Ancient folk story of aloes to save the mother, how did aloes save the mother?

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The reason of the story is like this. One year, on the birthday of the queen mother, there was a big peach party, and all the immortals in the sky came to dinner and pay respects to her birthday. The third virgin, the youngest daughter of the Jade Emperor, and the golden boy in front of the temple also came. The third virgin and the golden boy grew up together and had a good relationship, but the rules of the heaven are too strict, and they often can’t meet. During the birthday celebration, they winked and made eyes at each other. But in such a solemn fairyland peach Festival, how can they tolerate such frivolous behavior? Such a move was seen by the immortals who came to the banquet, and everyone talked about it, but it was difficult to say because of the friendship between the Jade Emperor and the queen mother. Later, the Jade Emperor knew, and was furious. In a fit of anger, she demoted the third virgin to the Xueying palace next to the Xiyue temple, leaving her to remain empty on Mount Hua all her life. The golden boy was also beaten down from the mortal world, so that he could no longer go to heaven to become an immortal. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

After the golden boy came to earth, he was born in a family surnamed Liu and named Liu Yanchang. The Liu family loved this child very much. When they were very young, they invited special teachers to him and told him to study Scriptures every day. By the time Yanchang was 20, he was a scholar. That year, the emperor Kai Enke and Liu Yanchang went to Beijing to take the exam. Passing by Mount Hua in Huayin County, they heard that the three Virgin Mary in Mount Hua Temple was very effective, so they went to the temple to ask for a visa and ask themselves about their future in Beijing this time. As soon as he entered the temple gate, he looked at the beautiful and dignified statue of the third virgin, and he couldn’t help but be awed, so he shook the sign box respectfully and bowed down to ask for the autograph. But it happened that the third virgin went out and only the boy was left to watch the door. The boy didn’t dare to sign rashly, so he had to give him an empty sign. Liu Yanchang piously drew out the first sign. At first glance, it was a blank sign, and he was a little surprised. He thought to himself that maybe he was not sincere enough, so he paid homage three times more piously, and then drew the second one, but it was still empty. He didn’t understand what was going on, but he didn’t want to give up, so he was ready to smoke a third one, shaking and bumping the signboard, and he didn’t dare to smoke for a long time. The doorman also hesitated and felt sorry in his heart, but he still couldn’t make up his mind and gave him an empty sign as soon as he was cruel.

Liu Yanchang didn’t look at it, but it was empty again. All his hopes were dashed to the ground. Liu Yanchang calmed down, looked at the image of the third virgin, and wrote on the wall: Yan Chang raised his pen and was angry with the third virgin. Smoking three lots in a row is ineffective, and cigarettes are here in vain. After writing, he went on his way unhappily.

In the evening, the third virgin stepped on the auspicious cloud and happily returned to the Xueying palace. After the doorman served, he told the story just now. The third virgin looked at the poem inscribed on the wall. She was ashamed and angry. She couldn’t help scolding: “bold madness, how dare you do this? If you don’t teach him a lesson, how can he know my strength!” So she called Feng Bo and Yu Shi, and a thunderstorm arose. Just at this time, Liu Yanchang was on his way to catch up with a mountain road without a village in front of him and a shop behind him. Suddenly, there was a strong wind, dark clouds rose everywhere, thunder and lightning flashed, and heavy rain poured down. How can a weak scholar stand the wind and rain. He staggered and struggled forward, and finally fell into the muddy water because the rain was too heavy and the road was too slippery. At this time, through the clouds, the third virgin saw Liu Yanchang below. The more she looked, the more she looked like the former golden boy. She had a heart of love, immediately put away the thunderstorm, and turned into a mortal woman to marry Liu Yanchang.

Yang Jian didn’t know why. The news that the third virgin married Liu Yanchang and was pregnant came to Yang Jian, the God of Erlang. He was the son of the Jade Emperor. How could his sister do such a disgraceful thing! So he picked up his three pointed two edged knife and hurried to Xueying Palace at the foot of Mount Hua.

