Americans, live with guns!

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

After the shooting in Texas, someone published an article in the Atlantic Monthly called “we have to learn to live with guns”.


When I saw it for the first time, I was shocked. I thought it was a domestic netizen who spread his wonderful theory to the United States A closer inspection revealed that it was indeed the work of the Americans themselves.

This elder brother is not weird, nor is he fooling around. He saw the reality clearly and came to such a sad conclusion.

At least 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in a shooting incident at Rob primary school in ewaldi, Texas, on May 24. This is the school shooting incident with the largest number of deaths in the United States since the Sandy Hook primary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. It is also the 30th school shooting incident in the United States in 2022.

The author of this article is introducing a sad reality, that is, no matter how many school shootings and how many people died in the United States, the United States can not really make a change in this matter, because the domestic politics of the United States is seriously opposed, and the opposition between the ruling and opposition parties in the legislature Congress is extremely serious, so even if politicians who want to reform shout slogans loudly, There is no way to implement the slogan.

Biden’s performances were all farts, which could not solve any problems at all. In the end, Biden really “coexisted” with guns – well founded and convincing.


Therefore, the ideas of the “coexistence faction” in China have their origins, and they do not fall from the sky.

We are playing tricks on the Internet, spitting on each other, and showing off strange things. However, Americans are seriously discussing “coexistence with guns” and believe that this is the easiest solution to achieve.

This set of logic has a long history. It can even be traced back to the myth in the Bible that human beings coexist with the great flood, Europeans coexist with the black death, coexist with the crucifix by fire, go back to the appeasement of fascism by Anglo American and French during World War II, and “coexist” with the Nazis… Up to now, the United States has become the master of this set of survival strategies, and any guns, drugs and viruses can “coexist”, Anything that cannot be solved, that costs too much, and that does not want to be solved can coexist.

The author of the Atlantic Monthly is actually very sober. He believes that the United States cannot solve the problem of the proliferation of guns or the proliferation of shooting cases, because there are more shooting cases, The business of American arms dealers will be better… He pointed out that “American gun manufacturers are also trying their best to stimulate people to buy guns through panic marketing, such as inciting white people to fear colored people, urging white people to buy guns, and then inciting colored people to buy guns when white people massacre colored people.”

Because there are so many shooting cases and people are killed by guns every day, you should buy more guns and big guns. Primary school students should carry guns to class since childhood… This logic is impeccable.




His theory is in line with the national conditions of the United States.

This is a wise saying. It shows that this brother has completely seen through the essence of capitalism – he has to create demand for you without demand.

Why does America need guns? Capitalists want to make money.

Why does America need drugs? Capitalists want to make money.

Why does the United States need a virus? Capitalists want to make money.

The United States has its own national conditions. Coexistence is the best choice for the United States. Everyone should learn to adapt.

If you are familiar with the theory of “coexistence faction” in China, you will find that in fact, not many people in the United States die of guns every year. They just die of excessive blood loss. Many of the dead are people in poor health. If they die, they can’t blame guns. Even if they don’t have guns, they will die.

Since the birth of the United States, guns have existed objectively and cannot be eliminated, so they can only coexist with guns. However, at present, the United States has not pursued a strict policy of coexistence! Young people have a serious shortage of guns! Therefore, we must speed up the promotion and research and development of children’s guns. Only when children also have guns, can they protect their own safety. We must “start with a baby with a gun”! Children are the most vulnerable. How can they protect themselves without guns?

You can’t die with a gun. You can’t die without a gun.

The biggest problem in the United States is not guns, but gun control. At present, the United States still has serious controls on arms sales. Ordinary people cannot buy more advanced guns and ammunition that can compete with the military. Therefore, we must strengthen efforts to lift the gun blockade so that people can also own heavy machine guns, mortars, rocket launchers, armored vehicles, tanks, global Eagle UAVs, F35, militia missiles Per capita nuclear bomb, he is not disorderly.

In the future, everyone in the United States will be armed, the world will be peaceful, everyone will take drugs, the society will be stable, everyone will be infected with diseases and medicine will be developed, and the country will be safe and happy?


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