An affair that made liuche pay a high price

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Most emperors are lecherous. The reason is that they can take advantage of their positions to get any woman they want (not necessarily a beautiful woman), and they can have as many as they want. In a modern word, this is called abusing power for personal gain. As the longest reigning monarch of the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty is absolutely worthy of the word “prodigy”. I think he has spoken the high-level love field vocabulary of “golden house, hidden beauty” before his puberty, and his high level of “emotional intelligence” can be seen. It’s just that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was a man of “universal love”. He often loved his house and his family. He fell in love with Wei Zifu, and then he favored her relatives Wei Qing and Huo Qubing. Later, she became infatuated with Lady Li and promoted her three brothers. This character leads to the more romantic encounters of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the greater the harm to the country, because the favored relatives in history will most likely become the cancer of the country, causing many unexpected consequences. For example, the love affair Mrs. Li brought to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty brought great disaster to the Han Empire.

“Madam” was one of the concubines in the Han Dynasty. Mrs. Li won the 3000 favors of Emperor Hanwu during her lifetime. After her death, she also earned the infinite yearning of Emperor Hanwu. Several years later, she won the title of queen granted by Emperor Zhao, the successor of Emperor Hanwu. No empress of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty can be more honorable in her life. However, it is a pity that although she left a touching story, she did not leave her own beautiful name, which is a great pity. Now all we can know is her native place – Zhongshan (now Dingxian County, Hebei Province).

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was a lecherous man. He was lecherous not only for men and women, but also at all costs. At the beginning, he fell in love with empress Wei Zifu. It was because he was so beautiful that he decided to push the singer of his sister princess Pingyang’s house onto the throne of the queen, replacing the former queen Chen, who was the daughter of Princess Tao, his aunt whose father, Emperor Jingdi of Han, gave way. Mrs. Li can move the lecherous man. Naturally, it is indispensable to have a beautiful face. According to the history books, she is a beautiful woman with both talent and beauty. She is graceful and proficient in music. Unfortunately, because of her poor family, Mrs. Li fell into the dust in her early years.

However, Mrs. Li had a good brother, liyannian, who was a master in the music industry of the Han Dynasty. He is good at composing music and lyrics, and is good at choreography. The music he composed often made the audience hear old tears and runny noses. For Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, who was fascinated by the entertainment of sound and sex, he was born at the right time. At that time, Li Yannian served as the imperial court’s music attendant in the imperial palace. One day, he sang his new song for Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty:

There are beauties in the north, peerless and independent; One looks at the city and the other at the country; It’s better not to know that the city and the country will be destroyed than to get them again.

After hearing this, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty got excited and asked, “is there really such a beautiful woman?”

Before Li Yannian could speak, Princess Pingyang, the elder sister of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, answered, “Yannian’s younger sister is beautiful and Superman!”

After hearing this, Emperor Wu’s heart had already flown to heaven in a helicopter. He couldn’t wait to summon Li to the palace to meet him. Fortunately, at the moment of meeting, Emperor Hanwu, who conquered countless enemies in his life, was conquered by others for the first time. In front of him, Li is charming and charming. His skin is as delicate as jade. The so-called “sweeping the country and the city” looks really worthy of the name. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty ordered Li to be his wife and serve him in the palace.

Mrs. Li conquered the heart of Emperor Hanwu, who conquered Mrs. Li’s people. This is a win-win deal to the letter. Under the special favor of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, Mrs. Li gave birth to a son a year after she entered the palace and was granted the title of king of Changyi. Unfortunately, her beauty was short of life. Li’s physique was too poor. She gave birth to the queen Changyi and was ill. Her beauty turned into a sick face. She was haggard and covered with her white skin. Seeing that her capital as an emperor’s woman was losing money, Mrs. Li came up with a clever plan. At that time, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was very worried about her. Whenever he had time, he went to the palace to visit her, but was often refused. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was used to being domineering. How could he tolerate this? Later, he simply broke in. Mrs. Li, who had expected this for a long time, covered her whole body in a quilt and didn’t even let Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty see a hair. Of course, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty didn’t know her little Jiu. She had to take a look at her. Mrs. Li said sadly that she didn’t have many days to come. She wanted to entrust her son king Changyi and his brothers to the emperor’s care. As soon as Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty heard that there was a way, he coaxed her to be happy. He said that as long as he let me see you, he would give them a reward face to face. He also said: “if madam can see me, I will give her money.”

