As soon as the British female prime minister took office, she really started fighting!

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This article is reproduced from Niu tanqin (ID: bullpiano) with authorization by Niu tanqin

Sure enough, British female prime minister truss started fighting as soon as she took office.

As I said before, one of the characteristics of this female prime minister is her aggressiveness. Now, with a new and higher position, it is not a fight between foreign ministers, but the top prime minister himself.

The first object of struggle is Russia.

Who was the first phone call after truss took the stage?

US President Biden? French President macron? German Chancellor Scholz?

None of them.

It was president Zelensky of Ukraine.

Zelensky was very excited and immediately announced on social media:

I became the first foreign leader to speak with British Prime Minister elect truss. I thank the British people for their military and economic assistance. More importantly, Britain will continue to strengthen assistance… Our goal is to stop aggression and bring the perpetrators to justice. It is very important to list Russia as a state that supports terrorism

Truss’s spokeswoman also said: when truss spoke to the Ukrainian leader for the first time after becoming prime minister, she reiterated to the Ukrainian leader that he has her full support and Ukraine can rely on British assistance for a long time

what do you mean?

Britain will continue to fight Russia. Moreover, according to Zelensky, the two countries should not only defeat Russia, but also list Russia as a terrorist country.

Britain should do what the United States dare not do.

It is no wonder that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov sarcastically said that truss tried to defend Britain’s interests, did not consider other people’s positions in any way, and had no intention of compromise. “I don’t think this will help Britain to maintain or strengthen its position on the international stage…”

Why are you so aggressive?

Lavrov’s explanation is that after brexit, Britain’s status is on the verge of collapse, and there is no way but to fight hard to attract attention.

The second object of struggle is the EU.

Not only the attitude of truss, but also the employment of truss.

David Frost, who has always been tough on the EU, is said to have been awarded an “important role” in Britain’s strategy towards Europe.

what do you mean?

That is, we should be tough with the EU. In the past, we were all in the EU, and we were a very awkward family; But now they are separated. The EU is neither Britney Spears nor Mrs. Niu, but an old enemy.

“Punching” the EU and “kicking” Russia are the consistent performance of truss.

The biggest difference with the EU is on the terms of Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland was once a bloodbath. According to the Northern Ireland peace agreement (Belfast agreement) reached by all parties in 1998, Northern Ireland belongs to the United Kingdom, and the Republican Army has given up armed struggle. However, the border and trade between Northern Ireland and Ireland must be kept smooth.

Brexit is OK, but Northern Ireland is not. What should I do?

Finally, perhaps seeing the success of “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong, the Johnson government finally took care of it. We also have “one country, two systems”. British mainland is an independent customs territory, and European Union rules apply to Northern Ireland.

In other words, according to the “brexit agreement” reached between the United Kingdom and the European Union, EU products can freely enter Ireland and Northern Ireland. Anyway, there is no customs; However, the entry of British products into Northern Ireland is tantamount to entering the EU market, and they must go through customs.

The agreement was signed in black and white, but the British soon regretted it. Is Britain still like Britain after this? In particular, truss claimed in the election that once he was elected, he would overturn this Northern Ireland clause.

The European Union is angry, and the British are playing tricks again. Therefore, while congratulating truss on his election, European Commission President von der Leyen made it clear that he hoped truss would fully abide by the “brexit” agreement.

But now, when frost is used, we all know what medicine truss sells.

It is interesting to see the latest call between truss and Biden. One of Biden’s exhortations is: Britain, you must abide by the Northern Ireland peace agreement.

Otherwise, the consequences will be very serious.

It is not only a large-scale trade war with the EU, but also a resurgence of the Republican Army, which means another bloody storm.

The third target of struggle is France.

That’s a real old enemy. Britain fought against the EU, and the first one was France.

After truss was elected, macron tweeted:

Congratulations to truss on his election. The British people are our friends and Britain is our ally. Let me continue to work together to safeguard our common interests.

Don’t think it’s warm congratulations. Macron has his word in his mouth.

