An increase of 100000 per day! Why did the epidemic suddenly explode in Taiwan?

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Author: brother Mao, this article is reproduced under the authorization of the official account brother Mao’s vision (id:maogeshijue).

When the epidemic situation in the mainland began to clear, no one could have imagined that the epidemic situation in Taiwan would suddenly explode.

On May 27, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Taiwan reached 94855 and 126 people died. So far, more than 2million people have been diagnosed in Taiwan, accounting for one tenth of the total population in Taiwan.

What is the concept of nearly 100000 people a day? It should be noted that with a population base of about 15 times that of Taiwan, the daily increase in the United States is no more than 10000. However, the daily increase of 100000 people in Taiwan directly pushes Taiwan to the first place in the world.

The US Centers for Disease Control and prevention has adjusted the epidemic risk level in Taiwan to the highest level of “level III” and placed it on the list of “high-risk countries and regions”.

Isn’t Taiwan 1450 always shouting “Taiwan epidemic prevention Nanbo bay”? This time they really “Nanbo bay”.

So, how did the former “top students of epidemic prevention” in Taiwan fall to this point?


Schrodinger epidemic prevention

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Taiwan has taken a completely different path from that of the mainland or the West: Schrodinger type epidemic prevention.

To put it simply, the real epidemic situation in Taiwan is always in the box. You will never know how the epidemic situation in Taiwan is until the lid is lifted.


Schrodinger’s Cat

At the beginning, the epidemic prevention and control in Taiwan was very fast. The chartered flights for Taiwanese businessmen to return to Taiwan for the Spring Festival were stopped immediately, and many Taiwanese businessmen were unable to return to Taiwan.

After protests by relevant people, it had to be changed into that only Taiwanese can return to Taiwan. Mainland spouses and children who do not have the status of Taiwan, as well as mainlanders studying and working in Taiwan, are all prohibited from entering Taiwan.

However, Taiwan was busy banning mainlanders, but gave a green light to flights from Europe and the United States. As a result, by March, the number of confirmed cases in Taiwan had reached 306, and almost all of them were people from Europe and the United States and Taiwanese with European and American travel history. As a result, it was criticized as “strictly preventing land, Hong Kong and Macao, but indulging Europe, the United States and Japan. This is the end of the double standard”.

The authorities in Taiwan began to “patch up loopholes” after they were relieved. All those who entered the Taiwan region were admitted to isolation hotels or centralized isolation centers, and could not be isolated at home.

But it’s interesting to come. The entry quarantine is classified as quarantine, but the nucleic acid test is not done. After the isolation, it is released. Isn’t that funny?

Not to mention that the incubation period of novel coronavirus is very long. Even if the isolation period is not affected, it may be asymptomatic and infectious.

However, the Taiwan authorities insisted on no screening. Chenshizhong, commander of the “central epidemic command center”, also explained that from the experience of screening in the Philippines, there will still be missed screening, “so it is absolutely infeasible to replace quarantine with screening”.


Not only those who enter the country are not screened generally, but also those in the society. Once a case is diagnosed, they pretend to find a few close contacts and test them. The conclusion is that there is no transmission chain and everything is fine.

From January to July 2020, Taiwan has only conducted nucleic acid screening for more than 70000 times

It is not as much as a county in the mainland. Therefore, the number of confirmed cases of new crown in Taiwan has been at the level of 429 in the early days of the outbreak of new crown. The number is very beautiful.

However, there are so many asymptomatic infections. I’m afraid there has been a secret spread for a long time. Taiwan has not been screened all the time. The number of epidemics has been 429. Do you believe it?

However, the DPP authorities really believe it, and they have always regarded themselves as “top students in epidemic prevention”. Chen Jianren, a senior official of the Taiwan authorities, has always boasted of his “three zero” epidemic prevention achievements when he held a video conference with Johns Hopkins University in the United States, that is, zero mortality, zero community infection and zero overseas migration. He also said that “the Taiwan model is the most effective model in the world”.

Epidemic prevention has also become an opportunity for the authorities in Taiwan to “seek independence by taking advantage of epidemic disease”. In the first half of 2020, we will see that Taiwan has been jumping up and down, arranging cyber troops to besiege who leaders, spending money to lobby nearly 300 U.S. lawmakers to jointly propose to enter the who through Taiwan, and spending money on advertising “Taiwan epidemic prevention Nanbo bay” and Taiwan can help to the media. In fact, they are all aimed at building momentum for joining the WHO.


Once the epidemic situation involves politics, epidemic prevention will not be a scientific issue, but a political issue. The real needs of people’s livelihood will no longer be the main choice of the Taiwan authorities.

So up to now, Taiwan has been afraid to do a comprehensive nucleic acid screening, for fear that a general screening will break the myth of “top students in epidemic prevention” in Taiwan.

Not only do they not sift, but they also kill and do not let others sift.

