Ancient love story: Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty and concubine Yang

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Throughout the ages, love has been a popular topic among the people, and literary works praising love have emerged in endlessly. But most of them are love tragedies, and few of them end in comedies. Today, the Xiaobian of will bring you a love story about Emperor Tang and concubine Yang. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Speaking of Yang Yuhuan, we are amazed at her beauty and feel sorry for her death. Her love story with the Tang emperor has been handed down for thousands of years. Yangyuhuan is amazing, good at music and has a very high talent for music. Her talent is rare among concubines in the imperial palace. She was born in an eunuch family. Her original husband was not Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty, and the son of Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty, the longevity king.


At that time, Empress Wu Hui was selecting an imperial concubine. She accidentally saw Yang Yuhuan. At that time, she was deeply attracted by her beautiful appearance, graceful dancing and talent for mastering music. She was directly selected as the imperial concubine of the longevity king. In the fifth year after she married the longevity king, Empress Wu Hui died of illness. Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty was very sad about the death of empress AI. I have no intention to go to court all day, and I am depressed.

At this time, a courtier told emperor Tangming that Yang Yuhuan, the consort of King Shou, was very similar to Empress Wu Hui. Later, Emperor Tangming saw that it was true, and he was even more powerful than Empress Wu Hui. From then on, Emperor Tangming turned his eyes to his daughter-in-law. Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty made an excuse to pray for the Empress Dowager and asked Yang Yuhuan to leave Prince Shou’s residence to become a monk. A few years later, when his prayers were full, he asked Yang Yuhuan to return to the secular world and be granted the title of imperial concubine, which was included in his palace.

Since then, Yang Yuhuan has been favored. When one person was favored, the whole family gained power. At this time, the Yang family became more and more brilliant with Yang Yuhuan’s favor. Yang Yuhuan’s brothers and sisters all gave high-ranking officials salaries. When Emperor Tang Ming was playing, he asked the Yang family to lead the team. Each team was wearing colorful and gorgeous clothes with a variety of headwear. Jewelry fell and glittered everywhere they passed. It can be seen how extravagant the Yang family was at that time and how much favor the Emperor Tang Ming was.


As emperor tangyuhuan was so spoiled by him, Yang Yuhuan was so willful that he dared to contradict him. According to unofficial history records, a courtier went to the Jiangnan beauty contest and saw a woman who was surprisingly beautiful, gentle and elegant, so he brought it back to the emperor. The emperor liked it very much. Because the woman liked plum blossoms, he canonized her as Princess Mei and planted plum blossoms in a courtyard for her. He often enjoyed the flowers and scenery with her, Love is incomparable.

Later, I met yangyuhuan. Yang Yuhuan’s beauty and charm were unparalleled. The emperor soon forgot Mei Fei. Mei Fei, who had been neglected for a long time, missed the emperor and wrote a letter to him. When he saw the letter, Tangminghuang remembered Mei Fei, who had been in love with her in the past, and secretly spoiled her with Yang Yuhuan on his back. Yang Yuhuan was jealous and had a big quarrel with Tangminghuang. Tangminghuang was very upset. The imperial concubine took charge of the emperor’s private life. The emperor of the Tang Dynasty, who could not keep his face, sent Yang Yuhuan back to his mother’s home to think about his past.

After Yang Yuhuan returned to his mother’s house, Emperor Tangming missed Yang Yuhuan without thinking about food. The minister saw that the emperor was so heartbroken for the sake of the imperial concubine, so he invited Yang Yuhuan back. The two people who had not seen each other for several days had already missed each other and loved each other even more. There was another incident, which reflected the love of the emperor for Yang Yuhuan. Yang Yuhuan secretly played the flute of Ning, the eldest brother of the emperor, while the emperor was away.

However, he was discovered by the emperor and immediately became jealous. Send yangyuhuan out of the palace again. After Yang Yuhuan left the palace, he cut off a strand of hair and asked his ministers to take it to Tang Minghuang. When Tang Minghuang saw it, he was reluctant to part with it. He also asked him to take Yang Yuhuan back. It has been eight years since King Ning died, so Yang Yuhuan can’t have an affair with the dead. He must have loved her very much.


Yang Yuhuan’s favor made the Yang family lawless and wantonly restrained bribes in the palace. Moreover, the younger sister of the Tang emperor had to give up her seat when she met the Yang family. The daughter of the Tang emperor was chased by the Yang family to ask for gifts because she had a quarrel with the Yang family. She was so arrogant that she relied on the support of her imperial concubine. The Tang emperor thought that if she did not rectify, the Yang family would go too far.

So he sent Yang Yuhuan back to his mother’s house. The difference this time was that the emperor had not returned Yang Yuhuan for many days. Seeing Yang Yuhuan crying all day, the Yang family was also worried. Later, the ministers came to persuade him. The emperor agreed. As soon as Yang Yuhuan saw that the emperor had sent someone to pick her up, he immediately fell to the ground and confessed his mistake. Since then, the Yang family is no longer as arrogant and domineering as before.

The an Shi rebellion was caused by Yang Yuhuan. Although Yang Yuhuan was innocent, all the officials thought her beauty was harmful to the country. All the people unanimously demanded that Yang Yuhuan be executed. It would be difficult to comfort the army if they did not kill her. In order to protect themselves, the emperor had to accept advice and had to kill Yang Yuhuan. He was only 38 years old when he died. After calming down the an Shi rebellion, the emperor sent people to look for Yang Yuhuan’s body, but failed to find it. Yang Yuhuan was a pity of the emperor’s life. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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