Andy’s marriage myth members are exposed to be at odds with each other on the song stage, except for Shen Meimei

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Myth group was founded in 2008. It has been 24 years now. The members of the group have also experienced a lot of ups and downs. In the eyes of many fans, they are the men’s group with the best feelings. Recently, however, something seems to have happened to the portfolio. The members of Andy’s marriage myth were exposed to be at odds with each other, because when the members performed a song of congratulation on the stage, only Shen Meimei was not involved. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Andy’s marriage myth members are exposed to discord

There are 6 members in the myth group. Currently, Eric, junjin and busy Andy are married. When the members get married, others must come to the wedding. According to the Convention, the six members must perform the songs of the myth combination at the wedding. Although the other five members attended Andy’s marriage this time. However, during the singing ceremony, shenmeimei did not take part in the ceremony. Instead, Andy, the groom, and four other members performed together.

Although Andy’s wedding is private, there are still people taking photos and videos on the scene. After the video of Zhu Ge’s stage performance came out, there was no sign of Shen Meimei, so everyone wondered whether Shen Meimei and Andy were at odds, so they didn’t go to Andy’s wedding. In the face of this dispute, shenmeimei’s company also made a response to the outside world, saying that shenmeimei had attended Andy’s wedding that day, but it was only because shenmeimei was in poor health that she did not participate in the song stage.

Andy’s wedding song stage is empty

However, the spokesman of the company also mentioned that the stage of Zhu Ge had not realized the agreement. This sentence has also been interpreted by many netizens, because they think that there is nothing to discuss on the Zhu Ge stage. This is a certain process for the wedding. Even if there is no discussion in advance, with the feelings of myth for 24 years, Shen comet should not refuse. Therefore, netizens still feel that there is a disagreement in the combination of myth.

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