Australia and Canada cry: Chinese pilots bully us! And give us the middle finger!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

Recently, Canada and Australia have issued statements one after another, saying that Chinese warplanes have carried out very dangerous provocations against their reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace, demanding that China strictly control the flight activities of its pilots in international airspace, and condemning the actions of Chinese pilots through diplomatic channels.

In Canadian and Australian media, such as Canada’s global news, pilots of both countries said that they were provoked, bullied and intimidated by Chinese pilots

The pilot of the Canadian cp-140 reconnaissance aircraft said:

We flew well in the Yellow Sea. As a result, the Chinese fighters flew to a dangerous distance of 20 to 100 feet from us. They also deliberately made a powerful roar, which scared us to death

The Chinese fighter planes flew so close to us that their pilots threatened us with eyes. They even pointed their middle fingers at us!

In order to be safe, we had to adjust the flight route to avoid collision.

The Australian Ministry of defense complained in the media that its military aircraft sailed freely in the South China Sea and was expelled by Chinese j-16 fighters.

The Australian pilot said that the Chinese plane flew in front of us. It was very close to us. It was too dangerous

They released heat interference bombs, and the flames caused by them had almost rushed to the plane, which scared me to death;

They actually spread aluminum foil on our flight route, resulting in serious damage to our engine;

They have not done this once or twice

Well, Australian and Canadian pilots traveled thousands of miles to the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea, only to be treated with courtesy by Chinese pilots.

It’s like saying that when you go to China’s territory, you still rake it up

I came to his house to steal something, so I was beaten by him. It was too much

I just saw that the hostess was beautiful and wanted to go to her house to have a kiss. As a result, the hostess was not at home and the male host was at home, so I didn’t keep my chrysanthemum. Is there any royal way!

After watching the cries of Australia and Canada, I first thought of a sentence from the United States:

From the position of strength!

Chinese pilots did a good job!

Proceeding from its position of strength, China has absolutely the strength, qualification and ability to bully Australia and Canada.

Proceeding from the position of strength, China’s j-16 fighter can easily complete the work of guarding, cruising and driving away in the South China Sea, and can play tricks with the fighters of the US western group at any time.

What the United States loves most is to start from the position of strength. Therefore, the United States says that you must respect my hegemony, you must cooperate with me to harvest you, and you must cooperate with me to buy U.S. debt

Today’s international order is in fact an international order based on strength and status.

Russia is very unhappy. After educating Ukraine, a group of people accuse him. In fact, the United States has done things for countless times. If we want to say that we are ruthless, the United States is really ruthless.

In fact, there are also many fine artists in China who scold Russia for one thing:

From the position of strength!

The United States is a global superpower, the strongest military power in the world, and has the largest number of military bases. Therefore, based on its position of strength, the United States has the right to invade Iraq, bomb Syria, and massacre Afghanistan

But how old are you in Russia? What qualifications do you have? Do you have the strength?

Even if you are cornered by the United States, you have to accept your fate.

Therefore, the Russian Foreign Minister concluded that the Russian military’s military actions in Ukraine are aimed at ending the hegemony of the United States and the world order dominated by the United States.

From the position of strength! This is really a good word.

He said the essence of the international order, but in fact, 300 years ago, the international order was not like this.

In 1405, 100 years earlier than the great European navigation, China first began to explore the world and carried out the navigation era of the Ming Dynasty.


Unfortunately, at that time, we did not understand it, based on the position of strength.

Because at this time, in terms of national strength, Daming could kill the whole Europe. Only during the exploration period, the tonnage and carrying capacity of Daming were more than 10 times that of Columbus.

In terms of navigation technology, Zhenghe used the Seaway compass, that is, the compass navigation combined with the astronomical navigation of the Ocean Star pulling technique, which was the most advanced navigation technology at that time.

The fleet of Daming had 27000 sailors at one time, more than 20 times that of Columbus.

The fleet strength of Europe is 1, and that of Daming is at least 10.

Unfortunately, we don’t understand that from the perspective of strength, Emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty actively developed diplomatic relations with vassal states, adopted a “non occupation” attitude towards neighboring countries, and tried to build a hierarchical and harmonious ideal world order.

In the course of Zhenghe’s fleet, any indigenous country in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa can be completely crushed by any fleet of Daming in terms of force, armament and technology, but Daming has carried out orderly civilized trade:

Cambodia exchanged gold for China’s celadon bowls and silk;

Javanese people exchanged copper coins for celadon, musk, gold ornaments, silk and beads;

Ceylon exchanged precious stones and pearls for musk, silk, colored silk, celadon and camphor;

King zufarr of the Arabian Peninsula exchanged frankincense, Dracaena Draconis, aloe vera, myrrh, benzoin, Suhe oil and mubiezi for silk and porcelain;


Zheng He sailed more than 20000 troops each time. If he really wanted to rob Ceylon and Java, it would be effortless to destroy a country. Sometimes tens of thousands of troops went to small ports in Southeast Asia. The value of force was a world difference. However, everywhere he went, he traded goods for goods on an equal and mutually beneficial basis.

In the historical records of the Ming Dynasty, and in the historical records of the countries it passed through, there was no looting, although China absolutely has this strength.

