fundamentally speaking, the US government and US politicians play the “Xinjiang card” because they want to discredit and attack China in the international community and to split and stir up activities within Chinese society. In the final analysis, they still hope to use this to gain more chips for themselves in the Sino US game, so as to better contain, suppress, encircle and slander China.

The Chinese people have clearly seen the “routine” of the US government and US politicians.

Every time, some unscrupulous scholars, supported and bribed by the US government, published “research reports” that had no factual basis and discredited China in every way under the guise of academic research; Then, the media with countless ties with the US government began to join in, wantonly spreading, amplifying and strengthening these lies; Finally, the US government and US politicians will come to an end and turn these lies into tools and chips to contain, suppress, contain and slander China.

Isn’t that what happened?

To tell the truth, the US government and US politicians have played too many tricks, which have become stale and boring.

Why does the United States want to contain China?

Fundamentally speaking, it is still because the US government and politicians today have suffered from serious “imperial decline anxiety”.

At this time, when they looked around the world and saw that China was developing well, they began to be suspicious. They were afraid that China would subvert the hegemony of the United States and that China would replace the hegemony of the United States.

This is entirely “to measure the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain.”

They are completely ignorant of China’s history and cultural traditions.

Of course, China needs to develop, but this is to make the more than 1.4 billion Chinese people live a better life. China has no interest in subverting and replacing US hegemony.

On the contrary, in China’s view, the United States acts as a “world policeman” and interferes in the internal affairs of other countries in various parts of the world. This is an extremely short-sighted and foolish way of wasting its own country’s strategic resources. It is also a self destructive way of doing things. China is not stupid enough to be like the United States.

The US government and US politicians, out of anxiety, fear and paranoia in the “period of imperial decline”, are bent on containing China. Their fundamental purpose in fabricating and amplifying all kinds of lies about Xinjiang is to smear China’s image in the international community, sow discord among all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, China, and sow discord between China and Islamic countries.

The US government and politicians, seeing that their lies are becoming less and less marketable, do not hesitate to directly sanction enterprises and products in Xinjiang. Is this helping the people of Xinjiang? This is a flagrant violation of the right to subsistence and development of nearly 26 million people in Xinjiang.

The US government and US politicians even fantasize about creating contradictions and turmoil in Xinjiang and blocking China by sabotaging Xinjiang’s economic and social development.

How vicious they are!

However, I did not underestimate the US government and US politicians. Can you still deceive the Chinese people today with your conspiracy and overt conspiracy? Can you still deceive the people of the world?

The eyes of the Chinese people are clear-sighted, as are the eyes of the people of the world.

The United States repeats the lies about Xinjiang time and again. Looking around the world, those countries that hold the United States’ rotten feet are those of the Anglo Saxon white Christian racial alliance and some traditional white Christian countries.

The United States is a rogue leader, and these countries are the younger brothers of the United States. What good can you do if you collude with each other?

Here’s another Chinese saying: “a dog’s mouth cannot spit out Ivory!”

I advise the U.S. Embassy in China not to spend all day trying to help your “big boss” Antony Blinken spread lies that smear and attack China. It’s useless. What you should think most about is that the US government and US politicians have gone against the trend and made more than 1.4 billion Chinese people very disgusted. What can you do to win back a little bit of the popular support that the United States has been losing in China.

Do you think the Chinese people are stupid for your government and politicians to accuse Huawei, an enterprise highly respected by the Chinese people, of imposing sanctions and breaking Confessions on it? You think we don’t know the bad water in your stomach? Isn’t it because you are worried about China’s further development that you want to Blackhand and hinder Chinese high-tech enterprises such as Huawei, and then use this to prevent China’s scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading? Aren’t you afraid of fair competition and afraid of fair competition, so you dare to deal with Chinese enterprises only by using these unscrupulous means?

You should really learn the lesson of your ancestors. Can sanctions stop the Chinese people from pursuing development, progress, prosperity and a happy life? You are sanctioning us. We have created “two bombs and one satellite”. You sanctioned me. We developed the Beidou navigation system. If you continue to impose sanctions, sooner or later we will completely solve the chip problem. When the time comes, let us chip enterprises drink from the West.

In recent years, the overbearing and insolent behavior of the United States in the face of China has gradually caused the Chinese people to lose trust and patience with the US government and US politicians.

The United States has launched one round of sanctions against China. It seems that there is no small movement, but it can not cover up the pity that a once great country dare not compete fairly and only play tricks when facing new competitors.

I also understand that the U.S. Embassy in China is just an end of the U.S. diplomatic system. There are some things that you know should not be done, and you have no choice but to implement them.

However, I think that you are in China. You know how the Chinese people view the US government and politicians. You should let them know the truth:

First, the United States’ containment of China has ruined any good impression of the United States in the eyes of the Chinese people;

Second, the Chinese people have seen great winds and waves. The containment of China by the United States can at best be regarded as creating a little trouble. The Chinese people are not afraid of these troubles at all. We regard the United States as the best sharpening on the path of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. All that can not defeat us will only make us stronger;

Third, no matter how you try to control China, you will not be able to solve all kinds of problems in the United States, such as the proliferation of guns, the proliferation of drugs, the polarization between the rich and the poor, and social confrontation. Instead of constantly pointing at China, it is better to look more in the mirror and “reflect on yourself three times a day”. Otherwise, the United States will only become more and more what it hates, and will also become more and more what the Chinese people hate.

The US embassy in China welcomes you to do more things conducive to Sino US exchanges and friendship with your goodwill to the Chinese people.

China is a country of etiquette, and the Chinese nation is a nation that never stops striving for self-improvement. We have always adhered to a creed: “when friends come, there will be good wine, and when jackals come, there will be hunting guns.”

I hope you will become more friends of the Chinese people.

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