Attack each other and go to the enemy’s rear!

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Original: xujijun source: official account: Han Tang glory wechat id:hantangjunji

After the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, it seemed that the United States had used Ukraine to fight a proxy war to contain Russia, but in fact, the Ukrainian actor President Zelensky kidnapped the United States and the European Union.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that since the adjustment of tactics, the Russian army has almost no casualties and is annihilating the Ukrainian armed forces every day. How did the Russian army adjust? Divide, encircle and fight a war of annihilation. Use long-range artillery fire to weaken the enemy’s defense forces and do not easily break in. In a word, it means playing with more patience and no longer pursuing quick wins.

The Ukrainian armed forces have been severely damaged, especially the Nazi Asian speed battalion has been completely wiped out, which has shaken the morale of the Ukrainian army and greatly weakened its will to resist. The military equipment that the United States and NATO countries have provided to Ukraine is almost destroyed by Russia every day – this is military power and wealth, which is wasted by Ukraine. If these military equipment can not play the role of consuming Russia, then the United States and NATO will be consumed.

There is no worry about the war situation on the western front, and Russia is bound to win the final victory. Because there is a strong backing from the eastern powers!

Since they are helpless in Russia, the ultimate choice of the United States and Europe must be to betray Ukraine.

After selling Ukraine to Russia, the United States and NATO allies will focus on meeting the challenges of the eastern world. Therefore, the global competition between China and the United States has begun. The United States has launched an offensive against countries other than its traditional allies, and China has adopted the same strategy to counterattack.

1? Focus event

Besides the war between Russia and Ukraine, we are concerned about six diplomatic events:

1. Iran Greece oil tanker dispute

After the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, in order to combat Russia, Greece seized the Russian flagged oil tanker “pegas” in its waters in April. The ship carried 115000 tons of Iranian oil and 19 Russian crew members.

On May 25, Greece announced that it would hand over the oil on board to the United States at the request of the US Department of justice.

On May 27, the Iranian port and Maritime Organization issued a statement saying that the tanker had legal transportation procedures, and Greece’s behavior was “piracy”. The tanker sought help from the Greek government due to bad weather and technical reasons, but was intervened by the United States.

On May 27, the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard navy dispatched helicopters to seize two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf because of “violations” in the Gulf waters. Greece also accused Iran of seizing oil tankers as “piracy”.

On June 8, the Greek court overturned the previous ruling allowing the transfer of part of the oil on the Iranian oil tanker previously seized to the United States. The purpose is to calm down and exchange for the two tankers seized by Iran.

2. US launches “Indo Pacific economic framework”

On May 23, US President Biden announced the official launch of the “Indo Pacific economic framework” (IPEF) during his visit to Japan.

There are 13 initial members of the “Indo Pacific economic framework”, including the United States, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei.

3. Summit of the Americas

On June 8, the United States organized the 9th summit of the Americas. It is absurd that the United States unilaterally decided not to invite Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and other countries to the conference. Many countries in Latin America were strongly dissatisfied with this decision. Mexican President Lopez announced a boycott, and Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other countries sent only low-level delegations to the conference.

Brett Brunn, a US diplomat, wrote on social media: “eight countries have not sent officials at the leadership level to participate in the most important activities in the region we have hosted for decades. This fully shows how badly our relations with our neighbors are managed…”

In late June, China and ASEAN countries will hold face-to-face talks in Cambodia and hold consultations on the “code of conduct in the South China Sea” on the basis of the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea.

At present, the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) signed by China and 15 ASEAN countries has come into force, and the largest free trade area in the world has been launched. Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, the small partners of the United States, are also the beneficiaries of the agreement.

Compared with RCEP, the IPEF created by Biden is pediatrics.

5. Meeting mechanism between China and five Central Asian countries

From June 6 to 8, State Councilor and foreign minister Wangyi visited Kazakhstan at invitation and attended the third foreign ministers’ meeting of “China + five Central Asian countries”.

The meeting reached consensus on ten aspects: continue to build the “the Belt and Road” with high quality; We will make an overall plan to safeguard the security of traditional and non-traditional fields and work together to combat the “three forces”; Continue to unite to fight the epidemic.

The most important result is that all countries agreed to establish a “China + five Central Asian countries” summit mechanism and hold a summit every two years.

6. Latin American diplomacy

In Latin America, China’s diplomatic style has been adjusted. We are concerned about the events in the three countries.

Argentina purchases Chinese fighters and armored vehicles.

It was reported in 2021 that the Argentine government has included the procurement cost of the latest version of Xiaolong block 3 in the 2022 budget draft and submitted it to the Congress for review.

