American treat, less than half people!

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Today, I will tell my friends about Latin America.

I haven’t talked about Latin America as a whole. Not only did they not say it as a whole, but they did not say much about specific countries in Latin America.

In February this year, President Fernandez of Argentina in Latin America paid a visit to Chairman Mao’s Memorial Hall in China. I wrote a special article. In addition, it seems that there is not much to say.

Today, I want to talk about Latin America as a whole, not confined to a specific country.

Why? Because we can well analyze the United States through Latin America.

We usually say that the earth has five continents and four oceans. The so-called five continents refer to Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania.

In fact, there are six continents on the earth, because there is another continent called Antarctica, but since Antarctica is not inhabited, we usually only say that there are five continents inhabited by people, so there should be six continents on the earth. At the same time, the Americas here are divided into North America and South America. If so, there are seven continents on the earth.

One might say that there is also an Arctic? Yes, there is the north pole, but there is no land in the North Pole. It is all sea. It’s just that there are icebergs all over the sea. What you see is solid ice, not liquid water, which makes people feel like land. However, it is still an ocean without land.

Today, we specifically singled out America. Just now, America can be regarded as a continent. Some people also divide it into two continents, namely, North America and South America. Others divide America into three continents, namely, North America, Central America and South America. Generally speaking, from north to south, the north is called North America, the south is called South America, and the middle is called Central America.

But this is all from the perspective of geography. From the perspective of the relationship between countries, it is not easy to divide the Americas in this way, that is, it is not easy to make things clear.

How to divide it? That is, it’s easy to say things clearly?

That is to divide the entire Americas into Canada, the United States and the Americas south of the United States.

The South America of the United States is called Latin America.

Why is it so easy to make things clear by dividing America in this way?

Because when describing the relationship between countries, in America, the United States and Canada always wear the same pair of pants. They are all Anglo Saxons. In the whole of America, except for the United States and Canada, the rest is the Americas south of the United States, that is, Latin America, which is different from the United States in culture and blood. It is not a ancestor.

So Latin America is different from the United States and Canada.

By the way, the United States and Canada are actually immigrants from the Americas, but after they occupied the existing territory, they basically killed all the local people. Therefore, we now say that the United States and Canada are Anglo Saxons, not local residents.

However, in addition to the United States and Canada, the Americas south of the United States, that is, Latin America, on the whole, local people (that is, Indians) still account for a large proportion.

In this way, it is easier to express the fact that Latin America, south of the United States, is taken as a whole, which is also in line with the geopolitical pattern of the Americas.

Our earth, in our intuitive sense of life, seems to be mainly land. But in fact, if you look at the earth from space, the surface of the earth is mainly water, not land. How much of the earth’s surface is covered by water? The answer is: 71%.

In this way, we can imagine that the land on the earth is actually an island in the vast sea covering an area of 71%.

From this point of view, how many islands are there in the whole earth? The answer is three islands and one archipelago.

Among the three islands, the largest island is a large piece of land connected by Asia + Europe + Africa. We are used to calling it the world island of Eurasia and Africa.

The second largest island on earth is the whole of America.

The third largest island on earth is Antarctica, but Antarctica is uninhabited.

The rest is what we call Oceania, which is actually a lot of fragmented islands. Australia and New Zealand, which we are familiar with, are part of this archipelago. From May 26 to June 4, our foreign minister Wangyi is visiting eight Pacific island countries. These eight Pacific island countries are all on the archipelago of the earth, which is what we call Oceania.

To sum up, there are three islands and one archipelago on the earth. Since Antarctica is not inhabited by people, what really inhabits people is two islands and one archipelago. Two islands refer to the Eurasian and African World Islands of Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as the Americas. Let’s call them American islands, and then there is Oceania.

Among the two inhabited islands and one archipelago, the Eurasian and African World Island is the largest and most economically developed. It can be said that it is the cultural, political and economic center of the world in fact.

The United States, as the world’s first power, is not on this Eurasian African World Island. It lives on another island. I call it the American island, which is what we usually call America.

In this way, we found that the United States, as the world’s No. 1 power, does not live in the most important position on the earth, but lives alone and far away on another island. This island is America, which I call America island.

