Ancient folk tales: King Mu’s westward journey. How did the legend of King Mu’s Westward Journey come from?

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King Mu of Zhou was the fifth king of the Western Zhou Dynasty and the son of King Zhao. It is said that King Mu of Zhou was born by Dan Zhu, the unfilial son of Yao, in a dream. Danzhu was originally an unruly and unfilial son who played around. In this way, even King Zhou mu, who was born only in his dream, was also a king who liked to wander. His greatest wish was to imagine that one day, like the Yellow Emperor, he could ride a divine horse and ride a cloud car to travel all over the earth and fairyland. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

In a country far away in the west, there is a man of magic called man. It was said that King Mu of Zhou liked wandering very much, so he came to the Western Zhou Dynasty. He has excellent humanization skills and extraordinary Taoist skills. He can walk back and forth from the raging fire without injury; He can float in the sky and never fall down for a long time; He has magical power and can move a palace to any place; He can also walk through the wall without a trace.

King Mu stared at Hua Ren’s abilities and gaped. He treats people as gods and treats them as guests of honor. However, Hua Ren regarded all the splendor and wealth given to him by King Mu as illusory things and did not pay attention at all. On one occasion, King Mu held a grand banquet to entertain Huaren. Hua Ren didn’t even move his chopsticks. Later, he went to King Mu’s side, took King Mu’s hand, and flew up in midair. At this time, Hua Ren designated a floating cloud, pulled Mu Wu to stand on the cloud, and then flew to the West. They came to a magnificent palace and stopped. This palace is glittering, gorgeous and solemn. The whole palace is made of bright jade and gorgeous pearls. The radiant light shows off incomparably, and directly shines on people’s eyes. Seeing such a temple, King Mu felt ashamed.


Looking at the glittering golden light, King Mu was a little dizzy for a while. He didn’t dare to stay for a long time, so he asked someone to take him back. Hua Ren agreed to his request, pushed King Mu, and he fell into the cloud.

King Mu fell from mid air and immediately woke up. He opened his eyes. It turned out that he was still sitting well at the table. Hua Ren was also beside him, nodding slightly at King Mu. Seeing that Mu Huaren was like this, he quietly asked him: I just seemed to follow you to somewhere, and then fell out of the cloud. What’s the matter?

Hua Ren told King Mu that we had just visited the West King’s mother hall in Kunlun Mountain, but in fact, our bodies did not move, and the time on the ground passed very slowly, just a nap.

King Mu listened to the words of Hua Ren, and was even more excited, so he tried to ask for the guidance of Hua Ren. Hua Ren was entangled by King Mu, so he said, “if you want to travel in China like the Yellow Emperor, you need to have excellent horses and capable people who are good at driving. Now there is a capable man called zaofu in your country, who can help you realize this dream. Go to find him.” With that, he ignored King Mu’s repeated detention and disappeared directly through the opposite wall.

King Mu ordered to search for drivers all over the world. Finally, he found his father at the foot of Kuafu mountain. The father made eight divine horses for King Mu. These eight divine horses are collectively known as the “eight dragon steeds”: one is called “Jedi”, which runs with its feet free of dust; A horse named Fanyu runs faster than birds in the sky; A horse named “Ben Xiao” can run thousands of miles overnight; A horse named “Super Shadow” ran and competed with the sun; One is called “Yuhui”, and its coat color is shiny; One horse said “super light”, running wildly, there would be ten overlapping shadows; One horse is “Teng fog”, which can run on clouds and fog; A horse named “wing”, with wings on both sides of its front legs, walks like flying.

After getting the BMW, King Mu sent people all the way to Longchuan, an island in the sea in the East China Sea, to collect a kind of God grass called “Longchu”, which was specially used to raise these God horses. This kind of grass is only found in Longchuan in the world. Ordinary horses can travel 800 days as long as they eat this kind of grass. After eating these grasses, these eight divine horses are even more powerful.


King Mu, the queen mother of the west, traveled around the world for herself and had someone specially build a “dragon chariot” for him, which was pulled by these eight God horses. So King Mu asked zaofu to drive a car and travel to China from east to west. First, he crossed the Yellow River, followed the northern foot of Taihang Mountain and reached the foot of Yinshan Mountain; Turn and turn to the west, through Hexi, climb the Qilian Mountains; Finally, he went westward to the West Queen Mother Palace on the top of the Kunlun Mountains, where he had sleepwalked. He met the queen mother of the West in her palace and witnessed her noble face and peerless beauty. King Mu also came prepared this time. He presented white guixuanbi in his hands to the queen mother of the west, and also presented 1000 colorful brocade silk tapestries. The queen mother of the West also warmly entertained King Mu of Zhou and made him forget to return.

King Mu passed the Kunlun Mountains and continued his westward journey. But his country, because he hasn’t returned for a long time, has a loose government, and some confused officials have made the country messy. At this time, Xu, a vassal state in the Western Zhou Dynasty, implemented benevolent policies, made friends and good neighbors, and gradually became stronger during the reign of King Xu Yan. Later, on one occasion, King Xu Yan went out to hunt and got a red bow and a bunch of red arrows. He thought it was a blessing from heaven, so he had the ambition to take Zhou and replace him. When King Mu heard the news of King Xu Yan’s rebellion, he summoned all the troops and drove the “dragon chariot” himself, traveling thousands of miles a day.

King Xu Yan saw that King Mu was coming fiercely. If he resisted, the people would suffer. This runs counter to the benevolent nature of King Yan, and King Xu Yan certainly couldn’t bear to see it. Therefore, before King Mu’s army came, Xu Yan led his troops to retreat to the foot of Dongshan mountain in Wuyuan, Pengcheng. Later, he fled to the deep mountains and valleys, hiding and never came out again. However, although King Xu Yan was no longer the monarch of the state of Xu, many people supported him. Some people lived with him in the deep mountain, which was also called “Xushan” because of the arrival of King Xu Yan.

Some later generations said that the queen mother of the West and King Mu of Zhou also performed a lingering love story at the foot of Tianshan mountain north of Kunlun mountain. However, King Mu of Zhou, after all, was reincarnated by Danzhu, who was a dissolute and devoted his whole life to the journey to the west, leaving behind his promise to the queen mother of the West. Later, someone wrote a very emotional love elegy to describe this love: “Yao Chi am leaned against the window, and the yellow bamboo string song moved to mourn. The eight horses traveled 30000 miles a day, so why don’t King Mu come back?” West Queen Mother also deeply hates King Mu’s ruthlessness, and at the same time envies all others for their true love. As a result, she ruthlessly broke up the Cowherd and the weaver girl, so that they could only face each other across the river; She did not allow Dong Yong, who was in love with the truth, to be with the seven fairies, so that “celestial match” could only be a tragedy in the end. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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