Ashura: the demigod and Demi human Hercules in Indian mythology. It is one of the eight heavenly Dragons of Buddhism

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Asura (Sanskrit: Asura; Pali: Asura), also translated as Ashura, ashoro, assuro, azuro, ashuru, ashlune, and ashlune, is directly translated as “non heaven”, which means that “fruit” resembles heaven rather than the meaning of heaven, that is, relative to the existence of “heaven and man (i.e., heaven, DIVA)”. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Buddhist status

In Buddhism, it is one of the six ways. It is the Hercules of desire world or the Hercules of half god and half man. Ashura is irritable and aggressive, brave and good at fighting. He has fought with Diva for many times, but Ashura also worships Buddhism and is one of the eight heavenly dragons, the Buddhist dharma protector.


In Buddhism, most of its images come from Ashura in Hinduism, but some of its characteristics are only mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures. The Ashura path is very special. The Buddhist Scripture says: the Ashura man is ugly; Ashura girl is upright and beautiful. Therefore, King Asura often fought with the devas headed by Emperor Shitian. Because Asura had beautiful women but no food, and Emperor Shitian had delicious food but no beauty, the two gods were jealous of each other and spread the battle from time to time. Therefore, it is commonly said that the battlefield is “Shura field”.

The preface of the fahua Sutra lists four Ashura kings, namely, pozhi Ashura king, kharoshina Ashura king, vimashdora Ashura king, rohu Ashura king. Pozhi, which means brave and healthy, is the former military commander of Asura fighting with emperor Shitian; Kharoshantuo, which means roaring like thunder, is also called wide shoulder. Because its two shoulders are wide, it can make the sea surge and roar like thunder; Bima qualitative Dora, which means a wreath, has nine heads, each head has a thousand eyes, 990 hands, eight feet, and spits fire in the mouth; Luo Hou, which means covering obstacles, can cover the light of the sun and moon with his huge hand. Each king of Asura commands thousands of Asuras, called Asuras, or Asura relatives.


Due to the large number of Asura kings, their shapes are different. There are also many versions of the image of Asura king. Some have nine heads, thousand eyes, a fire in their mouth, ninetynine hands, eight feet, and their body shape is four times higher than Sumi mountain; Some thousand heads and two thousand hands, enough to step on the sea, the body more Xumishan; Some have three heads and six arms, three black faces, spit fire in their mouth, and look angry naked. These images are difficult to express. Painters often paint with three eyes on one side, six arms on three sides, or four eyes and four arms, holding the sun and moon in their hands, standing on the sea with their feet, and their bodies are more Xumishan.

Legend of origin

According to the Buddhist samadhi Sutra, when the world just formed mountains, seas and lands, the immortals who played in the light and sound sky came to play games on earth. While bathing in the sea, one of the immortals gave birth to a meat egg because of the “water essence”. After 8000 years, this meat egg finally gave birth to a female monster, which is as long as Xumishan, with 1000 eyes, 24 feet, head, mouth and hands are 999, and its appearance is not shocking, that is, the ancestor of Asura. After the female monster, she gave birth to a male monster named VIMA qualitative. Because of its incomparable power, it can freely come and go to heaven and earth. Therefore, after seeing countless beauties surrounded by heaven and man, she also wanted to get a wife.


The female monster proposed to the Qianda woman of Meiguan Qunfang for her son. As a result, Qianda woman readily agreed to the marriage, so the Asura family became increasingly prosperous. The amorous daughter of VIMA made Shi Tian, the Heavenly Emperor who had hundreds of millions of wives and concubines, fall in love with him and marry him as a concubine. Unexpectedly, Emperor Shitian was happy and tired of the old after his marriage, and the Asura woman told her father wrongly, triggering an unprecedented war. Just when Asura surrounded the Xumi mountain where emperor Shitian lived. At the critical moment, Emperor Shitian thought that Buddha once said that if there was a great difficulty, as long as he recited the Prajna paramita mantra, he could crack the ghost soldiers. Sure enough, with a spell, four big knife wheels suddenly flew out of the air, almost cutting off the hands and feet of King Asura. Fortunately, he escaped this difficulty by escaping into lotus root hole, but his vitality was seriously injured and it was difficult to revenge. However, the war between heaven and man and Asura has not ended since then

After many years, Emperor Shitian fell in love with a daughter of Luo Houluo Asura, so he ordered the celestial God of music to bring a betrothal gift, and threatened and lured Luo Houluo into marriage through songs. Unexpectedly, Luo Houluo was so angry that he not only expelled Le Shen from the palace, but also immediately sent troops to attack heaven and man. When the valiant Asura attacked the heavenly palace, the emperor Shitian recalled the last spell, so the Asura army was killed and retreated, so they had to retreat into lotus root hiding. Just after emperor Shitian kidnapped all the Asuras, Luo Houluo sent an envoy to negotiate, pointing out that emperor Shitian, as a Buddhist disciple, should not break the precept of stealing.

After several negotiations, the two sides finally reached several agreements. Emperor Shitian admitted that he had committed the theft ring and was willing to return the Asura and present the heavenly nectar; In addition to offering his beloved daughter to the emperor, Ashura voluntarily accepted the three conversions and five precepts and became a Buddhist disciple. The battle ended successfully. In the war of heaven, there was a king of Asura who was called Luo Han Luo Asura because he could hold the sun and moon in his hand and block its light when fighting with emperor Shi Tian. Luo Han Luo meant to block the moon. He can block the sun and moon with his hand, forming the power of solar and lunar eclipses; It is because when he was born as a Brahmin, he saw the fire burning the tower and put out the fire so that the tower was not damaged, and he took the blessing of saving the tower as a reason to wish to be big. However, despite this wish, he still did not believe in the Dharma and often loved fighting, so he fell into the Asura path after death. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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