American Feng Shui has been ruined!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

A few days ago, a friend asked Zhanhao: competition between China and the United States is inevitable. Who will win in the end?

Zhan Hao answered him very clearly: this struggle between China and the United States is not only an all-round contest of bayonet popularity, but also China’s final victory.

He asked politely, even using “competition” rather than struggle. In fact, the subtext of his question is to represent a group asking, that is, who is more trustworthy in the future of China and the United States, and to put it more directly, whether to “embellish” the high value accumulated in the previous area.

There are some things that can’t be explained, but Zhanhao gave him three points:

The first point is that the reason why China is bound to win this game between China and the United States is the destiny of the country and will not be transferred by human will. Even if the United States has the strongest military capability in the world, it will not help. On this first point, Zhanhao did not explain it to him at that time, but he understood that Zhanhao had never made mistakes in judging major events and general trends for so many years. But today, I will take the opportunity to give some explanations for him and for your reference.

Second, Zhanhao gave him an example of what was happening – after the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, the wealth of the Russian state and the Russian rich in the West was being looted by the United States and the West. Let’s not talk about the hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign exchange frozen by the Russian government. For example, Roman Abramovich, a Russian tycoon who owns Chelsea club, after the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, the 2.5 billion euro Chelsea club was forcibly confiscated by Britain, and his other assets were also frozen. Moreover, the yachts and real estate of the Russian rich in Italy were directly confiscated. When China and the United States confront each other in the future, we can imagine the fate of those wealth.

Third, Zhanhao gave him the example of Li Ka Shing. Do you remember when Li Ka Shing fled the mainland market many years ago? At that time, Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) had a series of analysis, which directly and clearly pointed out that he was bound to fall down from the altar. What was the result? Li Ka Shing’s wealth has shrunk significantly. Needless to say, the reputation he had accumulated all his life disappeared after his evacuation. However, compared with his investment in Britain, China has more opportunities. What was the result? Not long ago, Li Ka Shing sold British assets and wanted to return.

So why is it that China and the United States will win this big power contest? The fact that China will win is not that China really wins the United States, but that the United States has destroyed its own “geomantic omen”. The “geomantic omen” of great powers mainly includes four aspects, and the United States has lost:

1? National credit

The country and people are the same. The key to standing on the world is credit. Why can the US dollar be widely recognized in the world after World War II? In the final analysis, it is the national credit of the United States. The rule foundation laid by World War II made the world think that the United States would not violate the agreement.

However, this is not the case in the United States. After the global financial crisis triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, the U.S. continued quantitative easing with the help of the world for several years. Since then, in fact, the credit of the U.S. dollar has begun to overdraft. The reason why the market share of the U.S. dollar has not decreased significantly is that there is no alternative currency.

In the past few years, the United States has either broken the treaty or “retreated” in the world. As long as all the original international rules are not in line with the current interests of the United States, the White House has tried to change them. The United States completely does not abide by any rules and agreements in its exchanges with countries around the world, which can be said to be wanton. This kind of behavior must be a waste of national credit. The reason why American credit seems to have not collapsed is that it still has the most powerful force in the world, and it is still the world’s largest economy. However, if the national credit is gone, it is gone. Once these elements are gone in the future, the United States may collapse.

The United States objectively has the preliminary conditions for collapse. His first country, Feng Shui, had no credit.

2? Political values

Big countries in the world must need political ideas. For example, in the past, the United States has packaged three “magic weapons” of political ideas: freedom, democracy and human rights. The United States can be said to be invincible and disadvantageous in the world by relying on these three magic weapons. Holding the banner of “freedom, democracy and human rights” and engaging in burning, killing and looting, this is what the United States did after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The essence of all this is to put interests in the basket of the United States.

However, paper can’t hold fire after all. It has been 30 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union. What has the United States done in these 30 years? Doesn’t the world see it? Can history change? Therefore, all the packaging has rotted away in the past decade, revealing the green faced fangs of the United States. Even since the last trump administration, the United States has never pretended to be a robber at all. Some people thought that it was Trump’s personal behavior. It would be better if Biden, the Democrat, had changed. What was the result? Now everyone can see that Biden is a puppet who can not speak clearly. It is the American political and capital elites who really manipulate him. Do they have any political values? No more! The democracy, freedom and human rights originally packaged have become his political tools to attack other countries.

I would like to ask, what qualifications does he have to lead the world in such a mercenary country that has no political values, no moral justice, and everything is his tool of looting? Obviously, his country’s second-largest “Feng Shui” – political values have disappeared.

