Angelababy was completely removed from the film and TV series. What happened to angelababy

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The TV series Twilight dating starring angelababy and Karen yam can already be booked. However, Netizens found that in the introduction column of Twilight heart appointment, only the name of the hero Ren Jialun appeared, and the name of the heroine angelababy was missing. Angelababy was completely removed from the film and television series? Angelababy, what’s wrong? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Angelababy was completely removed from the film and television series

When Twilight heart was shooting, there were many rumors that angelababy and Ren Jialun were at odds. It is reported that it was Ren Jialun who signed the play first, and he signed the contract. It turned out that angelababy, who signed the contract later, had always wanted to do it, and angelababy had capital backing behind it. As a result, the crew had not made official publicity for the play, and had been avoiding the problem of fan position. The incident also triggered a heated discussion among many netizens. As a result, I didn’t expect that, except for the twilight drama, angelababy’s love should look like something, such as fate and diffuse shadow. Angelababy’s name was missing from the column of actors.

These works are all from Tencent, some of which are from a long time ago, so netizens speculated that angelababy had offended Tencent, so it was completely removed from the list by Tencent. Angelababy fans also explained that angelababy, as an actor, intended to use the name Yang Ying, so Tencent would add Yang Ying after removing angelababy from the list. But so far, Tencent has not added Yang Ying’s name to these dramas.

Angelababy, what happened

Many netizens speculated that something had happened to angelababy, and Tencent had to protect itself to get rid of angelababy. Some netizens even guessed that it was because angelababy wanted to compete with Ren Jialun for the position, which angered the top management of Tencent, because Wu Lei had been blocked by Tencent for the position earlier. For ordinary netizens, removing angelababy from the list seems to be a good thing for the play. Because angelababy, to a certain extent, represents a bad film. In addition, angelababy’s name will affect the investment attraction of the platform and persuade many netizens to quit. However, angelababy has not yet responded to this matter.

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