Ancient folk tales: the hero Mo ye, what is the legend of the sword forged by the hero Mo ye?

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Gan Jiang and Mo ye are the couple who cast swords together. Because they cast two ancient male and female swords named after Gan Jiang and Mo Ye respectively, their names have become synonymous with the best swords in the world. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

At first, Gan Jiang and Ou Yezi learned the magic of sword casting. They were extremely gifted and finally reached the peak. No one in the world can match their martial brothers. Later, Gan Jiang and Ou Yezi jointly forged three swords, namely “Longyuan”, “tai’a” and “Gongbu”, which were considered to be a complete graduation.

After learning, they said goodbye to their master and returned to their own countries.

Gan Jiang returned to the state of Wu and married his wife Mo Ye. The couple usually make a living by casting daily ironware for others. They sometimes cast swords, but rarely. Unless they have to, they won’t cast swords, because they know that bad things will happen when swords are cast, so it’s better to cast less.


Besides, ouyezi returned to the state of Chu. It happened that the love Princess of the king of Chu was pregnant with iron and soon gave birth to a piece of green iron. Knowing that this was a treasure, which was extremely rare, the king of Chu decided to cast it into a sword. So he issued a summons, searched all over the territory of the state of Chu for famous sword makers, and soon found Ou Yezi. It took Ou Yezi three years to cast a sharp sword for the king of Chu with a boy as a blood guide.

At this time, the state of Wu was at war with the state of Chu. The king of Wu heard that the king of Chu had got a good sword that cut gold like earth, and he also wanted to make a better sword than the sword of the king of Chu. He then sent people to find the generals and Mo ye, and ordered them to make a better sword in two years.

In fact, the sword making technology of the Gan Jiang is higher than that of Ou Yezi. However, the Gan Jiang is not as good as that of Ou Yezi, so he cast more than ten swords for the king of Wu in succession. He tried with the sword of the king of Chu and was cut off by the sword of the king of Chu every time. For this reason, the king of Wu was very angry, so he gave the cadre general Mo ye a death date: if you can’t forge a better sword in the remaining year, you both have to be executed.

So the cadre, despite all the hardships, gathered “the iron essence of five mountains and the gold of Six Harmonies”, and finally found a piece of pure green and transparent precious iron. The iron is cold and dazzling. So the generals and Mo ye cast a high platform, “serve the heaven and the earth, and Yin and yang are in the same light”. With the best charcoal, they raised a strong wind, lit a raging fire, and burned this piece of iron in the furnace. The magnificent scene also attracted the presence of the gods. But after burning for ten months, the deadline is about to pass. However, no matter how the dry general blows, no matter how Mo Ye adds firewood, the precious iron is not melted at all.

The dragon and their expression became more and more dignified. The cadre raised his head and looked into the distance. His voice was low and very calm and said, “this is a strange treasure. It will not melt unless it is splashed with fresh blood!” With that, he waved his sword and cut his wrist, dripping blood on the red precious iron in the furnace. Mo ye also bit her finger to let the blood drop in. When their blood was mixed and dyed on the precious iron, the precious iron slowly melted, and then a curl of smoke rose, and then a burst of cold air hit. At the moment when the furnace cover was opened, the sky and earth instantly changed color, and the wind and clouds surged. A thick white fog rose from the furnace, and soon filled the sky, completely covering the sword casting platform. Then a dense magic light appeared on the top of the head. In the cooled dark furnace, there were two precious swords lying.

They finally cast two unparalleled Swords: Gan Jiang sword and Mo Ye sword. They spat the sword with the clearest spring in the back mountain, and engraved their couple’s names on it. The male sword is engraved with the word “Gan Jiang” in Yang script, and the female sword is engraved with the word “Mo Ye” in Yin script.

However, they are overdue. Overdue is to be beheaded, of course, the cadre knows. At this time, Mo Ye was also pregnant. The general didn’t want to implicate his wife, so he took the female sword to see the king of Wu alone. The king of Wu was really angry, so he killed the cadre.

Shortly after the death of the general, Mo Ye gave birth to his son Chi. Chi was born with a very strange appearance. The distance between two rows of eyebrows is about a foot wide, so people call him “eyebrow ruler”. When Chi grew up, he asked his mother where his father had gone. His mother told him, “your father cast a sword for the king of Wu, but he couldn’t finish it within the specified time, so he was ruthlessly killed by the king of Wu. When he left, he told me one thing. Now that you are old, let me tell you. Your father said that after leaving the house, looking at the Nanshan Mountain, you will see a pine tree growing on a stone. If you split the back of the tree, you can find a sword.”

Hearing his mother’s words, Chi stood at the door of his house and looked south, but he didn’t see any mountains. He only saw the pine column in front of the house, which stood on the cushion stone below. Chi suddenly understood. He used an axe to split the back of the stick and found the cold shining “cadre” sword that had been hidden for 17 years. Chi got the male sword and thought about revenge for his father day and night.


The next day, Chi said goodbye to her mother and went to the capital of the state of Wu to avenge the king of Wu.

Besides, the king of Wu suddenly had a strange dream. He dreamed of a child holding a sword to avenge his father. The child’s eyebrows were a foot apart. So the king of Wu hurriedly posted a list to catch Na fan, who was one foot away from his eyebrows, and offered a heavy reward.

Hearing the news, Chi hid alone in a remote place and began to cry. His sad cry moved a passing swordsman in black. So the swordsman walked towards him along the cry. The swordsman in black came to have a look. He was surprised to find that the child in front of him was the one offered by the king of Wu. He squatted down and asked the reason for the matter with concern. Chi told the swordsman the whole story of his revenge. Seeing that the boy was so resolute, the swordsman couldn’t help thinking, “I can revenge for you! But I have to take your head and the male sword to kill the king of Wu! And I can revenge for you.”

Chi nodded silently, immediately pulled out the “cadre” sword, cut off his head, and handed it to the swordsman together with the sword, but his body still stood up until the swordsman said to him, “don’t worry, I will not fail you!” At this time, the red body fell down.

The swordsman in black went to see the king of Wu with a red head and a “cadre” sword. The king of Wu was very happy. The swordsman said, “this is a head of hatred, which must be boiled in hot water to eliminate its hatred.” The king of Wu then boiled boiling water in a big cauldron according to the swordsman’s words. But he didn’t boil his head for three days and nights. The king of Wu went to the tripod and saw that the head suddenly jumped out and caught the king of Wu’s nose. The swordsman beside cut off the head of the king of Wu in the boiling water with only one sword. Then, the swordsman also cut off his head and put it in the tripod. The three heads were soon boiled into a sticky soup. It was completely impossible to tell which was the king of Wu, which was the red, and which was the swordsman.

Finally, people divided the contents of the pot into three parts for burial, and each built a tomb, which is commonly known as the “Tomb of the three kings”. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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