For example, in order to prevent the epidemic situation in Taiwan from spreading to the island, the local governments of Kinmen, Mazu and Penghu have successively set up a screening station, but the DPP authorities are furious and “revoke the announcement of illegal sanctions in accordance with the law to maintain the legal system”! The screening station was forcibly dismantled.


Once in Changhua County, an American teenager who came to Taiwan after isolation was tested for novel coronavirus, and was found to be asymptomatic. This was understandable, but Chen Shizhong accused Changhua County of violating the current policy of “only taking tests when there are symptoms” and ordered the Changhua County Health Bureau to investigate.

Can you believe it? This kind of reasonable, effective and repeatedly verified epidemic prevention measures in the world is actually illegal in Taiwan! So what exactly are the epidemic prevention measures in Taiwan that are not illegal?

The authorities in Taiwan not only do not conduct general screening at the government level, but also restrict the nucleic acid testing of ordinary people.

We all remember that in the early days of the epidemic, the price of nucleic acid was 200 yuan. Later, the price became lower and lower. Up to now, it has been reduced to 3.5 yuan. Even in many places, large-scale free screening was carried out.

But what about Taiwan? At first, it costs 7000 Taiwan dollars, which is 2000 yuan less! Now after the price reduction, it will cost NT $4000, or more than 1000 yuan.


So expensive nucleic acid testing, who has nothing to do to test? No one makes nucleic acid by himself unless the outbound personnel have a mandatory requirement.

But not making nucleic acid does not mean there is no disease. In 2021, Japanese female students, Thai foreign workers, Japanese engineers and Taiwanese women were detected novel coronavirus after entering other countries from Taiwan.

However, in the face of the accusation of exporting the epidemic, the DPP authorities have repeatedly sophisticated, and can always cover up the fact that large-scale infection has occurred on the grounds of “the viral load of exported cases is lower than the standard in Taiwan”, non infectivity, “poor detection methods in the imported places”, and false positives.

The DPP authorities have paid for the collapse of social operations and medical resources at the cost of human lives. Even Europe and the United States can not do this. Therefore, this face saving approach to epidemic prevention is really unique to Taiwan in the world.

However, this method of epidemic prevention is effective only when the infection rate of the novel coronavirus is not so high and the mortality rate is not so terrible. After all, if people suddenly get sick and die like the pestis and the Spanish flu, no one can pretend to be confused. Even if the DPP authorities cover up again, the people can’t stand it.

With the arrival of the delta strain with higher transmissibility and mortality, Taiwan has also broken its defenses. After this highly infectious strain left ashes everywhere in India, it directly increased the daily number of cases in Taiwan to hundreds, with a maximum of 700 cases a day, and the number of deaths also rose sharply.

However, the local government is still secretive about this and invented the term “corrected regression”.


What does calibration regression mean? At the beginning, it was the data statistics and other problems that occurred in various countries for various reasons. Some figures were not counted, and the results were made up in the following days.

However, in Taiwan, this concept has been played out.

Unlike the nucleic acid detection in the mainland, the PCR detection in Taiwan takes three days to get the results. Obviously, this is not a technical problem, but a deliberate act.

Chenshizhong explained that the detection capability in Taiwan is insufficient. Originally, only a few thousand can be detected a day. Now, tens of thousands of can be detected a day, resulting in a “traffic jam”. Then, some can be detected, and the rest can be detected slowly. The resulting data will be included in the “correction regression” data.

What’s the advantage of doing this? We can artificially control the new quantity of the day, so as not to make the epidemic prevention department lose face.

Assuming that there were 1000 cases the day before yesterday, 2000 cases yesterday and 3000 cases today, the data trend chart would be very ugly. Therefore, the data of 3000 cases today, as long as it was PCR done in the previous two days, would be included in the correction regression of the previous two days. In this way, the number of new cases today would be more than 1000, and the data would be much better.

The media around the world were puzzled by this way, and could not even find an accurate word to translate this concept. Finally, Bloomberg could only use “data revision”, but it could not really reflect the real meaning of this word.

However, this practice of mixing today’s new figures with yesterday’s and the day before yesterday or even longer ago directly makes the local epidemic statistics lose statistical significance. During the outbreak period, if the statistics are based on the new figures, the new figures may be flat or even declining; If the statistics are based on “correction regression”, which day should the value of correction regression be put in front?

Therefore, Hopkins University directly ignored this “correction regression” and simply put this figure in the new data of the day for statistics.

Although the “correction and return” is funny, it is of great political significance to the DPP authorities.

In the face of people’s doubts about the weak epidemic prevention, Chen Shizhong took out a chart. You see, the epidemic growth in Taiwan is very flat, which fully proves that the epidemic prevention work is effective!


Relying on these practices of playing tricks, the local epidemic situation was stifled at the beginning of this year. Because of the strong infectivity of Omicron, Taiwan’s previous measures to deal with the old strain and delta strain were no longer effective and could not be suppressed. As a result, the epidemic broke out on a large scale——

In the whole may, Taiwan’s daily growth rate rose directly from 20000 to 100000. A total of 2million people have been infected. In just five days at the end of May, 611 people died in Taiwan. According to the model of the global health research center of the University of Washington, the actual number of infected people in Taiwan can reach about 8million.

