Ancient folk story: Li Bing locks the dragon. How did Li Bing subdue the evil dragon?

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During the Qin Dynasty, floods often occurred near the Chengdu Plain in Sichuan. King Zhao of Qin appointed Li Bing, who was very talented in water control, to serve as the Sheriff of Shu county and presided over the management of the flood there. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

It turned out that there was a river god in the Minjiang River, a vicious dragon. If it is a little unhappy, it will make waves, and there will be a heavy rainstorm, flooding crops and villages on both sides, and harming the people. It requires the local people to choose the most beautiful girl to be its daughter-in-law on June 23 every year, and every family should gather huge sums of money to hold a noisy wedding for it. If something goes wrong, it will flood and endanger the people. Every year, the local people make every household feel anxious in order to do the wedding ceremony for Jiang Shen. I’m deeply afraid that my daughter will be harmed by Jiang Shen, and I can’t afford the price for Jiang Shen’s wedding. In order to avoid the tragic persecution of Jiang God, many families had to drag their children away from home. As a result, the land in Minjiang area was gradually deserted and the population was gradually sparse.

Soon after Li Bing took office in Shujun, he found out the situation here and decided to cure this evil dragon at the cost of his own life.

It’s time to marry Jiang Shen once a year. When those who hosted the marriage for Jiang Shen were discussing how to raise money for Jiang Shen and who the girl was, Li Bing found them and said to them, “this year’s money won’t be raised, and the bride will choose my little girl. The matter is settled like this, so don’t bother any more.” People heard that Sheriff Li Bing gave up his life so much that they were grateful and worried about Li Bing at the same time. They are worried about what will happen to Li Bing, and they don’t want to lose such a good sheriff. They all hope that their Sheriff can defeat this evil dragon and eliminate disasters.


On June 23, Li Bing dressed up her daughter as charming and gorgeous, and came to the river together. After the chief mourner boarded the altar of sacrifice to the river, the gongs and drums soared to the sky under the altar, and the bells and music sang together. After the three drums, waves suddenly rose on the river, and the water column soared to the sky more than ten feet high. This is the ceremony of Jiang God to meet the bride. At this time, people should have put the bride into the water. However, Li Bing quickly stopped them and said, “don’t worry. It’s a great honor for me to be married to Jiang Shen this time. However, I really want to see Jiang Shen’s face as soon as possible. Please show up early and don’t miss this good time.” With that, he filled a glass of wine himself and went to the altar to offer it.

But after a long time, there was no shadow of the river god. Seeing such a scene, Li Bing knew that Jiang Shen was teasing the people, and he couldn’t help but burst into a rage and said, “You evil dragon, who has done many evils, has maimed the people and made them miserable. Today, in order to make the people live and work in peace and contentment, I, Li Mou, would like to fight with you with my life. Just show up!” With that, he put on his sword and jumped into the river. At this time, the water column on the river disappeared, as if it had become calm, but there was a faint feeling of earth shaking.

After about an hour, the wind was blowing hard, and the sun was covered with smoke and dust. In a trance, people saw two black rhinos fighting fiercely by the river, which was very inextricable. After a while, the two rhinos disappeared. When the people watching the battle on the bank were confused, Li Bing ran up from the water panting. He said to the samurai who followed him, “this evil dragon has very high skills, especially its strength. I have fought with it for a long time and can’t win. Now I come ashore to ask you to help me.”

The samurai under long libing said, “we just saw two rhinoceroses fighting by the river. We know that you and the evil dragon are fighting hard, but the two rhinoceroses are exactly the same. We can’t tell which one is your change, so it’s not easy to help.” Li Bing then wrapped a snow-white ribbon around his waist and said to them, “now I have a white ribbon around my waist. In this way, when I fight with it again, I will change the rhinoceros with white waist. Just remember this.” After saying that, he jumped into the water again to fight with the evil dragon. In this way, when the two rhinos reappeared, the warriors under Li Bing rushed forward one by one with weapons in hand to help Li Bing fight together. These warriors took the weapons in their hands and fought hard at the rhinoceros without white on its body, and finally turned the rhinoceros turned into an evil dragon to the ground.

After the evil dragon fell to the ground, it soon showed its original shape. Li Bing hurriedly ordered the people to tie up the evil dragon with the thick iron chain that had already been prepared and firmly lock it in a deep pool in the river.


However, when Li Bing locked the evil dragon with an iron chain, someone around him worried that it would not be locked, so he asked Li Bing, “Lord Li, will the evil dragon escape?” Li Bing casually said, “if it wants to escape, unless the iron tree blossoms!” But things happened too coincidentally. Later, several children took a bath in Li Bing’s lock dragon’s pool. A naughty child hung a red hat on the lock dragon’s iron pole. From a distance, it was really like an iron tree blooming. The Dragon seized this opportunity, broke free from the chain, and fled to the water to make trouble.

Li Bing and his son Erlang soon learned about it. With the help of all the people, they trapped the evil dragon again, and escorted it back to Fulong pond and locked it up again. In order to prevent it from breaking the iron chain again, Li Bing mobilized the people to build a dragon lock bridge next to Fulong pond. In this way, the evil dragon was completely locked and never escaped. The local people are no longer affected by floods.

In the next few years, Li Bing led the common people in Sichuan to build many water conservancy projects, such as water diversion fish mouths, King Kong dikes, Feisha weirs, flat flumes and so on, at the foot of Yulei mountain in the south of Guan County. These water conservancy projects are collectively referred to as Dujiang weirs. This great water conservancy project built by Li Bing not only fundamentally cured the flood, but also turned the disaster into a blessing. This water conservancy project irrigated thousands of hectares of fertile land and benefited the people in Sichuan for generations. From then on, Shu county was fertile and rich, and was known as the “land of abundance”. Therefore, Li Bing was honored as the “ancestor of Sichuan” by later generations, and was loved and respected by generations of Shu people.

In order to further commemorate Li Bing, people of later generations built a temple named Fu Long temple at the place where Li Bing subdued the evil dragon. After entering the view, I looked up and saw a stone statue of Li Bing. It was magnificent, with slightly waving hair and beard. In its deep eyes, there was a kind of ambition and talent. This extraordinary temperament made people have to be shocked! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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