In fact, since the Han Dynasty, China has not understood that based on its position of strength, it has been transferring China’s technology, art and specialties to the world along the two silk roads, making outstanding contributions to the development of global civilization.

But about 100 years after the great sailing of the Ming Dynasty, the era of great sailing in the western world has come. This is the beginning of the West based on strength and status.

Western civilization, without trade, is robbery and plunder.

The Spaniards got more than two-thirds of the world’s gold and silver. What did they pay? That is to say, they slaughtered all the Indians in South America and destroyed the Aztec Empire

Britain colonized India, found the largest raw material market and commodity market, and starved tens of millions of Indians for hundreds of years.

Belgium colonized the Congo, and all Congolese became slaves. The population of the Congo has been reduced by more than 5million. If you don’t work hard, you will be cut off

Indians were almost slaughtered, and 100 million people were lost in Africa

Australia and Canada, as the authentic Anglo Saxons, know better from the position of strength.

There were nearly a million aborigines in Australia. However, since Britain made this a prisoner’s exile in 1788, the Anglo Saxon bandits did not hesitate to raise butchers’ knives and plunder Aboriginal Land and property. The remaining aborigines had to migrate to marginal areas and remote islands with poor environment. Today, the population is less than 400000;

The original owners of Canada were the Inuit and the Metis. Since 1583, when they became the first colony of the Anglo Saxons, the nightmare of the aborigines began. The Anglo Saxons not only killed a large number of Aborigines and expelled them to the reservation, but also forced their children to be sent to “boarding schools” since childhood, so that they could be tortured and abused conservatively.

It was precisely because of their position based on strength that the Anglo Americans almost eliminated the aborigines and established Australia and Canada.

However, Australia and Canada today can only bully the aborigines. There is not a single inch of weakness. As we said last time, the tonnage of newly built Chinese warships will be one British Navy gross tonnage in two and a half years. What about these two lackeys?

Hehe, I’m going to laugh.

In 2021 alone, the Chinese people’s Navy commissioned 27 new main ships, with a total gross tonnage of 170000 tons.

For the Chinese people’s navy, one year’s new construction of ships is equal to the gross tonnage of the Australian Navy, that is, the total size of the Australian Navy Fleet we build every year.

As for Canada, there are only 20 ships in total. The gross tonnage can not be found because it is too small to be counted;

Well, based on the position of strength

Of course, Australia and Canada do not think so. As the forefront of Anti China and the most loyal dog of the United States, they have always believed that:

My father’s strength is my strength.

They seem to have forgotten that China has already told the United States:

You are not qualified to speak with China from the perspective of strength and status!

However, I find that I increasingly hope that this sentence: starting from the position of strength.

From this perspective, China’s rejuvenation can be quantified and calculated.

Before 2012, ASEAN countries occupied the islands in the South China Sea crazily, and the United States tried to “uphold justice” every time. In 2012, China began to make dumplings crazily. In 2016, the Chinese Navy confronted the U.S. twin aircraft carriers, and finally the U.S. military ran away in a hurry. China finally proved itself.

Proceeding from its position of strength, China can definitely defeat the US military in the Asia Pacific region!

See: depth | does the United States want to fight? Unfortunately, we have the ability to cry in any country!

Since then, starting from the Philippines, ASEAN has collectively turned.

This time, the cries of Australia and Canada must be of great concern to ASEAN countries. They clearly see once again that China is absolutely capable of protecting the security of Southeast Asia from the perspective of strength.

Soon, ASEAN will move from sitting on the wall to being pro China, because:

Eagle strike 21 has proved that China can completely annihilate US aircraft carriers in 2500 nautical miles;

At present, several ten thousand ton destroyers in Dalian and Shanghai shipyards are under construction at the same time, and we are still speeding up our dumpling making;

003 aircraft carrier is about to launch;



Within two years at most, ASEAN will firmly realize that China is the only peacekeeper in the Asia Pacific region from the perspective of strength.

At the same time, Australia, a little farther away, will change from a loyal charging dog to a fence rider.

In four years at most, Australia will understand that he has wrongly blamed China. It turns out that China is not a threat. China is the guardian of peace in the South Pacific region. Everything we do is to protect its security

Because, based on the position of strength, only China can protect it

Four years later, when our 005 and 006 cruised in the South Pacific with four 005, four 052, two 075, two newly powered “big black fish” and supply ships, Australia was very dissatisfied:

Why are you resupplying in Solomon Islands? Why didn’t you come to the loyal Melbourne?

Do you think we are not loyal enough?

Of course, China is not the United States. China’s ultimate goal is to build a community with a shared future for mankind and to rebuild a new international order of peaceful coexistence.

But before that, China needs to prove to the world that from the perspective of strength, we are absolutely capable of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

The only thing we need to remember is that before the US order was broken, it was an existing order recognized by the world from the perspective of strength.

All countries except one recognize that

That is Japan.

Let alone the launching of China’s 007 and 008, even if China has 100 aircraft carriers, Japan will not recognize them. This anti China country, which has coveted China for more than 1000 years, will not eat this set.

Japan said:

From the position of strength, we only recognize the high temperature of 6000 degrees

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