This is like a person who is very powerful. He is the leader in this area, but he lives in a biased way.

But after all, he is the leader of the earth, so his mind is usually not at his own door. His heart is all over the world, so the United States has hundreds of military bases around the world. In addition, because a large area of the earth is covered by water, that is, it is composed of oceans, so you have to take a boat when you go out. Therefore, the United States must have a powerful navy to dominate the world. Therefore, the United States Navy is very powerful.

This is one aspect of the problem.

But on the other hand, no matter how powerful the United States is in the world, the country that lives on the same island with him is, after all, the closest to him. They are connected by land and can exchange information, materials, technology and personnel without crossing the sea.

So you can imagine that if the United States wants to dominate the world, it must take care of its neighbors. Otherwise, he would run around the world, and the neighbor who lived in a courtyard with him would suddenly set fire to his house. What should he do?

On the other hand, if he can’t make up his mind about his neighbors, how can he dominate the world? There is an old Chinese saying: if you don’t sweep a house, why sweep the world?

Or another old Chinese saying is: how can others snore on the side of the couch?

Among the public opinions analyzing the world situation, the word “backyard” is more used to address the relationship between the United States and Latin America, that is, Latin America is the backyard of the United States.

Therefore, the United States must take care of America. In America, except for itself and Canada, it is the region south of the United States. We call it Latin America, so the United States must take care of Latin America.

Did the United States take care of Latin America?

Do you still need to ask? The United States has been dominating the world for decades. If he can’t even handle Latin America around him, how can he dominate the world?

And the United States is the overlord of the world. It is not the overlord of the small American island. Moreover, Latin American countries are relatively poor and weak, so the United States should have absolute control over Latin America.

So we won’t be specific about Latin America as the backyard of the United States.

What I want to say today is that the world has changed. There are new situations. Latin America, the backyard of the United States, is becoming more and more unreliable.

Or, in the most common language, the backyard of the United States is on fire. And there is not a fire in one place, but everywhere.

This kind of fire has been burning in recent years, and its performance has become more obvious this year.

For example, on June 6, the 9th summit of the Americas, also known as the summit of the Americas, will be held in Los Angeles. This year’s summit was hosted by the United States. As a rule, 35 American countries will attend, including the United States, Canada and 33 countries in Latin America south of the United States.

As we have already said, the United States is the world’s leader, not just the leader of the Americas. The United States should hold a regional summit of the Americas as the world’s hegemon, which should be one word and one word.

But this time, he didn’t keep his word.

The reason is that the United States, as the host, guest and convener, first announced that it would refuse the participation of three countries. In other words, he invited guests to dinner. Normally, he should invite 35 countries including himself to dinner, but he made it clear that he would not invite three of them. The three countries are Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

This in itself is not authentic, but the United States is not authentic, so we won’t comment.

What we want to comment on today is that the United States refused these three countries to participate, and other countries quit.

So far, 16 countries, including Mexico, have explicitly announced their boycott of the summit. If we add the three countries that the United States would not have asked to participate, a total of 19 countries will not participate.

In this way, the problem is big. The United States invited 35 people, including himself, to have dinner together. As a result, 19 people didn’t come, that is, more than half of the people didn’t come. How can we treat this time? Even if it’s done reluctantly, where will this face go!

Among the 19 countries, three are that the United States doesn’t invite others, and 16 are that the United States doesn’t invite three friends. They fight against injustice and say that if you don’t invite those friends, we won’t go either. Among the 16 countries defending against injustice, 10 of them formed a small group called the Bolivarian alliance of the Americas. The alliance held a special meeting two days ago and issued a statement accusing the United States that it was “out of an arbitrary ideological and political motive” and that “this unilateral decision has caused a serious historical setback to relations in the western hemisphere”… And so on.

This is what happens when the United States invites its backyard neighbors to dinner. Up to now, there are still three days to go before the meeting. We don’t know what will happen next. However, I think that no matter what happens next, this situation has emerged so far, which is enough to show that the influence of the United States in the Americas is much less than before, or even disgraced.

More importantly, the United States is the leader of the earth. We can call it the ball leader (the ball of the earth, the leader of the officer). In the words of ordinary people, it is a senior official.

