Angelababy responded by pretending that it was the director’s request

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Angelababy’s shooting of many plays is not favored by everyone. Up to now, she has been scolded for her lack of dedication and poor acting skills. The main reason is that she did all kinds of operations when shooting song in the clouds. Angelababy responded by pretending to eat and even threw the pot to the director. The reason why she pretended to eat at that time was in accordance with the director’s requirements. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Angelababy responds to fake eating

Angelababy recently participated in the filming of the second season of mengtan detective case. In the latest program, Songdandan asked each member to tell a story about his being misunderstood by the public. Angelababy said that she was questioned about the fake food. Angelababy said that the biggest rumor was about her appetite. Everyone thought she had a small appetite, so she faked it when filming. In addition, angelababy also mentioned a very famous online moving picture about her fake eating (from the TV series song in the clouds). Angelababy explained that it was performed at the request of the director at that time.

Because of the need of shooting, the director said that when shooting the vision, angelababy should not really eat the food, just taste it a little, or the next scene would be impossible to shoot. This problem exists in many dramas, especially in TVB dramas, when actors shoot plays about eating, they basically fake eating. Angelababy has repeatedly stressed that fake eating is really not a crime, because he can really eat in his life, and he has a body that is not fat. And there are many pictures of her eating on the Internet, but everyone just chooses to ignore them.

Angelababy fakes is the director’s request

However, after the broadcast of the program, many netizens began to roast. Angelababy’s explanation didn’t wash her white and pretend to eat. Netizens said that the shot was a close-up view, which was not the vision of angelababy at all. Netizens also said that the reason why people don’t like angelababy and crazy roast about her starring song in the clouds is not because angelababy fakes to eat, but because she is shooting all kinds of stingy and glaring in the Bureau.

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