Are the bad doctors?

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (ID: hooyar_380097485)

I was isolated, three cats were crying at home, and I couldn’t sleep in the hotel.

If I only think about myself, where is not a house? However, my cats have not been separated for more than 48 hours since they were raised. And every time I leave them, I will find someone to take care of them. Now, I am in the isolation hotel with a sad face, and the cat does not know what to do at home.

I’m not complaining about anyone, and the positive neighbors are not willing to share this kind of thing. Everything is a trick of fate.

I really hope that this terrible epidemic will disappear as soon as possible, and I hope that one day when I wake up, there will be no virus in the world.


These are my wishes. Some people who have made a lot of money from the epidemic may not be willing. Their buttocks decide their heads, medical matters and many other important matters. Do you have the right to criticize and judge?

However, we have to stand up and make our own weak voice, because if we keep silent, that is acquiescence, that is, conniving at the continuous violations of bad people.

Recently, some fans asked me to write about Liu Xiangfeng of Xiangya Second Hospital. I knew nothing about this person before. After reading the information about him on the Internet, I found that although the evil deeds sounded shocking, I, as an ordinary patient, had encountered similar things.

You said that I didn’t have fame and status, so I was treated as a fat sheep by the black doctor and various ruas. But my former boss, who wanted money, power and power, was almost fooled into doing an operation. He was also lucky. When he met a young man under the big doctor, he saw that the operation might have sequelae, so he gently advised her to go to several hospitals for comprehensive comparison.

The old man was very shrewd and immediately understood the subtext. He changed the place and finally avoided an operation that hurt people and money.

I have also mentioned my uncle’s example in other articles. He was once diagnosed as a rare cancer by doctors. He had to take a course of medicine of several hundred thousand yuan. This medicine has not been included in the medical insurance, so he can only pay for it at his own expense. In order to cure the disease, he had to sell his own house. Later, he changed to a traditional Chinese medicine, and was cured with several thousand yuan of herbal medicine and acupuncture. So where can he get justice for his suffering?

Let me ask, who is more hateful than the doctor in these two cases?

But why can Dr. Liu of Xiangya be exposed? Because a good doctor did not want to join the gang, he was reported and exposed.

Doctors are just a profession. When recruiting for any profession, we can only look at his skills, and we can’t judge his character at all.

Doctor is also a very special profession, because it is related to human life and health, so it requires higher personal qualities of practitioners.

So I ask you, is a salesman who can sell goods a good salesman?

I remember that when former US President Chuan Bao bragged about his business talent, he was often complacent because he cheated his competitors. The audience watching the show below can also take Chuan Bao’s joy and laugh together.

But if a doctor talks in front of the people and tells them how he deceives the patients by taking some drugs that have many side effects, will there still be people clapping and laughing?

But what do you think is the difference between the two? They are just using marketing skills to earn extra profits. Why can’t you tolerate doctors doing this?

One of my fans is a doctor. His family is in a good condition and he is lucky enough to speculate in the stock market in his spare time, so he doesn’t have such a strong pursuit for money. He often tells me that he doesn’t want to be a doctor. Because the hospital conducts KPI assessment, one indicator is income generation.

He believes that a doctor should use the least money and the most appropriate scheme to restore the patient’s health.

A person who is sick is poor enough. Why use disease as a handle to blackmail others?

But if you don’t do this, a patient will be lost, which will not only damage your own interests, but also the economic interests of the whole department and even the whole hospital.

I’m also a person like a doctor. I want to eat, drink, and have five emotions and six desires. I also want to have more money in my pocket.

In such a professional profession, as long as you hint a little, make a small opening, and create an atmosphere where I am not for myself, but for the whole, how can you organize doctors to make excessive profits?

Is it true that no one has ever known that there are many doctors whose medical ethics have been corrupted and who have been in high positions for many years?

Liu Xiangfeng hung up the name of a professor. Before the rotten thing was hotly debated on the whole network, many people in the hospital reported him, but was it useful?

He operated on people when he saw them. He abused all kinds of expensive drugs without restraint. Of course, he had a commission. But who do you think the majority of these revenues went to?

For some people, as long as people don’t kill themselves, or even close their eyes when they kill, the lives of others have nothing to do with themselves.

After I have a cat, I love my cat very much, but I don’t blink at the cockroaches that are active in my kitchen. So, do you think I am a person who loves and respects life?

Yes, under the long-term self hypnosis and with the support of the whole system, some people can evolve into a superhuman. Because he wears a doctor’s white coat, he always feels that he is not of the same race as ordinary people, so he doesn’t feel ashamed to be cruel.

Therefore, last year, the state made great efforts to renovate the education and training industry, and I supported it.

Because once teachers realize the benefits hidden in the industrialization of education, they will try every means to treat children as a cash cow. Parents simply have no power to resist, so they are forced to bear a high burden. Those who are afraid of the burden simply come to stay unmarried and sterile to ensure safety. As a result, the birth rate in China has fallen.

When we see the consequences, many evils have been running for many years.

I think of a news I saw a few years ago. A child was forced to jump from a building to commit suicide by her teacher. The reason was that she did not report to the extra-curricular class organized by the teacher.

My friend’s son is in a key high school, but the teacher deliberately doesn’t speak a lot of knowledge, even vaguely. Do you want to learn? Go to the cram school recommended by him.

Even if parents have a lot of money and can afford to spend it, if you let a child grow up in this environment, can his three views be correct?

Last year, a hospital pulled a banner to make money during the new year. This year, a hospital even conducted a PPT study on how to retain patients.

You want to make a fortune and keep patients. Is the hospital a hotel? Who is willing to go to the hospital, who is not wishing that he and his family will not have any contact with the hospital all his life.

When the entire medical system is industrialized, the assessment target of the hospital will naturally be profit. Then, doctors will become the first-line salespeople selling medicine and medical care. Then, what qualifications do you have to ask these salespeople to abide by professional ethics and not do anything moral degradation for the sake of sales performance?

With ethics and technology as the sole criterion, you can of course select many good doctors to serve the patients in the first line and take profit as the first criterion. Of course, a large number of doctors like Professor Liu will be selected. What we should be thankful for is that there are so many medical students in such an environment who can still maintain their childlike heart and stand out to expose their evil deeds.

The post-90s and post-00s have gradually entered the job market. Their advantage is that many families have given their children a good platform and starting point. Therefore, some greedy behaviors of cannibalism have been repeatedly exposed.

But can an industry that has a bearing on the health and well-being of 1.4 billion people only hope on the boldness and conscience of some people?

Of course, I hate Professor Liu, but as a patient, I have unfortunately seen all kinds of Professor Liu, large and small. Whenever I see that I am used to all kinds of bad deeds, I can not help feeling bad.

What can I do? I have to try my best to keep healthy. I really can’t keep healthy, so I’ll carry on. It’s not that I don’t trust doctors, I don’t trust my luck.

So you see, whose fault is it that things have come to this?

It’s really hard to learn medicine. Many people can endure this hardship. They are not for employment, but have a kind of idealism. But why, why can patients only rely on luck to avoid losses?

Why do so many rumors about medical treatment prevail? Is it true that we are generally retarded?

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