America’s multi track trend!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source: wechat official account: the Dao of the big shopkeeper has been reprinted with authorization

Although I have always insisted that the United States manipulated the tension in the Taiwan Strait out of the consideration of the dual track world, I have settled down in the past two days to think about it, or things have gone further than we thought.

Some readers asked: why can the United States solve its own crisis after the dual track system? This is actually very easy to explain. Referring to the leadership of the United States in the western world during the cold war and various foreign and domestic policies under the confrontation between the eastern and Western camps at that time, we can see that once the United States has established a strong enemy for the western world, many policies can become beneficial to the leaders of the camp and the governments of various countries. At present, we can still see this phenomenon frequently. For example, when there was a riot in Sri Lanka some time ago, the government issued a martial law order. Under this martial law environment, people’s livelihood must give way to safety. Under the dual track system, all countries in the whole camp have to obey the needs of the dual track environment in terms of industry, economy, foreign policy and military development.

This kind of thing was the norm during the cold war. At that time, the United States basically walked sideways among its allies in Europe and East Asia. As the leader of the alliance, the United States can not only deploy its own military forces in the name of security, but also arbitrarily allocate and castrate some vital industries. If anyone dares to raise an objection, they can directly fight back in the name of camp security, and even impose sanctions and punishment on such countries and people. This is the advantage of the dual track system. Once the two tracks are completed, the United States can realize the most favorable policies within the camp under the banner of security, and let the people of countries within the camp [including the United States] lower their requirements for quality of life. In fact, Europe is already doing this. A few days ago, Belgian Prime Minister de KrO told the media that the winter in Europe in the next five to ten years will be difficult. You see, under the threat of security, Europeans have been very consciously prepared to endure five to ten cold winters without fuel. This is the greatest advantage of controlling allies in the name of security.

Europeans are also willing to believe that as long as they follow the United States, victory will surely come again, because they have succeeded once. Moreover, the wars between Russia and Europe in history are indeed impressive. Therefore, Europe is still willing to see Russia be further defeated against Slavs with different religious attributes, although Europe and the United States have defeated the Russians once. But as long as Russia is not dead, they will always feel uneasy.

The above is the interpretation of the dual track system. What do I mean by going further than I imagined? It is the internal split crisis of the United States itself. At present, this crisis of division is more intense and radical than the crisis of the United States losing its leadership in the world.

Many years ago, I placed my hopes on the New York guerrillas, hoping that a revolutionary movement could break out in the United States. However, it was later discovered that Americans, even black Americans, had already lost their revolutionary power, or that their revolutionary power had been thoroughly wiped out by the thick mud of capital. It was very difficult to break out. So I became a little disappointed. Later, through observation, I found that even if there was no revolution, it still did not prevent the United States from finally experiencing a split crisis.

Internal strife is human nature, both ancient and modern, both at home and abroad. Therefore, I am very disgusted that some people always classify some common human characters as oriental or Chinese, and we are always asked to reflect. Is it true that the Americans are not fighting inside? In China’s history, there have been splits and splits. Wouldn’t this happen in the United States? Moreover, according to the pattern obtained by Europe through the millennium development, the possibility of the United States being divided but not divided in the future is much higher than that of the United States being divided and combined, let alone the Union for ten thousand years. After all, its history has not yet reached a large cycle of China’s opening and closing

Although it is said that it has not yet reached the time period of the great cycle of opening and closing in Chinese history, it is also approaching. This is something worth pondering. Americans naturally do not understand the internal factors of China’s opening and closing cycle. [in fact, even Chinese history experts have many opinions and controversies about the reasons for the emergence of this cycle], but this does not prevent them from smelling this crisis. After all, California independence, Texas independence and so on have been shouting for many years. However, the impact of the American people on the parliament in January last year, and the confrontation between trump and the Democratic Party, all of which indicate that the internal strife in the United States is escalating, and the degree of public opinion Division has reached the verge of splitting the United States.

I now believe what trump said. The investigation against him is actually a political witch hunt. The search of Haihu manor is not only for illegal documents, but also to collect evidence of Trump’s business violations, including tax evasion and commercial crimes… Therefore, after the search on August 8, Alan weiselberg, one of Trump’s most loyal subordinates and former chief financial officer of trump group, was arrested and confessed his illegal acts. On the 18th, he agreed to be a tainted witness in Trump’s tax fraud case. It can be imagined that the FBI has still got something from the search of the Haihu manor. Although no judicial treatment has been carried out on trump, I am afraid it is also to further substantiate the evidence and finally reach the level of identifying trump as a criminal. This process may not be affected by the midterm elections. Because the Democratic Party’s aim against trump is not the midterm election, but the presidential election. Before the mid-term election, the Democratic Party should not want to make a big fuss about trump, so as not to trigger people’s anti sentiment.


However, trump himself has already felt the cruelty of this internal struggle. Therefore, he must use the midterm election to make this matter bigger. Only by arousing people’s anti democratic sentiment will the Republican Party achieve greater results in the mid-term elections. As long as the Republican Party ultimately controls the Senate and the house of Representatives, the final criminal investigation against trump may not be settled.

At present, the Democratic Party is facing this kind of crisis. Facing the impending internal division of the United States caused by trump, the Republican Party and the right-wing forces, all they can do is to create an external crisis, shift the attention of the American people from internal struggle to external struggle, and finally find an external scapegoat for the internal crisis of the United States.

This could have been achieved in the Russia Ukraine crisis. However, with the current Russian way of playing, people all over the world feel that Russia has not enough stamina and has more than enough self-protection. However, it is difficult to bring a threat to Europe, let alone threaten the security of the United States. This kind of thinking makes me think that Putin’s current approach is not really because Russia cannot take another step forward, but to avoid attracting the firepower of the whole west to himself, thereby becoming a scapegoat for the internal contradictions of the United States. If Russia really has this idea, and the United States urgently needs an external enemy to divert internal contradictions. Well, the current situation in the Taiwan Strait can be well explained.

Not only Pelosi’s visit, but also Lithuania, some unknown but small countries controlled by the United States, as well as Japanese politicians began to visit one after another to stimulate the mainland to take action. According to this line of thinking, we have a reasonable explanation for leading but not launching and encircling but not fighting. If we think further in this way, the situation in the United States before the mid-term elections will be somewhat confusing. If the Democratic Party wants to curb Trump’s participation in the election, it must take action against him. However, if the action is too strong, the mood of the people in the mid-term election will rebound. Faced with such a good opportunity to seize power, the Republican Party will not miss it. It is also inevitable to build up momentum before the mid-term elections and expand the public’s emotions. Can the string that ultimately maintains the balance be stretched so that the United States really faces a crisis of division?

As I said earlier, the revolutionary nature of the Americans has basically lost, but the American nature of being noisy has not changed. They have been agitated for several times. In addition, interest groups with ulterior motives have taken the lead to lead them. Perhaps they can create an internal crisis in the United States that is neither big nor small, or even difficult to deal with. In the face of this trend, it is very possible for the United States to place its hopes on China to become its enemy in order to ease its internal contradictions.

For the United States, what needs to be solved more urgently than the two tracks of the world is the multi track trend of the United States. The performers of this multi track trend may not be just the two parties. The existence of American interest groups should also be diversified.

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