Are Fuxi and Nuwa only found in China? Why are the ancient civilizations of the world so similar?

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Today, the Chinese story network will bring you the exploration of the world’s ancient civilization. I hope it can help you.

I believe everyone has heard of the myths and legends of Fuxi and Nuwa. These are two very important figures in our ancient Chinese mythology, and they have always been regarded as the ancestors of humanity by the Chinese people. Fuxi and Nuwa not only created human beings, but also created the Chinese civilization. In the mythology, Nuwa mended the sky and saved all the people in the world. Fuxi created the eight diagrams, which opened a new journey for human beings to explore the universe and the mysteries of nature. It can be said that it is precisely because of Fuxi and Nuwa that the Chinese civilization has more vitality and vitality.

In Chinese mythology, in fact, Fuxi and Nuwa were brothers and sisters. There were historical factors at that time, which made them come together, become husband and wife, and Ka began to reproduce. Among the historical relics unearthed in Xinjiang, I believe everyone will not be familiar with the painting of Fuxi Nuwa mating. Both of them are presented to future generations in the posture of half man and half snake mating. However, such myths have not only appeared in China, but also in other ancient civilizations. Similar things are also recorded in the legends of ancient Babylon, ancient Greece and ancient India.


In the mythology of ancient Babylon, there are two gods, one is Enki, the God full of wisdom, and the other is nimma, the goddess of fertility. These two gods are also brothers and sisters with human heads and snake bodies in the mythology of ancient Babylon. These two gods are basically the same as Fuxi Nuwa in Chinese mythology. In addition, it is said that Ningma created human beings by playing with mud. Enji and Ningma were able to become husband and wife because they got together just because they were drunk at a banquet of gods. Finally, there was a mythological description of mating.

In ancient Greek mythology, there was a couple god named Isis and Serapis. The images of these two gods are also the images of human head and snake body. Isis was also one of the nine pillar gods among the ancient Egyptian gods, mainly in charge of life, marriage, magic and fertility. And her husband, Serapis, was a God in charge of production and productivity. In the mythology of ancient Greece, both are the great gods that gave birth to human civilization.


Finally, in ancient Indian mythology, the gods with the head and the body of the snake were called Naga and Nagi. These two are the “eight heavenly dragons” in ancient Indian Buddhism and are one of the patrons of Indian Buddhism. In ancient Indian Buddhism, the patron saint of Naga springs, wells and rivers has the ability to carry clouds and rain, which can bring people a good harvest but also bring disasters. Therefore, in ancient India, Indians often went to worship him in the hope of getting shelter. In Indian mythology, Naga and Naji also show the image of mating. All of the above are very similar to Fuxi and Nuwa in China, which is surprising.

What is more interesting is that among the ancient languages, the pronunciation of Chinese Nvwa, ancient Babylonian Ningma and ancient Indian Naga are very similar in the ancient languages of various regions, and the pronunciation of Fuxi, Enji and Naji are also very similar. By comparing the above three ancient myths of other countries with those of China, we can find that there are too many coincidences. However, art comes from reality, which has been the case since ancient times. This has to make people think whether the ancient civilization of mankind is the same source, and this also proves from the side that perhaps a long time ago, Fuxi and Nuwa were probably real in the world.

These civilizations are distributed all over the world, and each civilization is separated by thousands of mountains and rivers. With the backward information transmission ability in those years, it is basically impossible for civilizations to influence each other. However, the myths and legends between these ancient civilizations are extremely similar, which is really confusing to many people. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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