In addition to ordinary people, many stars in Taiwan have also been infected with novel coronavirus. Zeng Zhiwei’s daughter, Zeng Baoyi, pengjiahui, the queen of the golden melody, and caijianya, a creative talent, were also infected with the virus. Even the son and daughter of “Taipei mayor” kewenzhe were diagnosed.

However, the authorities in the Taiwan region still did not carry out a general screening of nucleic acids, but began to restrict public opinion in various ways.

In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the DPP authorities have taken public opinion suppression as a great coup to control society, stipulating that “anyone who releases information about the epidemic without authorization, whether true or false, will be prosecuted, with a maximum fine of NT $3million” or “or imprisonment and criminal detention of less than three years”.


Recently, Taiwanese artist guoyanjun shared his chat record with his medical friends on Facebook, saying that the medical staff have not had a rest since April 5, but the children and patients are getting worse and worse. “Seeing so many children, they just walk away.”.

But the problem is that from April 5 to 14 this year, the number of children with moderate and severe illness in Taiwan was zero!

Who on earth is lying? This can be seen from the panic of the DPP authorities. The DPP authorities said that similar content has obvious operational traces of similar groups and will be “investigated and punished”. The epidemic command center also said that it would further clarify whether someone had spread false information.


As a result, the local people were annoyed and left messages on the Internet, “many children have left!” “How many children do you have to leave before it’s a rumor?” “How can I find a person who says that the vaccine bought by Tzu Chi is about to expire? Should I first punish him by 3million?” up to now, I have been protecting myself from others, but I am troubled by epidemic prevention. ” “Vaccines can be short, and quick screening can be short. But children’s vaccines are only being given now. Stop boasting about epidemic prevention.”.

Even Xie Dianlin, the speaker of the Changhua County Council, shouted 31 times that “many children have left” and that Su Zhenchang “should do it together”.

It seems that under the wave of Omicron, the Schrodinger type epidemic prevention in Taiwan is finally about to lift the lid.


Why did it fail?

If you look at the operations in Taiwan, you will find that the outbreak of the Schrodinger type anti epidemic in Taiwan is a matter of time.

The first reason is naturally that the Taiwan authorities are incompetent and lack the ability of social governance.

The authorities in the Taiwan region do not have the ability to manage modern society and lack the basic scientific management ability. Many things do not consider the interests of the people at all, but from the perspective of politics and the interests of political parties.

For example, the “battle of masks” in 2020 is very illustrative.

Many people may remember that at the beginning of the Wuhan epidemic, Taiwan immediately stopped exporting masks to the mainland, which made many people cold hearted.

Su Zhenchang, the head of the administrative agency, explained that “ensuring the supply of local goods is secure”. In fact, this is the same as Trump’s “Americans first” strategy, which is just to please local people and win votes.

But who would have thought that Su Zhenchang had dug a hole for himself. According to Su Zhenchang, there are 45million masks in stock in Taiwan, with a daily output of 2.44 million. “The production capacity is enough, so people should not panic.”

I don’t know if Su Zhenchang’s mathematics is not good. He thinks that 45million sounds a lot, enough for people in Taiwan, but he forgets that Taiwan has a population of 23million! According to one mask a day, the inventory will be gone in two days!

As a result, Su Zhenchang did not say it did not matter. As soon as he said it, the people in Taiwan were all flustered, and a “mask riot” broke out across the island. A large number of people began to rush to buy and even hoard masks. The masks in Taiwan were gone in one day!


What about this? There’s no way. Just help Su Zhenchang wipe his ass!

The first is the purchase restriction. People need to register their ID number. Those with odd numbers of ID cards can buy them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and those with even numbers of ID cards can buy them on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Each person can only buy two pieces a week. In addition, the only pharmacy that can sell masks has a daily limit of only 400 pieces. Many people began to queue up in the early morning, but 400 pieces are not enough. Most people can only return empty handed.

Then he advocated not to wear masks. In late January, the Taiwan authorities required that masks should be “replaced every day” and “damaged or soiled should be replaced immediately”. However, on February 1, the Taiwan authorities advocated that “healthy people do not need to wear masks” and “unless you are sick”.

What if the mask is not enough? Taiwan has come up with a new idea to sterilize the mask by steaming it with an electric cooker, so that the mask can be reused! Chen Shizhong also specially appeared on TV to teach people how to steam masks with electric cookers.

But you can still cook with confidence after steaming the mask in the rice cooker?


But the magic thing is that under the situation of such a shortage of masks, Taiwan can even take out 100000 masks to the United States every week, and donate 100000 N95 masks to Australia to fight against the air pollution caused by forest fires. In fact, it is just to please the West.

However, the production capacity of masks in Taiwan can not keep up with the demand. In fact, in 2019, Taiwan imported 398million masks from the mainland, accounting for 92% of all imported masks. Taiwan has little capacity to produce masks by itself.