Recently, a delegation of pilots and technicians from the Argentine air force came to China to evaluate JF-17 “lightning”, including the use of simulators, cockpit practice and flight test evaluation.

In addition to the purchase of fighters, the Argentine defense minister said that Argentina will purchase about 200 vn1 wheeled armored vehicles from China North Industries Group Corporation, of which 60 will be equipped with 30mm machine guns and red arrow 73C anti tank missiles, and the other 140 will only be equipped with 12.7mm machine guns, which will be mainly used for personnel transportation.

Argentina will become the second South American country to purchase Chinese armored vehicles after Venezuela.

China marches into lithium mines in Argentina.

Recently, the Chinese company started the construction of the Mariana lithium project in Argentina. The Mariana project is located in the riaco salt flats, less than 140 kilometers south of the Atacama salt flats in Chile. It is the largest lithium salt deposit in the world. Once fully put into production, the total annual output will reach 20000 tons of lithium chloride.

China assists Nicaragua.

After the formal resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Nicaragua on December 10, 2021, China’s assistance has begun to go to Nicaragua gradually in batches. On December 13, the first batch of 200000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine with China’s assistance to Nicaragua arrived at the Nicaraguan Capital International Airport together with the Nicaraguan government delegation to China. China has provided 1million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Nigeria. In addition, there are some poverty alleviation projects.

The current Ortega government in Nicaragua is a left-wing regime, and the United States has threatened to impose “sanctions” on Nicaragua. For this reason, Nicaragua has severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan and resumed diplomatic relations with China. This is a political decision without any economic preconditions.

Free trade agreement between China and Ecuador.

China and Ecuador are expected to sign a free trade agreement between November and December 2022. Ecuador and China have established diplomatic relations for 42 years. China is Ecuador’s second largest trading partner, the largest buyer of Ecuador’s oil, and the only major country with the ability and willingness to help Ecuador with infrastructure construction.

2? Author’s point of view

Regarding the above events, I think:

1. Piracy in the United States.

Iran and Greece, who is right and who is wrong, are clear at a glance. Greece was willing to be an accomplice of the United States, but was flatly countered by Iran. However, it had no choice but to take the initiative to compromise and seek peace.

What is the strength of Iran? Of course, it is the military cooperation with China and Russia. The world has entered the era of camp confrontation. If small and medium-sized countries do not rely on big countries, the consequences will be very serious.

Because of this, countries have stood in line. If we put aside the original basic plate of the United States and Europe and only look at the increment of partners, China and Russia are obviously in a state of offensive expansion.

2. The “Indo Pacific economic framework” has died since its birth.

The United States intends to exclude China. Its real intention is to promote the transfer of industries from China to other countries through cooperation between the United States and relevant countries. This organization has a strong intention of geopolitical game.

However, the United States’ intention to cut off China’s supply chain and industrial chain is doomed to fail. The TPP launched as early as the Obama era has actually posed a threat to China. However, trump directly announced his withdrawal from the TPP after taking office, leaving other countries on the stove mountain for barbecue. In order to be different from Obama, trump launched the “Indo Pacific strategy”, but did not design it in the economic field. Now, Biden is struggling to realize the idea that the previous two terms failed to realize. However, the United States has become a yellow flower in the sunset and is unable to do so.

China’s economy has formed its own special advantages, especially in the fields of infrastructure, industrial workers, industrial supporting facilities, logistics and transportation, and digital platforms. No country in the Indo Pacific region can compete with China.

The purpose of the United States is by no means to bring India and the Pacific countries together for development and common prosperity. It is simply to harm others and not to benefit itself. It is to muddy the Indian Pacific waters so as to fish in troubled waters.

If India and the Pacific follow the United States blindly, it will certainly have a certain impact on regional development and inevitably cause losses.

3. America’s credit in Latin America has long gone bankrupt.

Brett Brunn is very correct in saying that the relationship between the United States and Latin American countries has always been very bad. Because the United States has always been an evil neighbor. After 245 years of founding, it has fought 222 wars and 134 wars!

The two wars that really enabled the United States to rise as a world power were both directed against Latin American countries. The first was the American Mexican War, and the second was the Spanish American war.

In 1823, the United States introduced the Monroe Doctrine, proposing that European powers should not colonize the Americas, or get involved in the sovereignty related affairs between the United States and Mexico and other American countries.

From 1846 to 1848, the United States won the war between the United States and Mexico. After the war, it seized 2.3 million square kilometers of land in Mexico, and became a major power across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. From then on, the United States gained its dominant position in the Americas.

