Are Xiufen rich? Why do Xiufen give up krypton gold

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Xiufen deserves to be the fans of the stars who have taken part in the talent show. These fans like this star because of this talent show. Very popular talent shows such as idol trainees, Creation Camp, youth with you and so on. Are all Xiufen rich? Why are Xiufen so willing to be her idol krypton gold? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Are Xiufen all rich

If you have paid attention to the gossip in the entertainment industry, you should know that sister Ding Zeren paid 3 million krypton for him. The station sister liked Ding Zeren because of the idol trainee program, and spent 3 million yuan in the four years of star chasing. Before, some people showed the sales volume of Dili Reba magazine. After reading the data, they could not compare with the sales volume of many xiuren magazines. However, the popularity of these xiuren magazines was far lower than that of Dili Reba. It can only be said that Xiufen was really willing to krypton gold.

Many people say that Xiufen is rich, so she is willing to spend money on her idol. This may not be true. There was a news story before. In order to save money for his brother’s album sales, a fan of a show man actually ate only one steamed bun a day to satisfy his hunger. If Xiufen really had money, she would not have wronged herself so much. However, there are indeed a lot of confused show people, and there will also be some rich woman fans, such as Ding Zeren’s rich woman standing sister.

Why did Xiufen give up krypton gold

Now Xiufen defaults to krypton gold, and it costs money to play. After her debut, she spends money to buy magazines and singles. The reason why Xiufen gives up krypton gold is that Xiufen food circle is such a culture, and there is a default data competition. On the surface, Xiufen is fighting for the popularity of her brothers and sisters. In fact, in a certain sense, it is fighting for Xiufen’s face. It may also have the thrill of buying shares. If the draft is over and the performers they support are not doing well, these show fans will not hesitate to take off the fans. They prefer to be fans of the red man.

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