Are you afraid of “World War”?

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

Yesterday someone asked me, “are you afraid of world war?”?

I looked up at the sky. The sun was shining brightly. I saw neither mushroom clouds nor flowers and trees in the east wind night. I asked him where the world war came from?

He said it was right in front of him? You can see that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is at an impasse. The “international community” is isolating Russia. Lithuania has blocked the material access to Kaliningrad. US President Biden has visited Japan and South Korea. Two US Congressmen have proposed to “incorporate Taiwan into NATO”. In fact, we are also being “isolated” and surrounded by enemies The situation is very dangerous. The world war is terrible. Many people will die.

I asked him, “dare you ask the grand master, what countermeasures do you have?”

He held his head high and said: “What’s unclear is that those who make friends with the United States have all lived in a free and democratic developed country; which is not a poor, backward and undemocratic dictatorship if they are enemies with the United States? Do we have any choice? Naturally, we should integrate with the mainstream of the world and the ‘international community’, not be so aggressive, lay down our weapons and open the door to the country, so that we can survive; only by stabbing the old maozi and winning the trust of the United States, can we win Future “.



I laughed angrily and asked him, “do you mean surrender?”

Why do you say that? This is the wisdom handed down by our ancestors. This is Zhaoan. We have struggled to this day to integrate into the “international mainstream society” and become an “ally of the United States”?

I said that after decades of hard work and countless sweat, we have worked together to become an “ally” of the United States? So we can’t beg on our knees?


Don’t laugh, this logic still has quite a market in China. The “pro american faction” has long had several ideological seals: 1. The United States is invincible; 2. The United States is strong and has many allies, so it represents justice; 3. To take refuge in the United States is to move towards civilization; 4. If you take refuge in the United States, you will get help from the United States and live in a developed country; 5. Except for the United States and its allies, billions of people in other countries are not human beings. They do not need to help them, trust them, rely on them, and sell them for dollars.

In their eyes, only South Korea, Japan, the five eye alliance, developed countries and the western world, never North Korea, Serbia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, South America What the fucking “mainstream international community”? More than 140 countries participated in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum and more than 180 countries along the the Belt and Road. They also said that we are “retrograde” and “unjust and lack of help”.

Their ideology has reached the point of seeking the sword by carving a boat. It seems that their minds are still decades before the end of the cold war. They can’t see the changes in China and the changes in the world. They really live as “people in the Peach Blossom Land”. People in the third world are unwilling to kneel down and are unwilling to be plundered, squeezed and enslaved by western “developed countries”. Even Indonesia has shouted that “China is the benchmark and pioneer of anti imperialist movement”, They also want to press everyone’s head and force everyone to kneel down.

They also pretend to be anti war and peace loving all day long. In fact, in the decades since the end of World War II, when has peace really happened? Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, Syrian war Where the Star Spangled Banner goes, where there is no blood, where there are no dead people? Why didn’t I see them opposing war and calling for peace at that time? The United States has deployed military bases in the Asia Pacific region and engaged in island chains to blockade China. For decades, the side of our couch has been full of guns. Why not call the United States a warmonger and imperialist invader?

World War? Isn’t today’s world already in the midst of war? Hot war, cold war, biological war, trade war, financial war, public opinion war, which day is not war?

After winning the cold war, the United States has built an extremely unjust world order. It regards Russia, China and all the people of the third world as “losers” to plunder, sanction and punish. The western developed countries hold themselves high and regard themselves as colonial masters, sucking the blood of the world and plunging the world into turmoil and tear. They look down on us, Treat us as prey for killing each other in the hunger game Is this really fair?

No one expects war, but if there is a world war, I hope it will be the following: those nations who have been bullied and oppressed for decades or hundreds of years, have hatred and revenge, have been dismembered and unified, have been liberated by colonialism, those imperialist robbers who are high in the world have eaten and set themselves on fire, their hegemony has collapsed, disintegrated, people have resisted, ethnic separation, and colonists have rolled back to their own countries. For example, Taiwan is a part of China. Yugoslavia should be unified, while South Korea does not need to exist. Ireland should be independent. The South American people have the right to manage their own country. The North American mainland should be returned to Indians, North American bison, gray wolf and raccoon.

Those who shed the same blood as us, but regard thieves as their fathers and point guns at us, and those who regard the people as the remnant of the revolution, should also be crushed in this war and rolled into the garbage of history; Those countries that were heavily indebted in the previous wars of aggression and still use imperialism as a dog and point their guns at their neighbors will sooner or later be liquidated, and old and new hatred will be resolved together If the abscess is not punctured and the rotten sore is not removed, even after another thousand years, there will always be a thorn in one’s heart.

Only by thoroughly eliminating these malignant tumors and solving these problems can we comfort the martyrs and educate future generations.

The question of fear of World War is meaningless, because fear is useless when war really comes.

The correct question should be – how to win the world war?

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