Because when asked whether macron was a friend or an enemy during the previous party election, truss replied: “I’m not sure yet.”

Later, she added: “if I become prime minister, I will judge by his actions rather than words.”

This sentence almost made macron angry, and he immediately replied, “if France and Britain can’t even figure out whether the other side is an enemy or a friend, then there will be a lot of trouble…”

Therefore, macron’s “warm” congratulations after his election have profound connotations.

Can Britain and France smile at each other and end their friendship?

Definitely not.

An AFP article analyzed that the possibility of re establishing relations between the United Kingdom and France is very slim, because the interests of the two countries are different, and the troubles of brexit mainly occur between the United Kingdom and France.

Britain’s anger at the EU is first laid on France. Peter Ricketts, the former British ambassador to France, said to AFP: “(truss) told the party’s loyal supporters that she would be very tough on Europe, especially macron, because it matched the foundation of the conservative party.”

So, next, the old enemies of Britain and France are fighting.

Let’s not forget that during Johnson’s term of office, the United States, Britain and Australia formed aukus (nicknamed “Australia cries to death”), which pried France’s multi billion euro submarine sales, and made France recall its ambassador to the United States and Australia for the first time in history.

Truss, who likes fighting more than Johnson, came on stage, which is estimated to be enough for macron to drink.

Of course, truss’s aggressiveness is also manifested in many aspects.

She appointed Jacob Rees Mogg as the business secretary. This man is famous for his clothes as a “distinguished gentleman in the 18th century”, but he is dismissive of climate change and believes that mankind should adapt to climate change rather than mitigate it.

What do you think of the UK’s environmental protection stance and global environmentalists, including German Foreign Minister Burke, who is a member of the green party?

In addition, truss learned from her idol Margaret Thatcher everywhere, learned from her speech, learned from her manners, and even went to Moscow. She must wear the same hat. But don’t forget that the biggest feature of the domestic policy of the “Iron Lady” in those years was to fight with the trade unions and suppress workers’ strikes.

Therefore, although Margaret Thatcher is famous, many Western leaders refused to attend her funeral. Accompanying her were the protesters along the way and the song “Ding Dong, the old witch is dead” that cursed her.

Therefore, on the first day after truss took office, when he delivered his inaugural speech at No. 10 Downing Street, there were various whistles from time to time. That was because the British outside had an ominous foreboding and were strongly protesting.

Of course, don’t forget that this truss also gave directions to China before. What is China’s attitude?

Mao Ning, the newly appointed spokeswoman of the Ministry of foreign affairs, said this:

It is the common responsibility of both China and the UK to maintain and develop bilateral relations, which is in the common interests of the two peoples. China has always adhered to developing China UK relations on the basis of mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win results. We hope that the British side and the Chinese side will move in the same direction, so that bilateral relations can move forward on the right track. The Chinese side will handle congratulation matters in accordance with diplomatic practice.

Please note: according to diplomatic practice.

I won’t explain it much.

Finally, answer a question.

In my previous articles, I said that many Britons do not like truss. The latest poll shows that 52% of Britons think truss will be a bad or even very bad prime minister.

Some friends were surprised: since so many British people did not support her, why did they choose her?

This is the characteristic of British politics. The British do not want to vote for her either, but there is no way. Johnson was ousted early because of the scandal. However, Britain has a parliamentary system, and the time for the general election has not yet arrived. This is the party election of the ruling conservative party, not the British national election. Truss took over Johnson, which is equivalent to Ford taking over Nixon after the Watergate incident that year.

Good job, Prime Minister. Truss has two years left in office. Of course, if she is really capable, she can be re elected.

If the prime minister does not do well, she may be ousted at any time, and even become the shortest lived Prime Minister of Britain. Don’t forget that Theresa May left No. 10 Downing Street crying.

An iron queen, a flowing prime minister.

It is estimated that the queen of England has not expected that in the 70 years since she became king, she has appointed 15 prime ministers. The older she gets, the fiercer she fights in politics, and the faster the water flows. In the past seven years alone, she has experienced four more prime ministers. It is not ruled out that there will be a fifth one soon

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