Later, after the mainland epidemic improved, Taiwan should have expanded imports to meet market demand, but the Democratic Progressive Party insisted on banning the import of masks from the mainland.

Some importers bought masks from the mainland and sold them. As a result, they were seized by the authorities of the Democratic Progressive Party and asked manufacturers in Taiwan to print “MIT (made in Taiwan)” and “MD (medical)” on masks produced in Taiwan. Otherwise, they are not allowed to sell them.


Up to now, the Taiwan region has not completely walked out of the “mask chaos”. At the moment when the mainland produces 5.5 billion masks a day, it is unimaginable that the Taiwan region should be able to use a gap mask.

The second reason is that the vaccination in Taiwan is too late and the immune barrier is incomplete.

2020 will be the chaos of masks, and 2021 will be the “chaos of vaccines”.

Before May 2021, Taiwan was addicted to the boast of “top students in epidemic prevention”. When all parts of the world started to vaccinate for several months, they did not pay attention to vaccination at all, so they did not bother to get vaccinations. As a result, when the delta epidemic broke out in May 2021, Taiwan was surprised to find that the vaccination rate was less than 2%!

Then the impatient Taiwan authorities began to look for vaccines everywhere. The first thing excluded was the mainland’s scientific vaccine.

Then we went to the who’s covax program. However, since Taiwan is not a WHO member, when the covax program is running at full capacity, it is naturally impossible to get the vaccine prior to other member countries.

After looking around, only Japan donated 500000 doses of vaccine to Taiwan. Tsai ing Wen was moved to express her thanks in Japanese.

But when I got it, wasn’t this the AstraZeneca adenovirus vector AZ vaccine that Japan stopped inoculating? The vaccine has been shown to cause blood clots and has killed many people.

However, because it was the Japanese who gave the vaccine, the authorities in Taiwan still forced the Japanese to give the people the vaccine they did not want. As a result, about 10 days after the vaccination, more than 60 people died because of the vaccination.


As soon as the Taiwan authorities saw that this would not work, they went to the German biontech company to buy BNT vaccine.

Biontech agreed to sell vaccines, but asked the Taiwan authorities to talk with Shanghai Fosun, because on march13,2021, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical signed a formal agency agreement with biontech and obtained the exclusive agency right in Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), 4 days earlier than Pfizer.

In this way, the DPP authorities are tangled. In this regard, the DPP authorities plan to buy Fosun vaccine in a low profile, and then say that they bought it from Germany. In this regard, Lin Quan, the former “executive president” of Taiwan, has arranged to announce that his “Dongyang medicine” has obtained the “Taiwan agency” of biontech vaccine and bought 3000. This purchase of vaccine is also regarded as a “green camp achievement”.

But soon, biontech denied this claim, saying that Toyo pharmaceutical talked with Shanghai Fosun, and that biontech only delivered goods to Taiwan according to Fosun’s order, which blew up the whole Taiwan region.


Then the Taiwan authorities went to Pfizer, but Pfizer also said it was very difficult, because Pfizer’s agency contract was also signed with biontech. Pfizer has agency contracts in regions other than greater China, Germany and Turkey. Pfizer can’t cross the border if it wants to sell again.

So Pfizer came up with another idea. First, Pfizer came forward to buy vaccines from Fosun, and then sold them to Taiwan at 9 times the price. However, the plan was soon exposed by the media, and the contract was aborted.

The DPP authorities began to hype the idea of “chip for vaccine” again, but the two were completely incomparable. The lack of chips was nothing more than the production of fewer cars, but the lack of vaccines was a fatal thing. Therefore, the DPP authorities’ whimsical idea was ignored and the matter was settled.

Later, the mainland really couldn’t see it. Based on the principle of saving people, it promised to let Gou personally come to Shanghai Fosun to buy vaccines, and then donated them to Taiwan in the form of corporate donations.


It was already August when Taiwan began to vaccinate on a large scale. That is to say, the political maneuvers of the DPP authorities made it a full six months late for Taiwan people to be vaccinated generally!

After more than half a year, people in Taiwan were fed up. After arriving in Taiwan, biontech flocked to get vaccinations. In addition to the “high-end” vaccination in Taiwan, the first, second and third vaccination rates in Taiwan reached 86.94%, 81.41% and 65.27% respectively in May this year.

Normally, the vaccination rate is not low, but it is strange that Taiwan has still become the epicenter of this round of epidemic!

In terms of infection rate, as of May 26, the number of newly infected people per million people in Taiwan was 23882. What about the United States? 2237, with a difference of 10.7 times.

Let’s look at the death toll. As of May 26, the death toll in Taiwan has reached an average of 2.5 deaths per million people, more than twice the 1.08 in the United States.

What is more strange is that the epidemic situation in Taiwan has another feature: patients die quickly after infection. For example, 18.4% of them die within one day after diagnosis; 13.7% died the next day; Even 8.9% were diagnosed after death.

This is obviously not in line with science. Why?