3? Geo co prosperity and symbiosis

The global geography is actually a relationship of CO prosperity and symbiosis. When this relationship cannot reconcile productivity, the geographical contradiction erupts. For example, although the Russo Ukrainian war is a geopolitical struggle, the global resources are not enough in essence, and countries are competing for stock resources. Although China and the United States are the most competitive sides, as the EU is the target of struggle and Russia is the target of suppression, another group of puppets in Ukraine came into power, and the war started from there.

In general, the purpose of the United States in making this war is to divide the cooperation and unity among the major powers in the Eurasian continent, because the United States is suspended outside the Eurasian continent, and only a fierce struggle between the major countries in the Eurasian continent is in line with the hegemonic interests of the United States.

However, for the United States, there is a very realistic paradox, that is, the United States and the world have lost the logical relationship of symbiosis and common prosperity. There are few economic common interests between the United States and Russia, so the relationship of symbiosis and common prosperity is not very strong. But between the United States and the European Union? Co prosperity and symbiosis are strong, but can the United States give the EU room for future development? Can we give the EU a chance to develop? No, the U.S. market has reached the ceiling, and there is no incremental space. How to make America have space? Just smash the rest of the world. Therefore, the United States, whether between Russia and Europe or between China and Europe, is playing with the logic of screwing up everything. However, the question is, what can the United States do to make up for all this? The United States has just set up an Indian Pacific economic structure, trying to use this piece to compensate for the losses of the European Union, but these combined are still far less than China’s market and potential! Let alone the European Union, the United States can’t stand it. Isn’t it also preparing to reduce the tariffs on Chinese goods exported to the United States?

Between the United States and China? Originally, the Pacific Ocean was big enough to accommodate China and the United States, but the United States did not allow China! China is a country with 1.4 billion people. Do you think it is unacceptable if you say no? Therefore, geographically, the United States has to consume huge national power to confront a rising superpower. Obviously, China is suffering under the United States’ national power, but isn’t the United States suffering? The U.S. economy grew negatively in the first quarter, and the actual inflation has exceeded 10%. I talked about U.S. prices with a friend who has lived in the United States for a long time. He felt that prices in the United States had risen by at least 20%. The United States wants to squeeze China geographically, but it will suffer the same damage as itself. Where can the United States make up for these losses?

As a matter of fact, the United States and other East Asian countries have established an Indo Pacific economic framework, but the question is, who will choose between China and the United States? If you have to choose one from the other, who in Southeast Asia will choose the United States?

What about the United States and Latin American countries? Now we can also see the leopard from the news. Latin American countries did not get any benefit after a round of pro american rightwing in the past few years, and the left wing came to power again. In leftist Latin America, how many other countries are on the side of the United States? Geographically, the United States is not even at home.

Careful observation shows that the United States is no longer in a symbiotic relationship with almost all countries geographically. In this case, if the United States maintains hegemony and destroys, everyone will feel pain in the process. How can the United States explain it to the world?

As a global hegemonic power, the United States has lost the relationship of symbiosis and common prosperity with all countries in the world. In this case, of course, the “geomantic” aura of the United States has been destroyed.

4? Economic cycle

Since World War II, the United States has been the center of the global economic cycle. Even when East Asia assumed the global manufacturing factory, there was no essential change. However, after China became a global manufacturing center, the situation changed qualitatively, because China is a country ruled by the Communist Party. The Communist Party of China first does not guarantee the interests of American capitalists, but the interests of the Chinese people. The Chinese nation needs to revive and the Chinese people also need to live a good life. To put it bluntly, the Chinese people can no longer be picked up by the United States. We have to trade under equal rules. However, if the United States does not do it, how can China agree that the United States will take away most of its development interests? In fact, this is the essence of the rivalry between China and the United States over the past decade.

How naked is this? Former US President Barack Obama said during his visit to Australia in 2010 that if more than a billion Chinese people live the same life as the west, it will become a global disaster. The United States means that it does not want the global economic cycle to flow smoothly from China. However, it is different now. China has the strongest manufacturing capacity in the world. China controls the supply side of commodities. The economic cycle is not up to the United States to decide. Therefore, the essence of the Sino US contest is this.

It is obviously unrealistic for the United States to try to decouple the world from China when the United States has no grasp of the global commodity cycle. Because the size and potential of China’s market are larger than those of the United States, the United States has essentially lost its position as the core of the global economic cycle. How can it achieve its own goals with its own subjective intentions in this case?

The “geomantic omen” of the U.S. economic cycle is broken. How can the white house really control the absolute dominance of the global economic cycle? How is it possible that the United States wants to take away the bulk of the fruits of global economic development?

Therefore, it has to be said that the “geomantic omen” of the United States has been damaged by itself and is irreparable. This does not mean that the United States can achieve by suppressing and attacking China. That is not possible. Instead, it can only make the United States degenerate faster and its confidence collapse faster! The United States is its own gravedigger, and the elegy of hegemony has sounded for it!

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