Analysis of Cai Tianfeng’s dismemberment case!

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Author: Lu Kewen Source: official account: Lu Kewen Studio has been authorized to reprint


Let’s talk about the general case first:

Cai Tianfeng was born in Hong Kong, China, in 1995. Because her parents have been doing business in the mainland all the year round, her family is very rich.

In 2010, Cai Tianfeng, who was only 15 years old, fell in love with her classmate Kuang Gangzhi. She became pregnant at the age of 18 and had her first daughter, so she went to register for marriage, and gave birth to her second daughter at the age of 20.

Too young to get married, often difficult to maintain. In 2016, the two divorced and their daughters were raised by their ex-husband Kuang Gangzhi.

Cai Tianfeng’s ex-husband Kuang Gangzhi and his family are at most middle class in Hong Kong, and they are all rotten people.

Kuang Qiu, the 65-year-old father of Kuang Gangzhi, once served as the police chief, known as “Brother Qiu”, and familiar with Hong Kong law (key). When he was the detective chief of the Mongkok Police Station in 2005, he knew a woman because of a criminal case. Since then, he repeatedly harassed the woman and was suspected of rape. After being arrested by the police, he resigned voluntarily and was unemployed at the time of the crime.

Li Ruixiang, the mother of Kuang Gangzhi, was declared bankrupt by the court due to debt and unemployed; Kuang Gangjie, Kuang Gangzhi’s brother, was also sued by the bank for debt. Because of Kuang Gangzhi’s reason, he was Cai Tianfeng’s private driver at the time of the crime.

Kuang Gangzhi himself is not a vegetarian. During his marriage with Cai Tianfeng, they invested in the egg business together and lost millions. After divorce, Kuang Gangzhi cheated on the pretext of gold trading and got a total of 5 million yuan. In 2016, Kuang Gangzhi was recovered for a debt of 1.57 million yuan. Kuang Gangzhi was arrested by the police, then absconded and wanted under the guidance of Kuang Qiu. He was unemployed at the time of the crime.

From the poor case history and economic situation of Kuang Gangzhi’s family, we can boldly infer that this family is a rotten person. A normal family is impossible for the whole family to be in debt and bankruptcy. Almost all of the family have a case history, and none of the family has a serious career.

Cai Tianfeng, who came from a rich family, is married to a rotten family.

Normal people will run away as soon as they see this situation, but Cai Tianfeng and Kuang Gang Zhisheng have two daughters. Although divorced, their blood relationship cannot be broken. The Kuang family, a group of senior rotten people, of course, knows how to use two daughters to control Cai Tianfeng and live on the economic chain of the Cai family. The whole family is parasitic on Cai Tianfeng and eats the marrow.

Knocking bone to eat marrow was originally an adjective, but a group of rotten people in the Kuang family turned it into a verb.

According to Hong Kong media reports, after divorce, Cai Tianfeng did not break up with Kuang Gangzhi because she was worried about her daughter. She would also help the Kuang family from time to time. She even bought a suite for Kuang Gangzhi’s brother Kuang Gangjie and hired him as her driver (I think the Kuang family wanted to monitor and control her).

In order to make the two daughters have a better living environment, after three years of divorce, in 2019, Cai Tianfeng spent 72.8 million Hong Kong dollars and bought a luxury house in Mount Caldori for her ex-husband’s family to live in.

Out of trust in the family of his ex-husband and in order to avoid the huge stamp tax, the mansion is written in the name of Kuang Gangzhi’s father and senior scum Kuang Qiu. Kuang Qiu orally promised that if the property was to be sold in the future, all the money would still belong to Cai Tianfeng.

It is wishful thinking to make the villain spit out his vested interests. It is from this house that Kuang Qiu’s murder attempt begins.

In 2016, in the same year after her divorce from Kuang Gangzhi, Cai Tianfeng married Chris, the son of Tan Zejun, the founder of Hong Kong’s “Tanzai Rice Noodles”. This marriage was only a banquet without registration. After marriage, she gave birth to two children.

The Tans are also very rich. Their “Tanzai Rice Noodles” has 131 branches with a total output value of 2.5 billion Hong Kong dollars. Therefore, the Hong Kong media call Cai Tianfeng a celebrity. The Hong Kong media are usually very pompous, but this time there is no problem.

According to the later clues of the police, until 2023, Cai Tianfeng had to bear all the living expenses of Cai Tianfeng’s ex-husband’s family. In this way, all of them were still cheating outside, owing a lot of debts, and constantly using various excuses to ask Cai Tianfeng for money.