In 1898, the Spanish American war broke out and Spain was defeated. The United States won the Spanish colonies: Cuba, Guam and Puerto Rico, and the Philippine Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Since then, Spain has withdrawn from the ranks of powerful countries, and the United States has become a top power.

4. The common prosperity of China and ASEAN is the trend.

ASEAN countries are very clear that a free and open Indo Pacific region must adapt to the rising China.

On May 30, Indonesia’s Jakarta Post published an article pointing out that “the Indo Pacific economic framework” is a clumsy trap. Biden wants to quote the trap of ASEAN Member States entering the United States, but he is unwilling to use tempting bait. He can only provide false promises and cheap bait worth $150million, which is hardly worth mentioning compared with China’s $1.5 billion aid to ASEAN.

What’s more, the Indonesian media said frankly that the reason why the US, Japan, India and Australia Quartet joined forces against China is that they did not have the courage to confront China one-on-one, because these countries are heavily dependent on China in terms of economy.

Indonesia is at the core of China’s the Belt and Road strategic Maritime Silk Road. The key node for the United States to win over ASEAN countries to encircle China is Indonesia. Both China and Indonesia oppose the “aokus” alliance established by the United States, Britain and Australia, because Australia and Indonesia are neighboring countries and there is a direct conflict between maritime interests.

On the whole, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar of ASEAN can be regarded as China’s staunch allies, and their cooperation is very in-depth; Both Thailand and Malaysia have maintained close cooperative relations with China; The position of the Philippines has shifted from left to right, but this time it is pro China President Marcos who came to power; Singapore tries to be good at dancing between China and the United States; Indonesia is trying to maintain its status as a great power in ASEAN.

The biggest difference between China and the United States is that it can bring development and prosperity to ASEAN countries. After the establishment of a strong military presence in the South China Sea, ASEAN has no hope that the United States will challenge China in the South China Sea.

This is the premise and foundation for closer cooperation between China and ASEAN.

5. Sino Russian cooperation is endless.

Not long ago, Russia just agreed with Kyrgyzstan to build railways between China, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. This shows that Russia has put down its guard against China in the face of reality and began to support China’s march into Central Asia and carry out comprehensive cooperation in Russia’s traditional sphere of influence.

Russian Communist Party leader Zyuganov pointed out that civilization is shifting from the west to the East. The window of Europe has become a small suffocating window, while the door to Asia is open. Russia must do everything in its power to take advantage of this direction.

After the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Russia was forced to seek support from China, and China Russia cooperation will be comprehensively deepened. The Eurasian Union led by Russia is bound to embrace China in an all-round way. Therefore, it must support China to enter Central Asia for more in-depth cooperation.

Only in this way can the member states of the collective security organization led by Russia, the countries of the Eurasian Union and the SCO jointly operated by China and Russia achieve common prosperity and development under the leadership of China.

Under the sanctions and blockades imposed by the United States and Europe, if Russia is still half hearted about China, it will block its own way.

Only when China and Russia unite sincerely and jointly promote friendly countries to carry out comprehensive and in-depth economic cooperation can they counter the strategic pressure of the United States, Europe and the West.

6. South American diplomacy.

Since the United States put forward Monroe Doctrine in 1823, Latin America has been regarded as the backyard of the United States. Unfortunately, the United States Never cherished its backyard, but controlled Latin America with colonial thinking.

China has always supported the development of African and Latin American countries, that is, the third world. In recent years, Chinese enterprises have invested in M & A and infrastructure projects in South America, as well as the export of the whole plant and production line. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, the influence of the United States in Latin America declined, and China actively entered.

At present, China has in-depth cooperation in power and mining in Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and other countries.

In 1982, Argentina and Britain lost the battle for Falklands. Since then, Argentina has been restrained by Britain, and Western countries have refused to carry out military cooperation with Argentina. At present, Argentina’s military equipment is seriously aging. By 2020, the Argentine air force has 6 aircraft, which are on the verge of scrapping. Only China can substantively support Argentina.

Over the years, China and Brazil have carried out cooperation in the BRICs mechanism, and bilateral relations have been relatively stable. As a big country in South America, Brazil has always had its own ambitions. Brazilian president bosonaro paid special tribute to former U.S. President trump. Before the summit of the Americas, he even implicitly doubted the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election and the legitimacy of Biden’s status as president.

Bosonaro said: “election fraud is an issue that Americans are discussing. I will not talk about the internal affairs of other countries. But trump has done well.” we don’t want this to happen in Brazil. “.

I have to say, this guy really has personality!

China’s march into Latin America has built a solid influence in the back garden of the United States, and the colonial space of the United States is naturally suppressed.

Kou can go, I can go! When the enemy comes, we naturally go.