First of all, there may still be unvaccinated people in Taiwan. In Taiwan, 15% of the people have not received a single dose of vaccine, about 3.75 million people, most of whom are the elderly and children. Therefore, the infection rate and mortality rate of children in Taiwan are particularly high this time.


As of May 26, 168227 students in schools at all levels had been infected, accounting for one tenth of the total number in Taiwan.

Taiwan is different from the mainland. The mainland started vaccinating minors over 3 years old early, but Taiwan has not started yet. Therefore, children in Taiwan have no resistance to such a rampant epidemic. Moreover, Taiwan has inexplicably experienced encephalitis complications caused by the new crown.

At present, there have been 15 cases of severe COVID-19 in the island, including 7 cases of encephalitis. In addition, there have been 5 cases of death complicated with encephalitis.

Today, the child mortality rate in Taiwan is 8-10 times that of Japan and South Korea, which is the most serious area in the world. According to the model of the United States, children’s medical experts estimate that this wave of epidemic may kill 320 to 840 children in Taiwan

It is unacceptable anywhere that so many children have died, and the DPP authorities did not start vaccinating children until the end of May, but it was too late.


Secondly, I may be afraid of thinking carefully. Does Taiwan’s vaccine have a protective effect?

It is reasonable to say that although the Omicron strain has the characteristics of breakthrough infection, from a worldwide perspective, it is still the population and region with higher vaccination rate that is less susceptible to infection and lower mortality.

But why does Taiwan have a high infection rate and a high mortality rate? Some people set their sights on Taiwan’s vaccines. You know, Taiwan has not only received BNT vaccine, but also promoted its own “high-end” vaccine.

You are right. The name of the vaccine is “high-end”. Before the third phase of the trial was completed, it was directly marketed to the people. As a result, just two days after the trial, four sudden deaths occurred.

The funniest is luzhijun, a green camp writer, who wrote Facebook while playing “high-end” vaccine, saying that “high-end is the most effective and safe”

? As a result, he died suddenly that night after returning home from high-end shopping.


In the event of continuous sudden death, the DPP authorities did not stop the “high-end” vaccine, but increased the vaccination. As a result, due to the confusion and negligence of management, the first injection was clearly Modena vaccine, but the second injection became “high-end”. Some people were directly injected with the undiluted vaccine stock solution, which should have been diluted to 6 people

From March 2021 to March 2022, 1400 people in Taiwan have died from vaccination, which is even more than the number of people who died from novel coronavirus! Such a bizarre event happened in Taiwan, which claims to be a “top student in epidemic prevention”!

With so many people dead, how about the protection of “high-end” vaccines? Once, a Taiwanese netizens went to the hospital for IgG value test after receiving the “high-end” vaccine. The result showed that the IgG value was 35.4au/ml, and the antibody value was low. As for how many antibodies should there be after the vaccination.

The “health and Welfare Department”, “food and Drug Administration” and “high-end” companies in Taiwan all hesitate to say. Zhaoshaokang, a Taiwanese media person, directly said that the “high-end” vaccine has no protection against the “alpha” variant of COVID-19, let alone the “delta” variant.

So up to now, the “high-end” vaccine has not been certified by who. That is to say, when Taiwanese who have received the “high-end” vaccine enter other countries, their countries do not recognize their vaccination records, so they can only go back and get the vaccine again.


More interestingly, when the epidemic broke out in 2022, the death and infection figures released by the Taiwan authorities only indicated the number of inoculations, but not the species.

Is this a cover up? Many people doubt whether the “high-end” vaccine has no protective power at all, which leads to the high infection rate and mortality?

The third reason is that the DPP authorities treat epidemic prevention as a business instead of sincere epidemic prevention.

Why are the authorities in Taiwan so protective of “high-end” vaccines?

The reason is very simple. Chencanjian, general manager of “high-end” vaccines, is a major political contributor in the green camp. His political contributions are all over the green camp. For the Democratic Progressive Party, being soft mouthed and short handed is just a financier who takes care of himself by taking advantage of the epidemic situation.

Therefore, even when the vaccine is most scarce, the DPP authorities are not willing to release too many imported vaccines. Even if the European and American vaccines are purchased privately, they will also face many obstacles from the DPP authorities. In fact, they are afraid of robbing the “high-end” vaccine market.

Since the “high-end” vaccine was launched, it has been favored. All assessments involving vaccine experiment, audit, mass production and other links have been smoothly conducted due to political intervention. As a result, the “high-end” became the only “privileged vaccine” approved for mass production by the authorities on August 23, 2021 after the phase II experiment was not completed and the phase III experiment was skipped directly.

After the “high-end” vaccine was put on the market, everyone did not believe in it, and no one was willing to fight it. As a result, the DPP authorities forced it. For example, the “lowest level” officers and soldiers of the Taiwan army could and could only fight against “high-end” vaccine. For example, the group of teachers in Taiwan required that they should be vaccinated before the start of school in September, otherwise they could only have regular nucleic acid tests at their own expense. At that time, only “high-end” vaccines could be vaccinated.

