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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been reprinted with authorization

Large scale war operations were suspended a few days ago. The 423rd motorized infantry regiment of the first close guard tank army of the Russian army stationed near zaporoze welcomed a senior military official – the Russian Defense Minister, general SHOI Gu. The purpose of his trip is to inspect the front line, stimulate morale and prepare for the next action of the Russian army.

Vasha is an ordinary soldier, and he is very excited to see such a military commander. He has just won a second-class medal for his bravery in battle, and he is very eager to continue fighting, but the suspension of action these days has left his passion nowhere to be placed, so when he saw Shao Yigu sitting around with everyone, he couldn’t help asking:

“Comrade General, when can we resume fighting? I think the stalemate is not conducive to the continuation of our soldiers’ passion. I ask for fighting.” As a soldier, he said so, naturally, he would not make saui Valley unhappy. On the contrary, he was very happy. Wave your hand to let Vasha sit down and say to the soldiers

“Boys, the goal of our victory in this war is not only on the battlefield, but also on the international stage. In terms of morality and morality, we also want to win. War is for peace, and a short pause is for a better attack. Boys, you can fight the war. This time I come, I will deploy a more proactive attack plan.” Shoigu said, patting Vasha on the shoulder to show encouragement.

“Mr. Minister, the intelligence service has an update.” An accompanying officer hurried over, raised his hand to salute and said.

The first guard tank army is Russia’s ace force. Since the war, they have been the military force in the front line. With the continuation of the war, this force has deployed its own independent intelligence system in Ukraine. This is a three-dimensional intelligence network, including reconnaissance satellites applied to the Kremlin for deployment, unmanned aerial vehicle reconnaissance system, investigators sent to the hinterland of Ukraine and local Pro Russian intelligence personnel in Ukraine. Today, as soon as the shoy Valley arrived at this force, their intelligence office received important information from ground intelligence personnel. How to deal with it? Naturally, I want to invite this one from Moscow; The military chiefs, second only to Putin, made the decision.

“Mr. Minister, after receiving reliable information, a group of experts from American lockmartin and other arms companies have arrived in the Western Ukrainian city of Vinica. The senior officials of the Ukrainian air force command are responsible for receiving these experts. It seems that the Americans are going to strengthen the armed forces of the Ukrainian air force. How do you deal with this matter?” General Oleg salyukov, the commander of the Russian army, who also inspected the first guard tank army, consulted the shoy valley. If Shoigu was not present, general salikov would also have asked the Kremlin about this matter today. But in that case, the fighter may be delayed. At present, the meeting in Vinica has just begun, and it is estimated that the meeting will be over in oneortwo hours.

“Oh, these guys are also very good at choosing places. This place is close to Moldova, not far from our front line. Ordinary ground artillery can’t attack it, and air forces can’t do anything about it. Oleg, what do you think we should do?” The sauy Valley is very familiar with the major cities of Ukraine.

“Vinica is the railway transportation hub of Ukraine. Recently, European and American visitors basically enter by railway. They dare not use the plane easily, because it may be shot down. Under normal circumstances, we will not attack the railway mixed with Ukrainian people. Moreover, once they choose the train journey, it is difficult for us to find their specific traces. Just like this time they came to Vinica, they also left the railway station Later, our intelligence personnel found their whereabouts. Therefore, the best place to start is the hotel where they meet. Gathering and annihilating them is the best policy. ” Salyukov answered firmly.

“Oh, you have sentenced them to death?” Shao Yigu hehe smiled. Looking at the general who was born on the same day of the same year, he had a lot of consolation in his heart: soldiers have to be ruthless, target the target and bite to death.

“Of course, but at present, we don’t have a good way to let them all die.” Salyukov said with some regret.

“Oh, as a commander in chief of the army, you can’t do anything about a building?” Shao Yi Gu asked strangely.

“You know, large-scale military operations have been suspended for several days. Because this is a direct order of the Kremlin, our army’s missile deployment on the front line has also entered a state of rest. More importantly, we also have many intelligence personnel from Ukraine around us. No doubt, ground operations will disturb them, for fear of startling them and letting them slip away. At present, the air force will be very sleepy if it wants to break through Vinica, which has a very high level of air defense hard. Well, this is certain. After all, the Ukrainian air force is negotiating with the largest air weapons manufacturer in the United States. Our air force is afraid that it will be difficult to deal a fatal blow to it. And it may also cause harm to yourself. Stealing chicken can’t erode rice, which will make Ukrainians laugh at us. ” Salyukov spoke of his difficulties.

“What do you mean?” Shaugu asked again.

