Andy Lau joins the four mentors of the voice of China to ignite the topic

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Recently, several TV stations have launched their own music programs. As the trump card program of Zhejiang satellite TV, voice of China has always attracted everyone’s attention. The latest news came that Andy Lau joined the voice of China, and the lineup of the four mentors this season is also very topical. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Andy Lau joins the voice of China

The voice of China has been broadcast for 10 seasons. Recently, Zhejiang satellite TV announced that it will record the voice of China in Season 11. Everyone is also looking forward to the tutor lineup of this season. It has always been the practice of the voice of China to invite four tutors, and this season is the same, namely Liao Changyong, Li Keqin, Li Ronghao and Liang Jingru. Needless to say, the musical talents of these four instructors are definitely at the level of great gods.

However, in terms of the good voice of China this season, the program team still made some adjustments and invited Andy Lau as the witness of the program to join the recording of the program. The topic of Andy Lau’s good voice witnesses suddenly rushed to the hot search, which shows how powerful Andy Lau’s influence is. When the program is broadcast, it is estimated that many people will go to watch the program for Andy Lau.

Four mentor lineups ignite the topic

In fact, up to now, many viewers have been tired of this program, and the program team has been trying to try some new ways to play. Every time in the choice of tutors, the program team is painstaking. This time, the program team invited Andy Lau, the king of heaven. As a good voice witness, whether Andy Lau will participate in the whole process of recording or only in the recording of the finals has not been decided. I also hope that the voice of China can have many good players in the new season, and don’t live up to such a powerful star guest lineup.

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