An important change has taken place in the Russian Ukrainian battlefield!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

An unexpected news came out on the 27th. General alexanderdvornikov, the commander-in-chief of the Russian army on the Ukrainian battlefield, was dismissed by Putin, and general Gennady zhedko, Deputy Minister of defense of Russia, will take his place.

Dvornikov preferred bombing and siege, and became famous in 2015 when he commanded the Russian army in Syria.

In April, 2022, he was ordered to command the war against Ukraine. Now North nitsk has won it. Obviously, he has played well, but he has been dismissed. This is really unexpected.

? video screenshot of Alexander dvornikov

This is not the first time Putin has dismissed a senior general.

Earlier, general Andrei Serdyukov, the commander-in-chief of the Russian airborne regiment, was dismissed by Putin, suspected of improper use of airborne tactics;

In March, the commander of Russia’s eastern military region, General Alexander chaiko, deployed to the front line of Kiev and was later removed.

On April 12, general alexanderdvornikov, commander of the southern Russian military region, was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian war. Now the class is over.

It is reported that since March this year, Putin has dismissed eight Russian military generals and other senior leaders.

The change of general of the Russian army is either a major adjustment of the Russian army’s operational thinking or

Putin is dissatisfied with the slow progress of the Russian army.


? Putin video screenshot

In fact, Russia does face a series of problems.

First, the battle time has been greatly exceeded.

Russia originally planned to carry out military operations against Ukraine for only two weeks, but it has been fighting for more than four months now. The time has gone far beyond that, and there is no end to it. The longer it takes, the worse it will be for Russia. Ukraine doesn’t matter. Anyway, it has been smashed. Barefoot people are not afraid to wear shoes.

Second, Western support is escalating

Terrified by Russia’s strength, the West had been cautious in supporting Ukraine in the early days for fear of provoking Russia.

Now, with the long fighting between Russia and Ukraine, the strength of Russia has become more and more clear to the west, and its support for Ukraine has become bolder. Some heavy weapons from the West have begun to enter the Ukrainian army.

According to CNN on June 24, the United States is providing Ukraine with a medium – and long-range missile defense system.

On June 25, Russia launched 48 missiles to hit the whole territory of Ukraine overnight. It is likely that western support is constantly coming in, and Russia is still in color.

Thirdly, Russia is also facing many problems, such as debt default, high inflation (Russia’s CPI in May has reached 17.1%).

Wars are all about quick decisions, but they don’t last long. The more delay, the more trouble Russia may face. No wonder Putin will dismiss the generals.

Russia also faces two follow-up problems in the Ukrainian battlefield:

1. Although Ukraine has lost land, its living forces are still there

Although Ukraine is losing ground, its effective strength is still there.

For example, in the eastern Ukraine battlefield, although Russia has won a lot of territory with great efforts, it rarely sees a big army duel between Russia and Ukraine. It rarely sees a large number of thousands of Russian troops annihilating the Ukrainian army. Even if the Ukrainian army surrenders, it is still a small group of small-scale troops.

In other words, the main force of the 100000 Ukrainian troops in the East is still there, as well as the Ukrainian Corps in all directions of the south, North and west of Ukraine. That’s no problem.

Now it is doubtful whether Ukraine is playing a protracted war of “saving people and losing land, and saving both people and land”. Through continuous consumption, Ukraine gives some territory to Russia, thus prolonging the Russian defense line. The Ukrainian army turns back and constantly attacks the Russian forces. ZELINSKY’s “counter attack” may not be all empty words.

2. Ukrainian attacks will be endless

From the perspective of international justice, Russia’s act of openly sending troops into other countries is not advocated by the international community; On the contrary, it is reasonable for the Ukrainian army to launch an attack on the Russian army at any time, because its territory has been occupied, recovering its lost territory and defending its country.

The West also wants to take this opportunity to stick to Russia, greatly consume and weaken Russia through the Ukrainian battlefield, and build Ukraine into another Afghanistan, so the Western military assistance to Ukraine will continue.

The combination of the two means that Ukrainian attacks will be endless, which means that Russia will continue to play with Ukraine.

It is the same for Russia. It is not easy to start a war, nor is it easy to end it. It depends on the wisdom of the polar bear.

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