But now the senior official can’t invite his neighbors to dinner.

It’s a bit like a person in a village who goes out and becomes a senior official, such as a county magistrate. After he returns to his hometown, he wants to invite the people in the village to dinner, but the people in the village don’t come. How do you think he is doing?

More importantly, this village is still a poor village in this county. At this point, he is not moving.

I mean, it seems understandable that the United States can’t handle Russia, because Russia is powerful. In addition, it seems understandable that the United States is not sure about China, because China is powerful.

However, the United States is not even sure about the Latin American countries with relatively small influence in the world. We can have a taste of what its influence looks like now.

In fact, the fact that the United States could not handle Latin America, which is called its own backyard, has been evident in the Russian Ukrainian conflict.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States was bent on killing Russia through economic sanctions, so it made every effort to unite countries in the world to impose sanctions on Russia. What happened? There are 195 countries and 38 regions in the world, with only more than 40 countries and regions participating. Among them, none of the regional powers in Latin America, known as the backyard of the United States, participated, such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, the three countries that have always been sworn enemies of the United States and that the United States does not invite others to participate in this summit of the Americas, will not participate.

This is what has happened.

If we look ahead and see the development trend of things, the situation in the United States will be even less optimistic.

For example, the United States began to impose sanctions on Cuba in 1962, but this was unanimously opposed by the whole world. What has become of the world’s opposition to this? For 28 consecutive years, from 1992 to 2009, the United Nations General Assembly met every year and formed a resolution calling on the United States to lift sanctions against Cuba. On June 23, 2021, the general assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution for the 29th time, once again demanding that the United States lift its sanctions against Cuba.

More importantly, at the UN General Assembly on June 23 last year, a total of 184 countries supported the resolution, only the United States and Israel voted against it, and Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and Colombia abstained.

If you think about it, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution 29 times saying that the United States had done wrong and should change it. In the latest vote, there were 193 member states of the United Nations, 184 countries supported and opposed, except the United States itself, and only Israel. Three other countries abstained, and three more countries should not have voted.

What is overwhelming advantage? This is the overwhelming advantage. As the most powerful country in the world, the United States can only make the Chinese say from the bottom of their hearts: all reactionaries are really paper tigers!

The United States and Cuba have not dealt with each other for decades, so the United States refused to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to participate in the summit of the Americas to be held in the United States on June 6. However, this caused public anger, resulting in 16 countries not participating. In fact, on the contrary, why can these 16 countries be so bold? There should be a reason behind this: the United States has long been unable to deal with Cuba, and everyone around the world thinks that the United States is wrong. Therefore, these 16 countries have the courage and the spirit to throw the United States in the face.

To tell the truth, on the issue of US sanctions against Cuba, if you abstain from voting at the UN General Assembly, you will be regarded as an iron friend of the United States. In last year’s vote, only three countries abstained. If the other three countries that did not vote were counted together, a total of six countries actually abstained. If you abstain, even if you are an iron friend, plus one country has voted against it. This country is Israel. Together, there are only seven countries, which can be regarded as an iron friend of the United States.

Among these seven countries, one is called Colombia, which is also a country in Latin America.

However, the latest trends in the past two days show that Colombia may also turn against the water. Because Colombia is now conducting a new presidential election, the second round of elections will be held on June 19, 16 days later. At present, the latest public opinion survey shows that the former guerrilla Pedro is likely to be elected, and this Pedro is anti American.

By the way, this Pedro claims to be a socialist and supports Marxism. On the issue of the United States, he severely criticized the so-called anti drug war of the United States in Colombia. He demanded that the bilateral trade agreement between Colombia and the United States be renegotiated with the United States.

Latin American countries with similar political trends as Colombia, as well as Brazil, which is the largest Latin American country.

How big is Brazil? We can see from an intuitive figure. There are 16 countries in South America, only two of which, Chile and Ecuador, do not border on Brazil.

In short, Brazil is number one in South America.

The relationship between this country and the United States should not be too bad, but now it seems that things will change. Because Brazil will also hold a new presidential election this year, according to the current public opinion survey, former President Lula is likely to be elected. And this Lula is also anti American.