Under the escort of the DPP authorities, “high-end” vaccine companies have made a lot of money. The share price has risen from 106 yuan on February 1, 2021 to 417 yuan per share, a full fourfold increase!

Every operation of the DPP authorities coincided with the rise and fall of the share price of “high-end” vaccine companies. For example, after the DPP authorities announced the results of the second phase of “high-end” vaccine, the share price rose by the limit for two consecutive days to 248 yuan. When the DPP authorities came forward to coordinate the overseas certification of “high-end” vaccines, the share price climbed to 290 yuan.

Taiwan stock analysts hit the nail on the head: “a specific person is the one who accurately grasps the policy information. Only when the government and business join forces can it make such a sensation.”.


The “vaccine chaos” has just subsided, and the Taiwan region has fallen into the “rapid screening chaos”.

In mid April this year, the Taiwan authorities started the “New Taiwan model” response, with the main direction of “severe zeroing and mild disease control”, which is equivalent to the lying flat strategy in Taiwan.

After the relaxation of prevention and control, the epidemic situation in Taiwan has become more serious. The people on the island can only try to save themselves. The rapid screening reagent has become a new demand for a while, and has also become a profit-making tool for the DPP authorities.

The price of rapid test reagents in Taiwan was once five times higher than the international average price. Now a reagent also needs NT $100, equivalent to 22 yuan. However, it is still five times more expensive than that in the mainland. A box of 10 doses in the mainland is only more than 50 yuan.

Some Taiwanese media reported that in Taoyuan City controlled by the Democratic Progressive Party, the purchase price of the kit was only NT $59, but it was sold for NT $100, almost doubling the profit.

The kit is not only expensive, but also not enough. The Taiwan authorities have issued a purchase restriction order. Each drug bureau only allocates 78 packets of quick screening reagents every day. People on the island can only get up early and greedy for quick screening reagents that can not be grabbed by the 20 or 30 drug bureaus. Some Taiwanese netizens sighed: “these two years have been like a nightmare. They have been queuing up.”.


Therefore, the number of 100000 new cases per day announced now is not the real new infection data, because many people who cannot buy reagents simply do not want to screen quickly.

At this time, the mainland expressed its willingness to donate 10million fast screening reagents, which have been exported to Europe and the United States in large quantities. However, the Taiwan authorities still framed the mainland as having no good products at low prices. They do not want the 10million fast screening reagents produced in the mainland and certified in Europe and the United States.

Coincidentally, at this time, chencanjian, who produces “high-end” vaccines, stood up again and acted as an agent for the rapid salivary antigen test kit of South Korea, and obtained the listing approval of the authorities in Taiwan.


Chen Canjian is not the only one who has an eye on the quick screen cake. Take Taiwan’s “Roche quick screen” reagent as an example. The dealer is “Niuer International Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” and the agent is caichaozheng, who is the brother of caihuanglang, a former Democratic representative of the Democratic Progressive Party.

The producer of “Gordon fast screen” was “Gordon global biomedical company”, whose predecessor was “shunyiwu Food Co., Ltd.” it was a snack bar set up in the food street of Changgeng hospital. It didn’t have medical professional qualifications at all. Then it suddenly switched to medical supplies and won an order of NT $1.65 billion for fast screen reagents.

Is there anything fishy in this? Everyone knows.

No wonder people in Taiwan satirize that only the DPP and the “Green Friends” can make money from disasters through vaccines and quick screening.

Anyway, politicians take care of the green enterprises. The green enterprises will repay the politicians after they earn money through monopoly. This is simply a perfect interest chain.

So in the eyes of politicians in Taiwan, Taiwan has died because of the epidemic. What does it matter? Instead, it is a business opportunity!

The fourth reason is the political manipulation of the Taiwan authorities to “put ideology in command”.

Why can the epidemic situation in Hong Kong be rapidly alleviated? That is because Hong Kong has a large amount of assistance from the mainland, not only medicine and living materials, but also seven shelter hospitals built for Hong Kong at almost universal speed, helping Hong Kong survive the most difficult period.

But what about Taiwan?

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council in the mainland has repeatedly expressed its willingness to do its best to assist, but the authorities in the Taiwan region are very sensitive. As long as it is the epidemic prevention materials provided by the mainland, the DPP authorities have always resisted and rejected them, and have turned away goodwill from the mainland under various pretexts.

In view of the serious epidemic in recent years and the poor personnel exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, the DPP authorities have moved the registered residence from the residence to the district (township) office in accordance with the “relevant regulations”, which is equivalent to “de Naturalization”. Although they can apply for restoration after returning to Taiwan, before restoration, some rights and interests related to the registered residence will be affected, such as labor insurance, health insurance They will even be disqualified from voting.


Who is this clause aimed at? It is aimed at Taiwan businessmen and compatriots in the mainland. Blue camp accounts for the majority of this crowd. If these people are not allowed to vote, will the position of the DPP be as stable as Mount Tai?

