Auspicious Goddess: Hindu goddess of happiness and wealth. She is the sister of the king of visana

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Auspicious goddess, the Brahmin Hindu goddess of happiness and wealth, is said to be the sister of the king of visana (some say his wife), Sanskrit LAK ? m ?? Transliterate “La Yi Shi Mi”, and in Tibetan, it is called “bandaram”. The name first appeared in Rigveda and was personified in akvaveda. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

There are two main theories about her birth: one is that when she created the world, she sat on the lotus and drifted with the water, so she is also known as bodma (meaning Lotus); One said that she was the third treasure that emerged when the gods and Asura stirred the milk sea. Holding a lotus, she sat on the big lotus and was extremely beautiful. The gods and Asura had a dispute over her possession, so she was called the daughter of the milk sea. She can change her image and come down with Vishnu: when Vishnu incarnated as an axe holding Rama, she was dalani; When Vishnu incarnated Rama, she was Situo; When Vishnu became black sky, she was lugmini. Some people think she is the mother of love. Her image is mostly plump and beautiful, with a kind smile on her face. The mount is White Owl and golden winged bird. Buddhism absorbed her as the Dharma protector God. She is one of the four heavenly kings. She is the sister of the God. She has “great merit” in the public, so she was formerly called the merit heaven.


Shape characteristics

There are two common appearance characteristics of auspicious heavenly maidens: quiet and angry, quiet

The type is belamu. She is white in color, with a high bun and corolla on her head, a big ring attached to her ears, three slender eyes showing kind eyes, her mouth slightly open, wearing a white coat, a big red robe inside, red boots under her feet, and sitting on a lotus seat. Take a long feather arrow with a white pole in your right hand and a treasure bowl in your left hand.

Personality characteristics

However, when the auspicious fairy presents an angry image, it is ugly, fierce and terrifying. There are five kinds of angry images, with roughly the same appearance. The most common image is: blue body, wearing five skull crowns. Orange hair stands on the top of the head to show anger. There is half a month on her hair, which shows that her method is supreme. The three eyes on the face are round and bulging, and the mouth is like a basin, revealing two tiger teeth. The two ears use animals as earrings, and the right earring is a lion, symbolizing listening to Buddhism and Taoism; The left earring is a snake, a sign of anger. There are two strings of human bone beads hanging around the neck, one is dry bone, the other is wet bone. The upper body is covered with human skin and the lower body is covered with tiger skin. The sun on the navel symbolizes wisdom. There is a token on the left waist, remembering who should pick the skin.

She sat sideways on a mule with her legs open and bare feet. The mule had an eye on its ass. Holding a short stick in his right hand, there are Vajra at both ends, which is said to be a weapon for fighting with Asura; The left hand holds the human skull bowl containing blood, which symbolizes happiness. The thumb of the right hand and the other four fingers press on each other, which is the mark of anger. Under her seat was a woman’s skin. The woman’s head was still hanging upside down on the left side of the mule, and her hair hung down, symbolizing that the pagan had been subdued by her. She rode a mule to fly in the sky, the earth and the underground, so she is also known as the “master of the three worlds”.


Auspicious Heavenly Mother, transliterated as “ban Dan Lamu” in Tibetan, is a Buddhist mother deeply revered by believers. Auspicious Heavenly Mother was originally the main god of Brahmanism, and was later introduced by Mahayana Buddhism. It is said that she is the wife of Shiva God and the sister of the king of heaven. She is in charge of fate and wealth and is known as the patron saint of Tibet. Every reincarnated spirit boy of the Tibetan Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama will go to ramratso lake to see the auspicious Heavenly Mother and ask about the future. As the auspicious heavenly mother looks extremely ugly and terrifying, every soul child can only talk with her back to the auspicious Heavenly Mother. In history, there has also been a case that a spiritual child accidentally saw the face of the auspicious Heavenly Mother and was scared to death.

Auspicious Heavenly Mother has a lion in her right ear, symbolizing listening to scriptures; There is a small snake in the left ear, which means anger; There is an account book on the waist, which records the bad deeds of people. The wicked will be skinned; Holding a skeleton staff in his left hand is specially for dealing with the evil spirit Asura; In his right hand was a Gabala bowl full of blood; Wearing a son’s human skin, it symbolizes the destruction of relatives; There are two dice on the mule, red dice and white dice. Red dice are the main killer and white dice are the main educator; There is also a purse, which contains plague and virus, indicating that she is the God of life and death, plague, disease and good and evil. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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