At this BRICs summit, China made a good suggestion!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

On the evening of the 23rd, the BRICs countries held their 14th meeting.

The content of the meeting is a little too much. This article will not review each one, but only say a very good suggestion put forward by China, that is, “BRICs countries are not closed clubs, and should promote the process of expansion!”

The reason why this is a very good suggestion stems from the profound changes in the current international situation. There are three points:

1. The international balance of power is changing fundamentally

At the beginning of the 20th century, the GDP of the Eight Power Allied forces accounted for 50.4% of the world; In 2000, the then group of eight (G8) was also the world’s eight strongest industrial countries, accounting for 47% of the world’s GDP.

At that time, whether it was the eight power coalition or the group of eight, the world affairs were basically decided by them. However, after 2000, the group of eight became more and more restless. By the time of the 2008 financial crisis, the G8 was no longer able, so the first G20 summit was held. Slowly, the G20 took the place of the G8.

This development process shows the fundamental changes in the international balance of power.

2. The confrontation between the new and the old under the alternation of the old and the new

The essence of this world is still a jungle world. What we have done from the beginning to the end is nothing more than two points: fighting for territory and resources.

Time has come. Emerging countries need to develop, and established countries need to keep up; The emergence of new forces and the containment of old ones have led to the inevitable confrontation between new and old forces.

3. Evil forces are converging

In order to maintain their success, established countries are bound to join forces to suppress emerging forces. Therefore, they are happy to form one small circle after another. The five eye alliance, aukus and NATO tentacles have begun to reach out to the Asia Pacific, and the West has given strong support to Russia and Ukraine in the confrontation and sanctions against Russia

These changes in the international situation have put forward new requirements for emerging powers:

More partners are needed.

There are 2 benefits:

1. It is conducive to the stability of the road and avoid being broken by people

If China and Russia cannot resist, the next targets of the West must be India, Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, and they will press them down one by one.

Although there is no need to form a camp for confrontation, when evil forces begin to converge and confrontation between new and old forces is inevitable, more like-minded partners can better resist the storm.

When the tiger and wolf in Jingyang mountain are in power, even if they are as strong as Wu Song, they can only fight one tiger. If they come to the second, third or even more, wu song can’t do it! However, if several more Wu songs, or even a group of Wu songs, can go on the road together, this problem will be easily solved.

2. It is conducive to reaching far and planting another seed for multilateralism

The United States has repeatedly vetoed the new WTO judge, the various retreats of the United States during the trump era, and the prevalence of Western protectionism… The reason is that emerging countries have defeated magic with magic and gradually surpassed the West under Western rules. The original world rules are not good for the west, so they are trying to modify the world rules to make them beneficial again.

Since the G20 has replaced the G8, since the emerging forces have a certain say, and since the old forces are destined to suppress and contain emerging countries, why don’t the emerging forces try to establish their own open system. This system is not a camp confrontation, but only to plant a new seed for multilateralism on a new land in addition to the old Western rules.

? CCTV video screenshot of BRICs summit 2022

Perhaps this new seed will continue to take root and eventually grow into a towering tree, so that countries that really practice multilateralism can shelter from the sun and rain, and countries that try to isolate other countries will eventually isolate themselves.

We should know that the WTO was born to deal with British isolationism. In the past, in order to contain the United States, Britain also established a small circle such as the “federal preferential system” to isolate the United States. In the end, the WTO grew stronger and stronger, and Britain itself was isolated.

To sum up, in view of the changes in the international pattern, it is necessary for emerging countries to establish their own systems and plant new seeds of multilateralism in the new land. Therefore, the “BRICs +” was launched to bring more and more like-minded friends together. It is an attempt that can be made, not only for the current common resistance to storms, but also for the future long-term development!

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