In the internal epidemic prevention work, the DPP authorities also insist on the “difference between blue and green”. For example, Taipei and Xinbei, which are the most severely affected, should have been the focus of epidemic prevention. However, do not forget that Xinbei and Taipei, as non DPP counties and cities in power, are targeted by the DPP authorities everywhere, and even the supply of materials and resources is blocked.

On the contrary, the bidding nucleic acid detection and rapid screening reagents of the Taiwan authorities are mainly placed in the DPP ruling counties and cities such as Taoyuan, Kaohsiung and Tainan. Obviously, they are using the epidemic situation to attack the blue camp. Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe sighed that “the DPP’s anti Ke Wenzhe is higher than the anti-virus”.


It is not surprising that the outbreak of the epidemic in Taiwan has been triggered by the ruling DPP authorities, which put their own interests above the lives of the people.

Perhaps the DPP’s initial goal was not to prevent epidemic diseases, but to prevent the mainland. After all, in their eyes, the lives of the people in Taiwan are obviously insignificant compared with their political correctness. They are eating with the blood of the people in Taiwan dipped in steamed bread.

However, the people in Taiwan are also muddled, brainwashed and instilled with hatred by the DPP. As a result, various social functions are disabled, the media will not speak for the people, experts will lose their moral responsibility, and scholars will lose their social conscience. In addition, the DPP authorities are disorderly in epidemic prevention, and the whole society is unable to resist the virus.


Epidemic situation observation in Taiwan

As a place where the social concept, family concept and national character are completely consistent with those of the mainland, Taiwan is a good window and model for observing epidemic prevention policies.

At present, the current epidemic response strategy in Taiwan has gone bankrupt. After the initial chaos, it will soon be completely flat.

So, will the epidemic get better after Taiwan lies flat? Obviously not.

First of all, Taiwan is not ready to lie flat. The vaccination rate is an important reason. What should they do for those who have not been vaccinated? The DPP authorities did not take any measures. This is why so many children died of complications of the new crown.

Secondly, the medical resources in Taiwan are also insufficient. According to the “New Taiwan model” in Taiwan, it is actually raising the admission standards and suppressing the medical needs of patients with mild diseases, so as to prevent the medical run to the greatest extent.

However, this is based on the premise that the epidemic does not break out. If the epidemic breaks out, even if the proportion of severe cases is low, the number will far exceed the medical capacity of Taiwan.

Nowadays, every nurse in Taiwan takes care of 10 to 20 confirmed patients at the same time, and the medical care is also confirmed one by one. Some deans say frankly that “in a short time, the whole unit will soon have no one to work”.


The funniest thing is that in the face of folk accusations about the collapse of medical resources, chenshizhong said that the medical resources did not collapse. He also said that the vacancy rate of special duty and negative pressure wards in Taipei and Xinbei was about 30%, about 40% in the North District and about 50% in the whole. There was no shortage of medical resources at all.

How did the 50% empty bed rate of this negative pressure ward come about? In fact, the Taiwan authorities artificially increased the total number of beds from 3646 to 12389. In this way, the number of empty beds is very good.

However, when the number of hospital beds became more than three times, the number of medical staff did not increase three times, nor did the number of medical treatment capacity increase three times. In Taiwan, there was no such thing as the mainland’s support from all quarters, so the empty bed rate was just a joke.


As a matter of fact, the medical staff in Taiwan are already exhausted. The emergency rooms of major hospitals are overcrowded with insufficient medical resources. In May, a six-month-old boy with high fever died in his father’s arms while waiting for treatment.

The father of the baby boy complained, “good words to you. Can we see it first? He told you that he is in good condition. The doctor looked three steps away. Can you see my son shaking (twitching)? Can you see my son rolling his eyes?”

Such tragedies can be found everywhere in Taiwan.

The greater tragedy is that the mortality rate in Taiwan is particularly high. The mortality rate in other countries has been around four tenths of a million, but the mortality rate in Taiwan has reached one thousandth. This is the result of the Taiwan authorities’ efforts to cover up the epidemic figures.

In fact, some media have compared the death data released by the Taiwan authorities with the data of Taipei and Xinbei crematoria in Taiwan, and found that the cremation number of crematoria in Taiwan is 6-7 times that of Xinguan.

In fact, this is the result of the scale effect. Even if only 200 people die every day due to the COVID-19, a large number of infected people will certainly prevent patients with other diseases from being treated in time, including renal dialysis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, acute pancreatitis, etc., and the actual number of deaths will be much higher than that of Xinguan.

In addition, the economy of the Taiwan region has also been unable to recover due to the blind tossing and turning of the DPP authorities.

Since 2021, Taiwan has entered a period of soaring prices. The consumer price index (CPI) increased by 2.62% in December of last year in 2021, and the annual CPI reached 1.96%, setting a new record in the past 13 years. In addition, the annual growth rate of 17 commodity prices also expanded to 3.46%, a 39 month high.