If the results of this year’s new presidential election of Brazil and Colombia, two major influential countries in Latin America, are as I predicted today, it means that all major countries in Latin America, such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, etc., will be governed by the left or the center left. The left wing and the centre left have one common feature, that is, they do not follow the United States in a muddle headed way.

This is the latest development in Latin America in the backyard of the United States. Of course, this trend has already appeared. Today, I will introduce the latest situation to my friends.

What does this information mean? I often say that American hegemony is declining at a visible rate. Today’s information is a new evidence that I have provided.

I analyzed the decline of the United States behind the fire in the backyard of the United States from the perspective of geographical location and national strength. Next, change the angle. This angle is the ally system of the United States.

This should start with who are the allies of the United States.

Who are America’s current allies? The other four Anglo Saxon countries that are most closely connected with him are Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. And New Zealand is now a little estranged.

In addition to the Anglo Saxon countries, Europe, specifically Western Europe, or the European Union, should be closely linked with the United States.

Before the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the relationship between the EU and Russia was getting closer and closer. The most typical event was that the Beixi 2 natural gas pipeline built by Russia to Germany had been completely completed and was about to be ventilated.

In terms of political slogans, the EU has vigorously promoted the so-called strategic autonomy in recent years. What is strategic autonomy? The most intuitive explanation is to make your own decisions. Who does it aim at? It is aimed at the United States. After the Second World War, the European Union could not decide its own affairs, and the United States was always in charge.

Therefore, the separation between the EU and the United States is clearly seen by people all over the world. It is precisely for this reason that the United States wanted to curb such a trend, so it instigated the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. After the outbreak of the conflict, the European Union was forced to join the United States in imposing sanctions on Russia.

We can imagine that if there is no conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the EU will continue to be more and more estranged from the United States, rather than closer.

Besides the European Union, who should be close to the United States next? Logically, it should be the backyard of the United States, that is, Latin America, the protagonist of today’s narrative. It is logical to put Latin America in the third place, because it is hard to imagine that the world hegemony of the United States can be built on the premise of instability in the backyard.

But now, Latin America, the backyard of the United States, is also breaking away from the United States.

Some people may ask, why don’t I talk about Japan and South Korea when I analyze the allies of the United States?

In my eyes, the United States has garrisons in Japan and South Korea, especially a large number of Japanese garrisons, and the United States’ most important military base in the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, Japan and South Korea are not an independent country in a strict sense. They are regarded as a state of the United States.

We can even say that due to the special political arrangements in the United States, the state government is relatively independent from the federal government. Many times, the federal government has nothing to do with the state government. However, if we regard Japan as a state of the United States, the United States’ control over Japan is far greater than the United States’ control over its domestic states.

So I seldom analyze Japan. It is not an independent country at all. In my eyes, it is a state in the United States, and it is more controlled than other states in the United States.

Let’s briefly summarize the influence of the United States in the world. Its basic indicators are Anglo Saxon countries, the European Union and Latin America.

At present, Anglo Saxon countries are relatively stable in the basic plate of the United States. In addition, Japan, the 51st state of the United States in my mind, is relatively stable. In addition, if there is no conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the European Union is also moving away from the United States, and Latin America is also estranged from the United States.

This is a general analysis of the basic market of the United States. There are two key words. One is the basic market. The basic market is very important in the international game. Another key word is “general analysis”, that is, outline macro analysis, so please don’t worry about some specific countries.

Through the general analysis of the basic market of the United States, we once again feel that the decline of the United States is taking place at a speed visible to the naked eye.

What enlightenment does this give us?

My answer is three words: don’t worry.

Why should I use the words “don’t worry”? Because in the current Sino US game, the United States wishes to give China problems every day, which makes China very angry and annoying.

There are too many such examples. Let me say something relatively small.

On May 10, more than 20 days ago, the official website of the US State Department changed the expression of us Taiwan Relations and deleted two important contents: “the United States does not support Taiwan independence” and “Taiwan is a part of China”.

Do you think it’s annoying? I’m bored to death. So China protested, negotiated, and most importantly, the people’s Liberation Army went out and practiced.