Because the two daughters are in the hands of the Kuang family, Cai Tianfeng has successively paid tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars to support the Kuang family. But the Kuang family’s insatiable greed finally made Cai Tianfeng have the idea of alienating the Kuang family. So at the end of 2022, Cai Tianfeng found her ex-husband and asked to sell the luxury house in Mount Gatori and buy another ten million residential units in Tuen Mun for them to live in.

The Kuang family went up and down, and immediately exploded.

For ten years, our Kuang family has worked hard to raise two daughters for you. Didn’t they take tens of millions of cash from you? Didn’t I just charge you a house of more than 70 million yuan? Your Cai family is so rich. How about giving our Kuang family more than 100 million? Is it easy to raise your two daughters? Your hair is thicker than our legs. How can you be so ungrateful? Have your conscience been eaten by the dog?

The Kuang family plotted against this, and finally, led by Kuang Qiu, who has rich criminal experience, planned to kill Cai Tianfeng and acquire the property alone. Considering that Cai Tianfeng and her current husband have not registered for marriage, the hundreds of millions of assets after her death will be owned by her four children. The Kuang family has Cai Tianfeng’s two daughters, and can make another fortune.

Kuang Qiu planned the whole process of destroying the body, and Kuang’s family went to battle together and decided to kill Cai Tianfeng.

At the beginning of February 2023, Kuang Qiu and his 47-year-old mistress, whom he met at the massage shop, rented a three-storey village house in Longwei Village, Dabo, ready to work here, and rented a suite in Tsim Sha Tsui for hidden use.

At more than 2 p.m. on February 21, 2023, Cai Tianfeng left the mansion in the middle of the mountain, took the private car driven by Kuang Gangjie, and went to a school in Tai Po to pick up the daughter born to her ex-husband from school.

When the vehicle arrived at the entrance of Lion Hill Tunnel, Kuang Gangjie stopped suddenly. Kuang Gangzhi, the ex-husband waiting here, got on the bus. The Kuang family first quarreled with Cai Tianfeng on the bus, then knocked Cai Tianfeng unconscious, and took the person to the village house in Longwei Village, Dabo.

According to the police, Cai Tianfeng was killed here that night. The fatal injury was an impact behind the right ear of his head, causing a crack of 6.5 cm x 5.5 cm in his head. It is estimated that he was killed by the Kuang family with a hard object.

A neighbor of the house said that she heard a woman arguing with someone on the night of the crime, and she also heard a woman crying for help: “Come on! Come on!”. Her voice was rough and scary, but she thought that someone was drunk, so she ignored it.

The following paragraph may cause discomfort. Please read it carefully.

The Kuang family then used an electric saw and a meat grinder to dismember Cai Tianfeng’s body, boil it, cut it into pieces, and discard it separately in the garbage can. Its head was placed in a large soup pot, mixed with radishes, and stewed together. When the police found that it had been boiled to the bone and hair, and other parts of Cai Tianfeng’s body tissue were found in the freezer in the basement.

After Cai Tianfeng disappeared, his family reported the case, and Kuang family was soon listed as the suspect. According to the clues, the police arrested Kuang Qiu, Kuang Gangjie and Li Ruixiang on the 24th. On the 25th, Kuang Gangzhi was arrested by the police in Tung Chung when he tried to abscond by water with millions of cash.

This case is extremely bloody and cruel. The method of committing the crime shocked the whole Hong Kong. What is very puzzling is that the planner Kuang Qiu must break the body and boil the head for what reason?

In fact, Kuang Qiu, who is familiar with criminal investigation and law, is imitating the 1999 HELLO KITTY case.

In 1997, Fan Minyi, a 21-year-old Hong Kong nightclub hostess, borrowed thousands of dollars of usury from Chen Wenle, the leader of the underworld. The loan actually rolled to 100000 Hong Kong dollars. Chen Wenle forced her to sell herself to pay off the debt. In March 1999, she took her to a house in Tsim Sha Tsui, insulted, gang-raped and beaten Fan Minyi, and tortured her to death.

Chen Wenle and others dismembered Fan Minyi and cooked her body, threw her body into the garbage station, and sewed her head into a HELLO KITTY doll. After the disclosure, although some participants repented of their testimony, because Fan Minyi’s body was cooked, their DNA could not be collected. The jury ruled that the murder was not convicted by 6-1 votes.

The three were sentenced to life imprisonment for manslaughter, and by 2014, one of them had been released on parole.

Kuang Qiu imitated Chen Wenle’s operation by boiling the remains of Cai Tianfeng, making it impossible for the police to collect his DNA. Even though people all over the world know that he killed Cai Tianfeng, from the perspective of procedural justice, the law cannot convict him.

Other Chinese We-media people, such as Housha, have noticed that there are problems. One is that there is no death penalty in Hong Kong, and the other is that due to the excessive pursuit of procedural justice, there will be legal loopholes, which will make the villains unable to bend the law.