Seeing that her brother was coming fiercely, the third virgin hurried to salute and offer her seat with tea. Yang Jian immediately asked whether she married a mortal Liu Yanchang. The third virgin dares not admit it, but it’s not good to talk back because of her guilt. At this time, Yang Jian took out his glittering and chilling sword and asked the third virgin to blow a breath on it to test her chastity. The third virgin blew with trembling fear. As soon as Yang Jian saw that she had indeed lost her virginity and was pregnant, he scolded the third virgin for being shameless, violating the rules of heaven, and marrying a mortal without permission. It was too immoral, and he immediately pressed her under a big stone on the top of the West peak of Mount Hua.

Besides, after Liu Yanchang married the third Virgin Mary, he went to the capital within a few days. He didn’t know anything about what happened at home. The poor third virgin was pressed under the big stone and suffered all kinds of hardships. Later, the child was born. It was a boy, and the third virgin named him aloes. She was afraid that Erlang God would harm aloes again, so she quietly wrapped the baby, wrote a blood book, and gave it to Lingzhi, the sweet maid, and asked her to go to Luozhou to give it to her father, who was an official there.


When Chenxiang was ten years old, one day, Qin Guanbao, the son of Uncle Qin, ridiculed Chenxiang for having no mother and being an illegitimate child. Chenxiang was very angry, so he accidentally killed Qin Guanbao, ran home, told him about the killing, and forced his father to ask where his mother was. Liu Yanchang had to tell the truth. After hearing this, Chenxiang decided to go to Huashan to save her mother, and hurried out of Luozhou overnight.

On that day, Lu Zu was sitting quietly on the futon with his eyes closed. Suddenly, he felt a surge in his heart. Then he bent his fingers and calculated that aloes was coming to Huashan to save his mother. Lu Zu thought this was a good thing. I want to help Chenxiang succeed at one stroke. Lu Zu went to the foot of Mount Hua and waited in person. Chenxiang came to the foot of the mountain and saw a Taoist priest. He quickly saluted and asked, “please ask the Taoist priest, is this mountain Huashan?”

Lu Zu deliberately asked, “what do you ask Huashan, you child?”

Chenxiang hurriedly replied, “my mother is the third virgin. She was pressed under the stone on the mountain by her uncle Erlang God. I came to save my mother!”

Lu Zu said, “but Yang Jian is a ferocious God in the sky. He is vicious and ruthless. He has excellent martial arts. How can you beat him at your young age? I advise you to give up this idea earlier.”

Chenxiang widened her eyes angrily and said, “in order to save my mother, even if it is broken to pieces, I will fight with him to the end!”

“Have ambition!” Lu Zu said to Chenxiang, “but your current skills are not enough. I am willing to teach you all my martial arts. Are you willing to accept it?”

Chenxiang was filled with joy and hurried to kneel down to see the master. From then on, Chenxiang studied under the LV Zu clan. He learned and practiced carefully every morning and night, and ate the elixir refined by Lu Zu, so his martial arts improved greatly day by day. One day, Lu Zu went out and asked Chen Xiang to study at home. As soon as Chenxiang’s master went out and didn’t go anywhere, he closed the temple door, danced guns and sticks from morning to night, and practiced carefully. In the evening, before his master came back, he practiced again. Practice until midnight. Later, I was so hungry that I went to find something to eat by myself. He went into the kitchen and found nine cows and two tigers made of noodles in the cage. He felt very strange, but he was so hungry that he ate the nine cows and two tigers regardless of that. Strange to say, after eating these nine cows and two tigers, Chenxiang immediately felt extremely powerful. When he came to the courtyard, he picked up his usual weapons and was very light. He looked around and saw an eight foot long pestle with a thick bowl in the corner. He walked over and grabbed it with his hands, neither light nor heavy, so he waved it vigorously. At this time, Lu Zu came back. He laughed and said, “OK! OK! You have finally made great progress.” Chenxiang put away the pestle and knelt down on his knees. Lu Zu said to him, “Chenxiang, your martial arts have finally been learned, and you can also go up the mountain to save your mother. But to save your mother, you must first get the key to open the mountain. The key is placed there by your uncle Yang Jian, who is protected by a dog and an eagle, which is very powerful. Now I will give you two pills, a round dog and a long eagle, which will be of use.” Chenxiang listened, thanked his mentor, and went up the mountain with an iron pestle to find his uncle Yang Jian.