3? Go to the enemy’s rear

Latin American countries and North America have never been a family.

Bolivar summed up the differences between North and South America as follows: “the British and Spanish speaking Americans in America”. North American colonists are Anglo Saxon traditions, and South America is a Latin tradition. Spain has no strict restrictions on intermarriage among different races, so there are a large number of mixed races. In the early days of North America, English Puritans practiced asceticism, and the racial concept was stronger.

Compared with the expansion of Anglo Saxons in North America, Latin America has not formed a leading power. The United States was given the opportunity to profit from these conflicts.

Since the great maritime movement, Spain and Portugal have been the suzeraints of Latin American countries. The United States defeated Spain in the Spanish American war, forcing Spain to withdraw from the Americas, and Latin America became the prey of the United States.

Over the past 200 years, the United States has been pursuing the so-called “Monroe Doctrine”. From seizing the land of Latin American countries, controlling the economic lifelines of some Latin American countries through multinational companies, to turning some Latin American countries into vassals through armed intervention and supporting coups, the United States has committed numerous crimes in some Latin American countries.

In 1846, during the American Mexican War, the United States seized 2.3 million square kilometers of land from Mexico. Americans themselves admit that the US Mexico war was the most unjust war.

In 1898, before the end of the Spanish American war, the United States replaced Spain in administering Cuba and built a U.S. naval base at Guantanamo. Since then, the United States has forced Cuba to sign an agreement and obtain a permanent lease to use part of the land in Guantanamo Bay.

In 1903, the US army landed in Panama, instigated Panama to become independent from Colombia, and then gained control of the Panama Canal area.

In 1910, the United States sent troops to occupy Nicaragua.

From 1916 to 1924, the United States directly sent troops to occupy Dominica.

1946-1948 the United States conducted syphilis tests in Guatemala. The main content of the trial was that doctors in the United States infected Guatemalans with sexually transmitted diseases (STD) without permission. Without telling the truth, American researchers deliberately or even deceived more than 1500 Guatemalans who were originally healthy to become infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea and chancre (the Guatemalan side believes that there are more than 2500 people). The infected people range from 10-year-old children to 72 year-old people.

In January 1959, Castro of Cuba established a revolutionary government. Since 1962, Castro has served as the first Secretary of the Cuban socialist revolutionary united party. The United States has carried out more than 600 assassination operations against Castro, and finally got nothing.

In 1982, in the Falklands war between Britain and Afghanistan, the United States abandoned its originally promised neutral position and helped its traditional ally Britain win the war.

On december20,1989, in order to control the Panama Canal, the United States invaded Panama on a large scale and brought its president to the United States for trial.

Since 1999, relations between Venezuela and the United States have been tense. The trump administration has discussed with the Venezuelan opposition guaido to take military action against Venezuela and even assassinate Venezuelan President Maduro. On August 4, 2018, while attending the celebration of the 81st anniversary of the founding of the National Guard, Maduro was attacked by a drone, and many soldiers participating in the celebration were injured. Maduro himself survived. In 2019, the U.S. government will freeze all assets in the United States.

American capital has seized fertile farmland in Latin American countries, monopolized food production and trade, controlled transportation channels such as railways and ports, and forcibly seized privileges such as tariffs and telecommunications, which are the root causes of backwardness and chaos in Latin American countries so far.

Since 2018, the trade volume between China and Latin America outside Mexico has exceeded that of the United States for the first time. This advantage has been further expanded since Biden took office. In 2021, the total trade volume between Latin America and China outside Mexico reached nearly 247billion US dollars, far higher than the 174billion US dollars of the United States.

China’s cooperation in Latin America is a real help to Latin American countries. China’s help to Latin America’s development is conducive to helping countries get rid of the control of the United States. If the United States wants to compete with China, it is bound to help countries improve their social and economic development, which is also conducive to the development of countries.

At present, the United States is promoting the North American European integration strategy and using the Russian Ukrainian war to control Europe in depth.

In the coming period, Europe is likely to become a puppet and colony of the United States. In this context, the strategic value of Latin America and Africa is very important.

China’s march into Latin America, standing firm in Africa, attacking each other and going to the enemy’s rear can be regarded as a move to break the situation.

However, in the overall situation of the global game, economic cooperation is a means of competition in peacetime. Once faced with war, all the investment will vanish. China’s heavy losses in Libya are a lesson from the past.

Therefore, there is a basic premise for China to compete with the United States and Europe around the world, that is, it must have military strength to protect its own interests.

Building a strong global Navy and global air force is the fundamental guarantee for the global game.

Facing pirates, this is the only right choice.

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