“The only blow that can make these people too late to retreat can only come from the sea. Mr. Minister, you know, this is not within my jurisdiction.”

It turned out that saliukov had long had his own action plan, which was to use the Russian ash tree class attack nuclear submarine cruising in the depths of the Black Sea to launch submarine launched cruise missiles to attack the building in Vinica. The ash tree class nuclear submarine carries the club cruise missile, which can attack the building in Vinica from the sea, and makes everyone unable to predict the target of the missile in the middle and early stages of the missile launch. When people react, the people in that building have no time to escape.


Vinica city building attacked by cruise missiles

“You mean let me use that ash tree?” At present, the Russian 855m perm attack nuclear submarine is deployed in the Black Sea. Obviously, as the commander of the army, although saliukov knew the existence of the submarine, he had no right to command it. The arrival of the shoy Valley undoubtedly enabled salikov to find a candidate who could call the perm.

“Yes, except for it, we have no other way to ensure that everything is safe. Moreover, the time is fleeting. Once these people finish the meeting in a few hours, they can no longer prevent the conclusion of this arms transaction. You know, the Americans have handed over the hippocampus rocket system to the Ukrainian military. God knows what weapons lockmartin will hand over to the Ukrainian air force this time, which will definitely bring huge losses to our front-line troops Great sacrifice. So I must let them go to hell first. ” Salyukov’s tone was firm, and then said, “if the navy can’t help, I will send our land and air forces to attack at any cost.”

After the outbreak of the war, saliukov’s army troops achieved good results, but they did suffer heavy losses, especially the weapons from the United States, such as javelin anti tank missiles, which severely hit many front-line troops, especially tank troops. So that some Russian tankers began to be afraid of American weapons. Therefore, it is a very necessary choice to kill the delegation of American arms dealers.

“Don’t get excited. I approved it, so I’ll use that ash tree to poke Americans’ hearts. Give me orders…” Shoy Gu no longer hesitated and issued an order. He did not need to ask the Kremlin for instructions on such matters.

Montgomery County, Maryland, USA.

A wooden villa was built in a quiet valley. A brook gurgles by the villa. Maria is playing with her children on the grass by the river. The mountain flowers are blooming, and the grass is covered with grass. A harmonious and beautiful picture.

Maria’s life is very happy. She is a standard blonde. After marrying her husband, she came to live in this valley. Every year, her husband takes her and her children to the most beautiful place in the world for vacation. As a senior technician of lockmartin company, their family has rich income and good treatment. Not only their family but also their husband’s colleagues live in the valley. There are very strict security measures outside the valley, so it is difficult for ordinary tourists and others to enter the valley.

But today, the atmosphere in the valley seems a little different. Several Ford off-road vehicles marked with lockmartin’s logo drove into the valley and several armed security personnel came down from the vehicle. Seeing these, Maria couldn’t help but be stunned. My husband is away on business, and nothing else has happened in the valley recently. Why is there such a heavily guarded scene?

“Are you Maria?” A man in black walked into Maria’s family. And motioned to a woman who followed to tease Maria’s child to leave.

“It is very unfortunate to tell you that your husband encountered an air crash near Greece, and he was killed during his journey on a Ukrainian transport plane.”

“Air crash? How is it possible?” Maria’s eyes widened and she answered incredulously.

“Yes, it’s an air crash.”

“But didn’t Mike say he was going to Vinica, Ukraine? How did he get to Greece?”

“This is a company secret, madam. We will give you a sufficient guarantee. Please feel sorry for the change. I have several other families to inform. This tragedy is a huge loss for our company. We are also in great pain.” The man in Black said and walked to another villa. This time. He needs to walk through seven villas.

Looking at the children still playing in the grass, Maria felt that her good life was over. And how did your husband die? In fact, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is whether you are qualified to live in this damn beautiful valley. Her heart was full of confusion.

[Igor Konashenkov, spokesman of the Russian Ministry of defense, said on Friday that the Russian army targeted a military headquarters with “calibre” (kalibr) missiles in the southwestern city of Vinica on July 14, where Ukrainian Air Force leaders and representatives of foreign weapons suppliers are holding a meeting.

A Russian military spokesman added that the missile attack killed all participants in the meeting.

On the other hand, an official of the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) denied Russia’s statement about the missile attack on the city of Vinica on Friday. Ukraine said that the attack killed 23 people, including children, 29 people were missing, and dozens of people were injured.]

[on July 17, according to Greek media reports, a Ukrainian transport plane crashed near the northern Greek city of kawara on the night of July 16, and no casualties have been reported at present.]

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