Australia and Canada are playing hooligans against China. We should give them some color to see!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Recently, two “dogleg” countries in the United States, Canada and Australia, have shown very positive performance! These two countries, at almost the same time, hyped up military friction with the PLA.

Let’s start with the ugly show in Canada!

According to media reports, the Canadian Ministry of Defense announced on June 4 that the cp-140 maritime anti submarine patrol aircraft of the air force was “harassed” by Chinese military aircraft while carrying out the so-called task of “monitoring North Korea”, and accused the PLA military aircraft of “not complying with international aviation safety norms”. These interactions were “unprofessional” and “put the personnel of the Royal armed forces at risk”, Canada had to adjust quickly to increase the spacing and avoid potential collision with interceptors.

According to the report of the global times quoting CNews, these Chinese fighters are between 6-30 meters away from Canadian fighters. The distance is so close that “Canadian pilots can make eye contact with Chinese pilots” and “sometimes they can see each other raise their middle fingers”. Anonymous sources also said that since Christmas, PLA warplanes have “conducted more than 60 similar interceptions”, of which more than 20 were considered very dangerous.

The report also said that the Canadian Ministry of defense confirmed these details. A spokesman said that these incidents were “worrying and increasingly frequent”. Canadian media reports quoted sources as saying that the Canadian government has issued several diplomatic condemnations to Beijing over the incident, saying that the Chinese pilot’s behavior was “unsafe and unprofessional”. China did not respond to these accusations, nor did it prevent the incident from continuing.

What is the “interaction” between Chinese and Canadian military aircraft hyped by the United States and the west?

We only need to know one fact, that is, Canadian warships and aircraft have gone to the East China Sea east of Shanghai, China. In fact, they are very close to Shanghai. Such close reconnaissance is a very dangerous military provocation and a very “unprofessional” act. Under such circumstances, the Chinese military’s warning to Canadian aircraft and warships is a professional move based on the security of the country’s territorial sovereignty. Did the Chinese warships and warplanes run to the Canadian territory? On the contrary, it was Canadian warships and planes that ran near China, and Canada was obviously the villain who sued first.

Besides, even if Canada’s reason is to spy on North Korea, what are you doing when a country in North America goes to East Asia to spy on North Korea? What is more ridiculous is that Canada is still under the banner of the United Nations. What is the banner of the United Nations for your Canadian plane? What qualifications? Was it the puppet United Nations army that invaded Korea in 1950? Canada is invading and harassing other countries, while China is defending its territory and airspace and accusing China of being unprofessional. What is it if this attitude is not a “rogue state”? Therefore, Canada is a typical country where those who are close to each other are red and those who are close to each other are black. Of course, Canada itself is not white or red. It is not difficult to understand that the countries established by descendants of European pirate countries come down in one continuous line.

Let’s watch the ugly show in Australia!

Australia was originally a place where British people exiled prisoners, so most of the white Europeans in Australia are descendants of British criminals, so their quality is probably not as good as that of pirates. Look at the pictures of the white Australian ancestors who were exiled.


Figure: two felons exiled to Australia in the early 19th century


Figure: exiled Australian criminals in old photos

According to the global times, after Canada hyped the so-called “jamming” incident of Chinese military aircraft, the official website of the Australian Ministry of defense also issued a statement slandering the PLA action on June 5, claiming that the Royal Australian Air Force p-8 maritime reconnaissance plane was intercepted by a Chinese j-16 fighter plane while performing routine maritime reconnaissance work in the international airspace of the South China Sea on May 26. Australian Defense Minister Malus said that the j-16 released chaff jamming bombs very close to the Australian military aircraft, and some aluminum foil was sucked into the engine of the Australian military aircraft. “This is a very dangerous behavior.”.

Reuters reported that Australian Prime Minister Albanese told reporters present that the Australian government has expressed concern to China through appropriate channels. The Australian Ministry of defense also claimed that for decades, Australia has been carrying out maritime reconnaissance activities in the region and “exercising the right of freedom of navigation and overflight in international waters and airspace in accordance with international law”. In fact, such speculation in Australia had already been carried out as early as February this year. At that time, Australia claimed that its fighters had been irradiated by Chinese warships.

Why are countries including the United States, Canada, Australia and Britain full of lies? We just need to make a simple list. Britain, an island country; At first, the United States, Canada and Australia were to a large extent the places where British criminals were exiled, especially Australia, where the largest number of criminals were exiled. The quality of the criminals exiled by island countries is not as good as that of pirates, so their obscenity and dirtiness come down in one continuous line.

