An emotional woman on the streets of Guangzhou accuses the middle-aged man of breaking up after playing with her enough

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Emotional things are difficult to say clearly, no one is right or wrong, only suitable or not…

This is a sentence written in a book.

Recently, on the streets of Guangzhou, a middle-aged woman was emotional, clutching the neckline of an uncle tightly with her hands, arguing with the other party, and asking passersby for help.

I’m so good to you, you still have to find someone else, if you’ve had enough fun, you don’t want me, right? no way!

It is understood that this incident happened near a station in Guangzhou. A middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman had a quarrel on the street. The pulling and pulling of the two sides aroused the onlookers of passersby. The woman was emotional and held the man’s neckline. , and the man didn’t talk much, as if he felt a little shameful, he just wanted to turn around and leave quickly, but the woman dragged the man hard not to let him go.

Some passersby watched curiously and tried to persuade the two of them. The woman was even more excited when she saw people watching, and began to explain to passers-by the reason for the conflict between the two.

It turned out that the two were once married couples.

The woman said something emotionally. From her words, everyone probably understood why the two people were arguing on the street. The woman shed tears of grievance while explaining to passersby.

When he first met me, he was very good to me, but now he has changed his mind, and has hooked up with someone else, and wants to break up with me.

woman says:

He was drinking in the middle of the night, I ran out to buy him chicken legs, he was going back to his hometown, I went to buy him new clothes, his salary was low, I bought him cigarettes and alcohol with my own money, I was so good to him, what about his conscience? Are you going to break up with me when you’re done playing?

Seeing the woman talking more and more, the man impatiently pushed the woman away and left. The woman chased after him and stopped him from leaving. The man scolded the woman, why do you want me to be with you? Am I married to you?

In the face of everyone’s onlookers and the woman’s statement, the man did not give any explanation, but just tried hard to break free from the woman’s hand.

In the end, the man was still strong, and the man quickly left the scene after shaking off the woman.

The woman squatted on the ground and cried.

Middle-aged divorced men and women can’t unravel the knot.

In real life, after divorce, many middle-aged men and women start to look for the next relationship with full confidence. It is difficult for young men and women to find the person who suits them and their ideals. To put it bluntly, they may find someone they like, but they can’t get married, and those who can get married do not meet their expectations.

What happened, we all know.

Perhaps because of this, some people fall into the whirlpool of only falling in love but not getting married, finding so-called happiness again and again, experiencing the pain of breaking up again and again, and repeating the cycle. There are really many such people.

For such a phenomenon, we really have no choice and do not want to evaluate it. It is still the same sentence. After divorce, some people can still stick to the bottom line and want to fall in love, get married, and reorganize their families. In the so-called “love” after the field, I have lost myself and sunk.

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