For example, on May 30, a few days ago, because it was also US Senator Davos who visited Taiwan, the PLA gave more big dishes to Taiwan independence elements. According to the statistics of relevant departments in Taiwan Province, the PLA sent 30 combat aircraft a day, including our very advanced combat aircraft, such as the air police 500 early warning aircraft, Yun 8 electronic reconnaissance aircraft, Yun 8 long-range electronic jamming aircraft, Yun 8 anti submarine aircraft, J 16 fighters, J 11 fighters J-10 fighter, Su 35 fighter, Su 30 fighter.

In addition, the media predicted that the PLA actually dispatched the most advanced j-20 fighters, but the relevant departments in Taiwan Province could not make statistics. Because even if the PLA sent j-20 fighters, their radar could not identify them, and they did not know, so Taiwan Province could not count j-20 fighters.

so what? Just today, the latest news said that the words on the website of the US State Department have been changed back and the words “do not support Taiwan independence” have been added.

This incident is typical and represents a normal state of the current Sino US game. The United States always picks things up, then China retaliates, and then the United States corrects its mistakes. Next, the United States will pick up another issue, China will fight back, and the United States will correct its mistakes. The United States will correct its mistakes once it knows them and repeat them once it has corrected them. China is ready to fight at the first sight. It is impossible to fight. This cycle is endless. Therefore, many Chinese people are very upset. They are so impatient that they advocate to get angry with the crown and make big moves. A war will decide the world.

I would like to say that the game between China and the United States is a major event, and it is not as simple as two children quarreling and getting angry. It is destined to be a long-term game. Then let’s see that the decline of American hegemony is proceeding in an orderly manner. Why should we be so anxious? Deep down, haste is useless.

If we don’t want to jump on it now and fight with him, the final result will be the same, but we will pay a greater price. Then why don’t we play with him slowly? The information I have told us today gives us an enlightenment. According to the current normal playing method, he can’t beat us.

Of course, I admit that there is a big flaw in my idea. That is, Americans should also find that, according to the normal playing method, they can’t play China.

Then he must find another way.

So what new way does he want to play? From the fact that the EU and the United States came closer after the outbreak of the Russia Ukraine conflict, we can see that the United States is better at fighting.

In a peaceful situation, the EU is getting farther and farther away from the United States and closer and closer to Russia. After the war, the situation was reversed, and they became enemies with Russia and came closer to the United States.

Over the past decade, German leader Angela Merkel, one of the leading brothers of the EU, has always advocated strengthening cooperation with Russia. After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, she kept silent because she had left office. However, on June 1, she made a voice at an event and clearly expressed her support for Ukraine.

Why did Merkel make such a big change? Because every European citizen and politician has been kidnapped by the Russian Ukrainian conflict, which is exactly what the Americans want.

The Americans wanted the European Union to follow him. In the normal way of playing, he was very unsuccessful and could not continue. So he came up with a new way of playing war, which was more beneficial to him.

In fact, the United States is like this in many cases. It is better at fighting. Therefore, from the end of World War II to 2001, of the 248 conflicts in 153 countries and regions in the world, 201 were promoted by the United States, accounting for 80%.

So we say that the United States is the root cause of most wars on this earth. From the perspective of the United States, he is better at fighting. He can’t beat others by playing peacefully, rationally and regularly.

Naturally, he is likely to promote a new way of playing war around China when he cannot win over China in a peaceful way.

Therefore, from the standpoint of China, I think we should uphold a calm mentality and do not get angry in a hurry. However, it is very likely that the United States is trying to stimulate us to worry, such as tempting Taiwan independence elements to take risks.

In addition, the latest trends in Japan now also deserve high attention. Global network reported in mid May. The latest security policy document submitted by Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party pointed out that Japan “should have the ability to counterattack to attack enemy bases and targets with command and control functions”. This is a written sentence, a bit convoluted. In short, Japan needs to have the ability to behead the enemy country.

Regarding such a so-called security policy, Keiji Tanita, a member of the Communist Party of Japan, asked at the meeting: “the proposal you put forward does not exclude China. Is it not afraid to trigger an all-out war with China?”

“If… There is no other way, then attacking the missile base is naturally within the scope of self-defense stipulated in the constitution,” replied Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister in a strange manner.