He ran to the South Tianmen in one breath and saw that many days would be surrounded by a majestic and arrogant God, so he bowed and said, “my name is Chenxiang, and I came to save my mother’s third virgin. Now I’m here to find my uncle Yang Jian to ask for the key to open the mountain. Please hand over the key!”

Yang Jian listened, and his eyebrows stood up. He stared at him and shouted, “bold little beast, how dare you be so presumptuous? Get away early to avoid your death! Otherwise, your uncle, I’ll be rude.”

Chenxiang saw his air, and had expected that he was Yang Jian, so he said politely, “please give me the key to the mountain, so that I can save my mother.”


“Evil! Your mother violated the rules of heaven and should be punished by heaven. What ability do you have to save your mother? It seems that you don’t know my divine power without giving you some color!” With that, Yang Jian took out his three pointed two edged knife and struck down at the head of Chenxiang. Chenxiang took his time, raised the pestle and tried to stop it. He heard a “click”, and Yang Jian’s knife was broken in two, and the upper half did not know where to fly. Erlang God was angry and anxious. With a roar, he called roaring dog. The howling dog pounced in the air with his mouth open. Chenxiang threw out a round pill, and Xiaotian dog swallowed it with his mouth open. All of a sudden, his teeth were closed, and he had to lie on the ground and roll. When Yang Jian saw that Xiaotian dog was dead, he released his eagle again. The eagle spread its wings and covered the sky and earth. Its two sharp claws were like two sharp knives. Chenxiang threw out the long pill again, and fixed the two wings of the eagle in the air, neither up nor down. At this time, Erlang God of the majestic I was purple, headache and soft, and he couldn’t move on a stone. Chenxiang went forward and asked him for the key to open the mountain. Yang Jian had to order Tian to take out the key and give it to Chenxiang. Chenxiang saw that the key to opening the mountain turned out to be a glittering crescent axe.

Chenxiang carrying a crescent axe, ran all the way and shouted, “Mom, where are you! Mom, where are you!”

Chenxiang shouted from the north peak to the south peak, and from the West Peak to the East peak. In this mountain, this side called, that side should, so that Chenxiang always couldn’t find where her mother was. He thought to himself, even if he had the key to the mountain, but he couldn’t find his mother’s residence, how could I save her! Thinking of this, he burst into tears, crying until it was dark and the sun and moon were dim. A mountain God heard the cry of Chenxiang and was deeply moved. He ran over to him and said, “filial good child, your mother is at the bottom of Xifeng mountain.” Chenxiang was so energetic that he stepped up to the West Peak. He shouted, “Mom! Come and save you.” Immediately I heard my mother’s echo. Aloes soared in the air, held high an iron axe, and cleaved down towards the peak. There was only a flash of golden light, and then the sound of thunderbolt shook the sky. The peak was split into a crack, and the three virgin slowly came out. Chenxiang finally rescued his mother. When Liu Yanchang heard in Luozhou that Chenxiang had rescued the third virgin, he abandoned his official position and came to Mount Hua, where the family was reunited.

The story of aloes splitting the mountain to save the mother has long been widely spread among the people and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Now it has been put on the stage. The story of “cutting mountains to save mother” in Shaanxi opera and “Baolian lamp” in Beijing opera are both about this story.

Now on Mount Hua, the place where Chenxiang cried was “Xiaozi peak”. On the top of the West peak of Mount Hua, a boulder more than ten feet long was cut into three sections. Beside the boulder was a crescent iron axe seven feet high and weighing more than 300 kilograms. According to legend, this is where aloes split mountains to save their mother. The boulder is called “axe splitting stone”, and the iron axe is called “mountain axe”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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