I wrote this Hong Kong murder case today, not just to express the common media views of “marriage should be in the same family”, “divorce should be separated from ex-husband”, and “keep away from villains”.

Small, small pattern.

A middle-aged handsome man who writes about international politics, of course, should join hands with everyone and go one step further to see a broader ideological field.

The modern society we see today, such as wearing T-shirts, driving cars, building cement high-rise buildings, using computers and so on, all come from Western Europe or the United States, while our spiritual world, the law, economics, finance, political science, art history, and even the global history, all come from Western Europe or the United States.

Abolition of the death penalty, procedural absolute justice and so on are part of the western ideological world that we accept unconditionally when we accept the western material world.

I think people who really have independent thinking dare to doubt the rationality of everything. We might as well ask boldly:

Are these legal provisions correct?

Because the liberal arts instructors in Europe and America have established this system and explained it through their logic, they must accept it 100%?

Have we ever considered whether a system is in line with the productivity of other countries? In line with the current situation of this country?

I know that there are a large number of lawyers, writers, artists and economists in China who regard this knowledge as an unshakable authority after absorbing this knowledge system, but have you ever thought that the other party may be wrong?

We don’t need to deny 100%, nor do we need to be too extreme, but just try to be skeptical, and stand on tiptoe to take a look at the huge thought wall erected by European and American people to us.

Some people said that you are talking about this issue from the perspective of the Chinese people. It’s not fair.

No, in fact, I have experienced the recklessness of China in the 1990s, the wild in the 2000s, the transformation in the 2010s, and a large number of interviews and reading of the past in the 1950s and 1980s. At the age of 20, I even read only western media information, refused to read Chinese media information, and had a huge soul hedge. Only then did I gradually come up with an idea.

I think any authority can be doubted. You should dare to doubt Marx, and you should also dare to doubt Hegel. Sun Yat-sen can question, and Washington can also question.

The courage to question things at all times and not to be superstitious is the true ideological independence.

Listen to what Westerners say, take it and practice it. Compare it to see if the result is beneficial to most people. Then gradually judge things, but don’t kill things.

Before the rise of China’s economy, it would not be feasible to use Western economics to explain China’s development. China collapsed minute by minute.

Similarly, in the political field, if we use Western political science to explain China, it will not work. It will collapse every minute.

During the riots in Hong Kong two years ago, I went to the streets of Hong Kong to watch them do things. I saw the posters posted on the wall by people in black on the street, accusing the darkness of the mainland. It was very interesting. The contents mentioned above were all the contents of more than ten years ago. What Sanlu milk powder baby, the collapse of the black coal mine, the death of the cat hiding in the detention center, and so on, were almost all the events of the 2000s.

More than ten years have passed, and the mainland has already undergone great changes, as well as political and economic changes. However, the content of the people in black and the black mainland still remained more than ten years ago.

At that moment, I felt that things were changing constantly. No matter the ideological history, political history and economic history of the East and the West, they should not be restricted to one kind of thinking, but should also change with the changes of things.

Similarly, in this appalling case of Cai Tianfeng’s dismemberment, everyone knows how cruel, shameless and vicious the Kuang family is. But if they really destroyed DNA, will Hong Kong law still convict them of murder?

Then can they also be released on parole after more than ten years in prison, and then enjoy themselves with Cai Tianfeng’s inheritance?

Such a group of demons should not be killed?

The same problem also occurred in Norway in 2011. Breivik, who killed 77 people, was sentenced to 21 years and was imprisoned in a picturesque prison with good food and drink.

Because Norway has no death penalty, it can only be sentenced to 21 years.

Should we not be sentenced to death for killing 77 people in a row?

I know that some people will refute me and say that such laws are examples of civilization. People like you don’t understand them.

I don’t really want to say whether the Norwegians are right or not. In fact, I want to ask the people who stand up and refute me first. Think first. Is this idea that you approve correct?

Especially today, when we want to gradually build national confidence, should we accept the ideological software of Europe and the United States? Copy their thoughts, politics, law, economy and finance?

Even if Buddhism comes from India, it has become Chinese. Even if Marxism comes from the West, it has also become Chinese.

I know that in the process of building a new ideological system and a rich material civilization, we are still imperfect and need to accumulate.

But the courage to doubt is the first step, and the gradual improvement is the second step.

If the case of Cai Tianfeng’s dismemberment is regarded as a miracle, it has no significance in the long history. If we can infer the ups and downs of law and thought from the follow-up of this case, it will have more realistic repercussions.

In short, in life and work, we should learn and use flexibly. Don’t be superstitious about yourself or others.

Only by analyzing more, practicing more, demonstrating more, keeping questioning and rational, and constantly updating your thoughts can you keep up with the changes of the times.

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