What do you mean? It is to attack the command system including China. It is commonly known internationally as “decapitation”, which actually belongs to Japan’s so-called “self-defense”.

Japan was forced to implement the so-called peace constitution after the second world war because of its great mistakes during the Second World War, that is, it did not take the initiative to attack others. As a result, he now said that his initiative to behead the enemy country was self-defense. If this is called self-defense, the word self-defense can basically be picked out from the dictionary. Everything is called self-defense, so it doesn’t matter whether self-defense is not self-defense.

All kinds of signs show that Japan seems to want to draw chestnuts from the fire in the face of the increasingly tense situation in East Asia and the increasingly fierce game between China and the United States.

Just like more than 120 years ago, taking advantage of the confrontation between Britain and Russia in Europe, Japan completed industrialization earlier than China, and then won the Sino Japanese naval battle of 1894-1895 and the Sino Russian naval battle. Later, after the end of World War II, he became the second largest economy in the world as a sinner through the ages in the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Japan is a country that is good at gambling and taking risks in fierce conflicts.

Therefore, in the current surrounding environment of China, in addition to the possible desperation of Taiwan independence elements, Japan is also preparing to take advantage of the fire.

For the United States, this is what it needs, or is what it is good at. He is good at and keen to realize his own interests by waging war.

Therefore, the security situation around China has deteriorated on the whole.

So to sum up, China should have the mentality that, as ourselves, we should not take the initiative to be too anxious. But on the other hand, if the Americans force us to “worry”, we can only seriously “worry” if it rains and our mother wants to marry.

The most important of these is that, as I suggested earlier, if you want to do it, you can do it directly with the United States. It is not allowed to engage only with American agents. It is not allowed to play the game between Russia and the United States in Ukraine. The United States has not suffered any damage while Russia has been seriously consumed. Because Russia did not directly engage in the United States, it engaged in the United States’ agent Ukraine.

Maybe the United States really wants to make such a plan and feel it. It doesn’t dare to say that it won’t dare to do it.

On this issue, we don’t talk about the prediction made by the Chinese people. We just look at the prediction made by the Americans. We don’t look at the judgment of American experts and scholars, nor the judgment of their retired officers. Let’s refer to the secret documents of the White House.

In January of 2021, the White House declassified a number of documents, among which the United States made some predictions about the outcome of the war with China. They put it this way:

The United States should be able to control the second island chain, but for the first island chain, the United States can only “try to prevent China from completely controlling it”.

What this means is that the United States has some confidence in the competition for the second island chain, but they have no confidence in the competition for the first island chain.

The first island chain is from Japan to Taiwan to the Philippines. The second island chain is centered on Guam.

In other words, the secret documents of the White House show that they have no confidence in winning China from Japan to Taiwan to the Philippines.

In other words, if China and the United States have a direct conflict, they may suffer huge losses. This is not my analysis, nor the analysis of American experts and scholars, but the official analysis of the White House.

Therefore, I believe that China and the United States will either not have fierce conflicts in the game, and we will continue to play with him with great patience as we do now. If there is a fierce conflict, we must engage the United States directly and let the United States bear the cost of failure.

Because there was a risk of failure, he might not dare to do it.

Because we look at the performance of the United States since World War II. On the surface, he is arrogant. In fact, he has never been involved with hard roles for more than 70 years.

His direct targets are all small roles. In detail, the hardest role he ever played was China in the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea in 1950. However, before China joined the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, China was a small role in the eyes of the Americans. When it found out that China was a ruthless player on the battlefield, they changed their minds. They thought that:

In 1951, Bradley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of staff, made a speech at the MacArthur hearing. The original words were:

“The Joint Chiefs of staff believe that this strategy will enable us to fight the wrong war with the wrong enemy at the wrong place and at the wrong time.”

In short, when they found out that their opponent was a bit cruel, they found themselves wrong at the same time.

In short, Americans have a characteristic that they dare to engage only with small characters and not with hard characters. So I say that there is a possibility that the United States dare not engage with China. I’m talking about possibility here. I’m not sure.

Of course, since we are not sure, we should be 100% prepared for the real thing.

The more serious he is, the more afraid he may be.

If you dare, let’s go all out and gamble!

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