Mrs. Li was reserved to the end. She said that her appearance was not repaired, her decoration was not neat, and she was so sloppy that she could not see anyone. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was obstinate for a while, but Mrs. Li refused to show her face. Then she turned over in bed and began to cry. For the first time in his life, the omnipotent Emperor Hanwu had no choice but to leave in front of a sick woman. Mrs. Li refused the emperor, but her family didn’t have the courage. They were afraid that the emperor would confiscate all their houses and properties if he was angry. So they went out together and shouted like mosquitoes in front of Mrs. Li’s bed. Looking at these guys who were not making progress, Mrs. Li said a very insightful sentence: “please men by their faces, but love them when their looks are bad. If I had a soft heart just now, let the emperor see my sick appearance, then he would have completely forgotten the image he had accumulated through hard work. In this way, can you and my children still be taken care of after my death?” Several people suddenly realized and admired her one after another.

After Mrs. Li’s early death, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was heartbroken, and then turned his missing for her into his kindness to her brother. The most valuable asset in the hands of the emperor is undoubtedly the black hat. As soon as Emperor Wu of Han touched his upper lip, a holy decree came into being: Li Yannian, the eldest brother of Mrs. Li, was appointed as the lieutenant of Xie LV and liguangli, the second brother, as the general.

After the reward was granted, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty shook his head. Whether it was a lieutenant or a general, it was just a black hat with a shelf life. When they are alive, the two brothers can still wear them all the time. In case they die, the emperor behind them will take them back. They can’t go begging? Therefore, it is not enough to give a black hat, but to give a reward that will never go out of style – a title, so that the old Li family can eat imperial food for generations and enjoy wealth for generations.

However, to achieve this step, there is a prerequisite, that is, military merit, the so-called “no Marquis without merit”. The intention of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to make liguangli a general is here. He hopes that one day he will gallop on the battlefield and make great achievements in war. It will be natural for him to become a marquis and worship the prime minister. However, it is not a trivial matter to lead a war. When you meet a fool like Zhao Kuo, hundreds of thousands of soldiers under him can’t even find their bones after losing the war. Liguangli, Mrs. Li’s second brother, was probably such a fool. He had never read the book of war or carried a red tassel gun. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty even asked him to go to war, and it was an expedition across thousands of mountains and rivers. It can be seen how stupid the great emperor of the Han Dynasty was at this time.

At that time, the government of the Western Han Dynasty and the Huns fought and stopped like a routine. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty didn’t care about it. What he cared about was another place, the western regions. There are dozens of kingdoms, large and small. Both geographically and militarily, they are the targets that the Western Han Dynasty and the Huns must strive for. Because of Zhang Qian’s diplomatic talent, most of the Western kingdoms expressed their submission, with the exception of a country called Dawan. Dawan is probably located in today’s Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, thousands of miles away from the Western Han Empire. It is rich in famous blood BMW. King Wu Shao of Dawan was a typical opportunist. He felt that he was far away from the Western Han Dynasty, and there was a big desert between him. The Han army could not fly even with wings, let alone they were not birds. However, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was a super idealistic realist. He loved horses very much, so he paid a large sum of money and sent people to exchange pure gold horses for sweaty BMW. I refused and intercepted the mission of Emperor Hanwu on the way. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was so angry that he almost demolished Weiyang palace. He immediately appointed liguangli as the general of the second division. In 104bc, he led 6000 cavalry and tens of thousands of infantry to embark on an expedition to Dawan.