Moreover, this CPI figure has also been beautified, because Taiwan’s CPI rose in the second half of last year, and even higher in January this year. If we calculate the “whole year” figure, and then remove this year, the total CPI can naturally be seen in the past.

In the face of the public’s protest against rising prices, the DPP authorities did not increase production, but began to artificially freeze prices. However, the problem is that prices are a reflection of insufficient supply. Even if prices are suppressed, things will not change out of thin air. Therefore, many businesses will not sell at the suppressed prices at all.

For example, due to the lack of egg production capacity in Taiwan, people and restaurant owners have to queue up every day to grab eggs, creating a “scramble for eggs”.


In addition, the supply chain crisis brought about by the Russian Ukrainian war has also put Taiwan in trouble. Taiwan relies on Russia for a considerable part of its wheat, oil and natural gas. However, the Taiwan region desperately needs to cooperate with Europe and the United States to “sanction” Russia. Food and energy prices are bound to rise, and they are bound to be transmitted to the downstream, becoming the beginning of another wave of price rises.

According to statistics, the inflation rate in Taiwan in March has reached a new high of 3.27% in nine and a half years. In the first quarter, the inflation rate has reached 2.8%, plus the unemployment rate of 3.6%. The “pain index” (inflation rate plus unemployment rate) in the first quarter reached 6.4%.

It doesn’t matter to the rich, but it will be fatal to the low – and middle-income people – when prices rise, they have to eat, have children to educate and raise, and the elderly have to support. They can’t live without water, electricity and oil in their daily life. The increase in spending directly depresses their consumption desire.

In the rampant epidemic, although the DPP authorities no longer restrict commercial activities, the people will voluntarily reduce their out of town consumption to protect themselves, which will make the already gloomy consumption worse. Countless businesses have closed down, closed down, and the overall service industry has lost its jobs. Many businesses want to cry without tears.

However, the DPP authorities obviously do not see all this. They still carry out their “New Taiwan model” and go further and further on the road of lying flat for epidemic prevention. In fact, the starting point of the DPP is just to abandon the people at the bottom to meet the needs of capital and politicians.

According to the idea of the DPP authorities, as long as we survive the outbreak period of the epidemic, we should all feel it. The weak should die. Then the medical pressure will be released. If normal medical treatment can be restored, the number of deaths will continue to decline and social order will be restored.

This process can be called going through the barrier. What we need to consider now is just how many people will become the cost of going through the barrier. The DPP authorities feel that according to the average mortality rate of one thousandth of Omicron, as long as 20000 people die in Taiwan, we can complete the barrier, and then everything will be fine.

However, it is a cruel process to pass. For ordinary people, whether they will become the price of passing depends entirely on their own luck.

Recently, a 2-year-old child in Taiwan became seriously ill after being infected with Xinguan. However, four hospitals were contacted and could not be admitted because of full diagnosis. It was not until the fifth hospital that he was admitted, but he still died after admission.

Who can accept watching their children die in their arms because of the Taiwan authorities’ lying down policy?


Therefore, if we look at the situation in Taiwan, we can see why the mainland can only clear zero, not lie flat.

If the mainland lies flat, according to the data scale of Taiwan’s death population in the total population, it means that nearly 10000 people die every day, and a medical run occurs at the same time.

You know, there are still many rural and underdeveloped areas in the mainland, and their medical conditions are not very good. If the epidemic situation explodes in underdeveloped areas, the result will be that not only severe patients will not be treated, but a large number of medical staff will be infected and rested, and even patients with other diseases will be difficult to seek medical treatment. Patients with mild or severe diseases or tumors will face life danger, directly enlarging the number of deaths, and even tens of thousands of people a day.

Now do you know why there has been a wave of lying flat on the Chinese Internet? Only when the mainland lies flat, the data of Taiwan will not be so ugly.

Death is not a number, but a living person. Who can calmly consider problems when their relatives die of illness? Small compositions, information about asking for help, and information about accusing doctors of “not rescuing at the sight of death” will pour in one after another, public opinion will be out of control, and all kinds of information will bewitch people, which is difficult to control.


Don’t forget that behind public opinion is the cyber army. During the epidemic period in Taiwan, no one will make trouble behind the scenes, and even the mainland will lend a helping hand. However, if the mainland lies flat, the Cyber Army in Taiwan will spare no effort to create chaos on the mainland. It is difficult to say whether these public opinions can finally subside under the background of the epidemic.

After lying flat, the epidemic will also cause a huge blow to the economy. Factories will be shut down, logistics will be interrupted, supply chains will be broken, enterprises will have difficulties in survival, bankruptcy and bankruptcy will push up the unemployment rate, and the stability situation will be shaken. If the hostile forces make waves again, it will be a more serious problem.

Therefore, the epidemic situation in Taiwan is a negative example, telling us what to do and what not to do, where the pit is and where the thunder is, and then walking firmly along our own route.

Perhaps, after a long time, the people in Taiwan will naturally distinguish between the mainland and Taiwan where the system is better.

This article is reproduced under the authorization of official account brother Mao’s vision (id:maogeshijue).

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