Americans’ cognition of drugs and guns is in trouble!

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Source: Li Jianqiu’s world (id:lijianqiudeshijie)

Let me show you two pictures first



Here are two advertisements on the New York Subway:

“Hi” is not shameful. Pay attention to safe “Hi” addictive drugs

At the bottom of the big publicity label, there is a small string of explanations. The first explains what fentanyl is, the second explains why fentanyl is so dangerous, and the third is a warning. The warning reads:

Prevent overdose:

Avoid using alone and take turns

Start with a small dose and go slowly. Have naloxone on hand

Avoid mixing drugs

Test your drugs using fentanyl test strips.

Prevent overdose.

Avoid single use and use in turn

Start small and take your time. Get naloxone ready

Avoid mixing drugs

Test your medication with fentanyl test paper.

So, what is this?

Fentanyl is a kind of drug in the United States. It harms thousands of people every day. Therefore, the purpose of this public service advertisement is to teach everyone how to safely take drugs?

And comfort the addict, don’t feel ashamed?

The reporter asked Patrick gallahu, Minister of Health Information Department of New York City, about this question. The minister issued a special statement, as follows:

Every four hours, a new Yorker dies from a drug overdose. Shame pushes people underground. Shame drives people away from service. Shame puts people at greater risk. Shame is life-threatening. We must fight against shame and disgrace. We want people to live

The spokesperson in the first picture, known by many people, is Lao Bai, a drug dealer who makes and sells drugs, in Jue Ming Du Shi.

So what does this public welfare poster mean?

I can’t understand it. I dare not understand it.

Coincidentally, on May 26, when three mass shootings occurred in the United States, the Atlantic Monthly published such a news:


We need to learn to live with guns

The passive Congress and hostile judiciary left Americans with no choice but to change the gun culture.

The article says so

We all need to get used to the idea that in the coming decades, the unpredictable gun violence, including school shootings, will become more and more serious, not better.

Just last month, my two sons’ baseball game was cancelled because there was a shooting incident in the park they were going to go to. Two weeks later, football training was interrupted because nearby gunmen opened fire on a roadside school.

In the latter incident, no innocent people were killed because the gunmen could not effectively use any of the three assault rifles — sorry, modern sports rifles — in the apartment overlooking the school.

So what should we do?

The article says:

First, we need to make firearms education a national priority

Funding various conservation and wildlife habitat restoration programs through taxation of firearms and ammunition. We should raise these taxes

Change American gun culture.

If the author didn’t write this article seriously, if a Chinese wrote these articles, I would default that this person must be in the shady black America.

Democrats take drugs, Republicans carry guns.

I don’t know whether it is called “Crouching dragon and phoenix” or “peerless double pride”.

The US government has been “shifting” the drug problem. What is shifting?

Simply, blame other countries.

In fact, during the COVID-19, due to the interruption of the supply chain, a large number of American drug addicts did not get fentanyl and related drugs, and turned to those drugs they were not familiar with, resulting in a significant increase in mortality.

As for the double damage caused by drugs to the United States:

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention calculated that opioid abuse costs the country about $78billion a year, including the costs of health care, lost productivity, treatment plans and legal fees

In 2017, when the then chairman of the Federal Reserve, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testified in the U.S. Senate, she linked the prevalence of opioids with the decline in the labor force participation rate of “adult workers”.

The late Princeton University economist Alan Kruger wrote that from 1999 to 2015, it may account for 20% of the decline in male participation and 25% of the decline in female participation.

In fact, I don’t need to emphasize the harmfulness of drugs again and again. I don’t think Americans know more than I do. Just this kind of: “whenever I can’t manage it, I will legalize it, and then start the propaganda machine to let everyone agree”. Is it really no problem?

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