If it were the grandfather or father of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, they would never do such a thing. There are two reasons: first, the journey is long. There are two years before and after the expedition. If a soldier’s wife is pregnant when he sets out, his children will run away when he comes back. This is a typical waste of people and money; Second, they violated the great taboo of military strategists. Han soldiers ran thousands of miles and lost weight before fighting a battle. Dawan soldiers ate and drank enough. They were all fat and strong. Even by weight, they could kill the Han army. So Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty is a bit ultra idealistic. In fact, liguangli’s expedition was more difficult than expected. The western regions did not welcome the Han Army at all. All regions closed their gates and refused to give supplies. In order not to starve to death, poor liguangli had to fight city by city. When he arrived in Dawan, tens of thousands of his troops had become thousands of beggars in rags. At this time, it was not suitable to attack, but liguangli, who had been thinking of being a marquis, ordered the attack to begin immediately, and was defeated. In order to protect his life, he had to order his troops to withdraw. When he returned to Dunhuang, less than 20% of his troops were left. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty wanted him to fight for his face, but he lost face. In his anger, he told him to stand by and not to enter the Yumen pass.

After a few years, it is estimated that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty dreamed of the crying Mrs. Li, so he forgave liguangli for the time being and sent him on another expedition. This time, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was ambitious. He allocated 60000 elite soldiers, 100000 cattle, 30000 horses, and tens of thousands of donkeys and camels. In addition, there are 180000 troops as reserve troops, ready to be his back-up at any time. Under the condition that the troops, logistics and reserve forces were too sufficient to be sufficient, liguangli successfully reached the capital of Dawan. In this way, it took him 40 days to attack, and he had been reduced by nearly half when he arrived. Wu Shao was killed by his ministers, and Dawan nobles donated more than 3000 sweaty BMW to submit to the Han Dynasty. At this point, the expedition to Dawan ended, and liguangli was granted the title of Marquis of Haixi by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty said a famous sentence: “those who violate the Han Dynasty will be punished even if they are far away!” In fact, he really wanted it. Since then, the countries in the western regions have behaved well and dare not touch the tiger’s ass again. So although Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty was a bit idealistic, he was still a realist after all. In other words, the two expeditions of marquis Haixi were also costly. Wei Qing and Huo Qubing had never encountered any losses in their whole lives. What is even worse is that liguangli’s character is extremely poor. He misappropriates soldiers’ food and salaries and often serves his subordinates with sticks. As a result, many people die of hunger and injustice rather than heroic fighting.

If you think that the price that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty paid for this affair will be stopped, you are very wrong. Mr. liguangli’s destructive power is far more than that. In the third year of Zhenghe, the Huns launched a large-scale attack. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty probably didn’t think that liguangli’s last contribution was enough, so he ordered him to attack the Huns. Before that, liguangli and Prime Minister liuqumao had formed a family relationship. This is where the tragedy began.

Liguangli was killed happily in the front, but the famous witch bug disaster happened in Chang’an in the rear. The case involved so many people that even the crown prince Liu Ju and his family were not spared. Later, after checking around, I found the head of prime minister liuqumao. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty ordered him, his wife and children to be killed. At this time, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty did not love Wu and Wu, but hated Wu and Wu. Liuqufeng’s in laws, liguangli’s wife and children, were also arrested. Liguangli, who was in front of him, wanted to exchange his war achievements for the forgiveness of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Anxious for quick victory, he ordered the whole line to attack. He fought with the Xiongnu king Zuoxian near zhijushui. He won first and then lost. All 70000 troops were given to the Xiongnu people as a gift of surrender. In addition, during the previous two expeditions to Dawan, liguangli alone killed more than 100000 soldiers. Even the fierce Huns had no such destructive power in the hundreds of years of confrontation with the Western Han Dynasty.

Li Guangli’s damage to the Han Empire seems to be caused by his own incompetence and bad character, but the real culprit is actually the rules of the game in feudal society. In the rules of the game, power is the private property of the emperor. Whether he wants to stew or braise depends entirely on his will and his likes and dislikes. So in order to please a woman, it is not surprising to take the lives of 100000 people as gifts.

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