Among the messages of condolence sent to Britain from all over the world, these three are indeed the most meaningful!

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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, messages of condolence from world leaders flew to London. In diplomatic etiquette, telegram of condolence is a very special kind. It is in the name of the country to express condolences and condolences to this extraordinary queen.

Of course, because of the different national conditions, some leaders sent messages of condolence at the first time, while others made statements or televised speeches. With the rise of social media, some leaders even tweeted. For the convenience of narration, let’s collectively call them messages of condolence.

In my personal opinion, among all these messages of condolence, three have the most connotation.

First, Putin’s message of condolence.

As we all know, Russia’s current relationship with Britain.

The mutual expulsion of diplomats is still small; The key is that the two countries are in a state of de facto hostility. In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Britain was the leader in supporting Ukraine and opposing Europe. Johnson went to Ukraine three times, and Britain offered various weapons to help Ukraine

Putin must have seen it all.

However, after the Queen’s death, Putin immediately sent a message of condolence to Charles, the new king of Britain. Look, Putin’s speed is even faster than that of many Commonwealth countries.

Fast is an attitude, and the content shows a higher level.

In addition to expressing his “deepest condolences,” Putin also said in his message of condolence:

The most important events in modern British history are inseparable from the name of her Majesty the queen. For decades, Elizabeth II has naturally enjoyed the love and respect of his subjects, as well as the authority on the world stage.

May you have courage and perseverance in the face of this heavy and irreparable loss. Please convey my sincere sympathy and support to the members of the royal family and all the British people.

Finally signed: “sincerely, Vladimir Putin”.

There is not a bad word. The Queen’s super high evaluation is not a bit higher than Putin’s evaluation of Gorbachev.

Of course, you can also carefully consider why Putin said that the Queen “naturally enjoys the love and respect of her subjects and the authority on the world stage”?

The meaning should be very euphemistic: as the nominal head of state of Britain, the queen does not interfere in politics, has not attacked Russia, and has had a lot of interaction with Putin, and has taken a carriage together. Since the queen is an authority, British politicians, do you have any authority on the world stage?

The answer is obvious.

Finally, Putin also said that he asked King Charles to convey his sympathy and support to the British royal family and all the British people.

This is a diplomatic formula, but in the formula, especially in front of the people, the word “all” is deliberately added, which also shows Putin’s diplomatic skill.

The more you insult me, the more polite I will be.

This is Putin.

The second most significant is Albanese’s statement.

Australia is a commonwealth country and respects the British Queen as its own queen. Obviously, Australia’s mourning is different from that of other countries.

Australian Prime Minister Albanese’s statement was indeed much longer than that of ordinary leaders.

In his televised speech, he said:

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the life of a person who has exercised historic rule and devoted himself to responsibility, family, faith and service for a long time has come to an end… The hearts of the Australian people are with the British people who mourn today. They know that they also feel the loss of a part that makes their country complete. Her Majesty’s words are gratifying: sadness is the price we pay for love

“Sadness is the price we pay for love”. Albanese wrote this statement with great care.

He finally said: the queen welcomes every change with understanding, grace and firm belief in the correct judgment of the Australian people… Today marks the end of an era, the end of the era of Elizabeth II

It seems that it is normal to state one’s position. But the more normal it is, the more it reflects Australia’s complex attitude towards the British royal family.

The queen must be very nice, but what about after the queen?

Don’t forget that before the Queen’s death, the Australian side had proposed to “explore” the possibility of moving towards the Republic more than once.

Heathowitt, a senior official of the Australian government, said earlier that it was time to start discussing Australia becoming a republic.

In his words, the queen is indeed a great monarch and the leader of the Commonwealth, “but as her rule moves towards dusk, I think Australians naturally begin to ask themselves, what will happen next in Australia. Do we want King Charles? Or are we mature and independent enough to appoint our own people as heads of state?”

In this regard, Australia is also ahead of Canada and other countries. After all, the queen prefers Canada to Australia. Compared with Albanese’s regular attitude, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was so emotional that he almost cried in public.

Of course, before Australia, there were many Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean. Some Caribbean politicians have publicly said that the monarchy should be abolished, and the British royal family should also apologize and compensate for the colonial rule in those years.

Albanese apparently evaded the question. But the more he evades it, the more he shows his entanglement.

Anyway, on social media, many Australians called for Australia to abolish the monarchy as soon as possible under Albanese’s statement. A message that has been praised by many people says that this is an opportunity for Australia to keep a distance from the monarchy. We live in a multicultural society in Australia. We should not swear allegiance to the king or queen. May her soul rest in peace

So, Albanese said, the end of an era; Maybe in a few years, you will see that this is not just the end of the era of Elizabeth II.

Third, macron’s attitude.

This must be the most informative statement. The French are indeed French, especially when they are targeting the British.

French President macron tweeted:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II embodies the continuity and unity of the British nation for more than 70 years. I remember that she was a friend of France and a kind queen. She left a permanent and profound mark on her country and her century.

It is very rare that macron sent it once in French and once again in English.

It is quite rare for a French president to tweet in English. Macron hopes the British can see it too.

But can you hear anything unusual in the wording?

The queen of England is an old friend of France!

If I’m right, macron must have said something.

Don’t forget that truss, the new British Prime Minister, was asked whether macron was a friend or an enemy during the previous party election. Truss replied: “not sure yet.”

Later, she added: “if I become prime minister, I will judge by his actions rather than words.”

I joked that macron was almost angry with this remark. He immediately replied, “if even France and Britain can’t figure out whether each other is an enemy or a friend, then there will be a lot of trouble…”

After truss officially became British Prime Minister, macron sent a tweet, saying:

Congratulations to truss on his election. The British people are our friends and Britain is our ally. Let me continue to work together to safeguard our common interests.

Don’t think this is warm congratulations. Macron is asking for advice.

You may not say that I am a friend of Britain, but I want to say that the British people are friends of France. Of course, macron also knows that Britain and France are old enemies. After brexit, France is the number one opponent of the European Union. He has always been regarded as an eyesore by truss.

Now that the queen has passed away, macron should still be in a good mood. He also talked about friends, and specifically pointed out that the queen is an old friend of France.

That should also be said to the British, especially truss. How about you?

Interestingly, macron’s first message on this tweet said this: I want to know whether the new British government has solved the problem that France is a friend rather than an enemy

The eyes of the French are also sharp.

It has to be said that the old enemy is the old enemy. Macron really has a good way of dealing with the British. But I guess the queen is also very helpless. After I leave, I really don’t know what will happen next

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