Well, we can’t help but ask why the United States, Australia and Canada are suddenly full of lies and crazy hype about China’s military aircraft threat at this time? What is the intention?

According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), there are three fundamental reasons for the sudden hype in the United States, Australia and Canada:

The first reason: the United States and its allies pose an increasing military threat to China

Both Canada and Australia are members of the five eye alliance, of which Australia is also a member of the alliance of the United States, Britain and Australia. Canada and Australia are thousands of miles away from China, and the two countries have spent huge sums of money to carry out military activities near China, which fully shows that the United States and its allies pose an increasing military threat to China.


In particular, we should point out that both Australia and Canada have moved close to China. Even in the past six months, Chinese military aircraft have been forced to intercept Canadian military aircraft more than 60 times, which means that Canadian military aircraft have to make an approach reconnaissance to China every oneortwo days. This is already a naked provocation.

The second reason: the United States and its allies are trying to create tension near China

Just a small Canada, almost every other day, went to China for military reconnaissance, and even warships and reconnaissance aircraft were very close to Shanghai. Who gave Canada such a bold son? America, of course. The United States has not only done these things by itself, but now it has also engaged Western allies such as Australia and Canada to do these things. The fundamental reason why the United States did so was to create tension around China.

There are three main purposes for the United States to create tension around China:

The first is to try to make the international community think that China’s surrounding areas are unsafe, which will have an impact on the flow of international capital. This is also one of the purposes of the crazy hype of the western media.

Second, the United States is trying to use this incident to create the theory of China threat, so that the United States can unify Europe and deal with China together.

Third, provoking regional tensions and stimulating more anti china forces to provoke China.

The United States and its allies will act more frequently in the future. China needs to be prepared for this. Of course, from the increasingly tough performance of the PLA, we can see that the actions of some countries are provoking China’s “more professional” actions. If these actions lead to any consequences, these countries can only bear them by themselves. In particular, in some countries that do not know the height of the world, I am afraid that they can only eat Coptis as American consumables at that time!

The third reason: the United States and the West are preparing for public opinion to cause trouble

We must see that the ultimate goal of the United States to provoke the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not Russia, but to use Russia’s power to create an atmosphere of insecurity for European allies, thus forcing European allies to obey their national interests. The United States regards China as the largest strategic opponent, but the trade war in 2018 proved that the United States can no longer suppress China on its own. In this case, the United States urgently needs European allies as cannon fodder, so the United States wants to pull NATO to Asia to deal with China. Based on this logic, we should realize that as long as the United States and Russia form a strategic balance on the Ukrainian issue, they will try their best to deal with China.

In this process, the United States will continue to create a tense atmosphere around China, so as to prepare public opinion for the next incident. The western public opinion field has always followed the Nazi Goebbels’ theory, that is, “a lie will become the truth if it is told ten thousand times”, so they will continue to make lies to discredit China, so that they can deceive the support of the western people when they create trouble in the future.

Now, whether it is Australia, Canada or the United States itself, if they drive warships and planes to the surrounding areas of China to make trouble, they have to complain to the wicked first. To some extent, they want to make a mischief for the future.

With regard to the malicious intentions of the west, we should also understand that the western countries have always been superstitious about strength and force, so the best way to deal with the west is to prove their inability with strength. As long as they realize that they are no longer strong enough, they will surrender quickly. For a simple example, France has always considered itself a bull in history. As a result, during World War II, it surrendered faster than it fled to the German army, and some other countries in Europe did not perform as well as the French army.

Countries such as Australia and Canada, if not for the support of the US military, would be very weak in their own ability, and would be very weak. The fundamental reason why they are playing hooligans now is that the United States is deluded, and China has always been patient based on the overall situation. If one day China can not bear it, then these military aircraft and warships of these countries are consumables!

Moreover, one of the original intentions of the United States to lure them here is to let them become consumables. Imagine that one day, when the friction between China and the United States has reached a point when China must give the other side some color to see, aren’t military aircraft such as Australia and Canada typical consumables? For example, if military aircraft like these really fly and fall down, what else can the United States do except show its teeth to China?


Therefore, countries such as Australia and Canada need to make their own snacks, or they won’t know when they become American cannon fodder one day!

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