Australia has lost 600million dollars, and the grudge is looking at China again!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

After a look, it was very interesting that Australia finally accepted the advice and paid 600million dollars for the massive bleeding; What’s more important is Australia’s attitude, and its gruesome eyes are on China.

Why pay?

It was because of the submarine crisis last year that Australia formed aukus with the United States and Britain. The first thing was to tear up the submarine contract with France, no longer let France build conventional submarines, but instead the United States and Britain developed and manufactured eight nuclear submarines for Australia.

Conventional submarines do not need nuclear submarines. Who are they aimed at?

You know, we don’t have to say much.

But France was so angry that it wanted to vomit blood.

You know, the total value of the French Australian submarine contract is about $40billion (this is still the data in 2016, and now it is estimated to be $60billion), which is considered as a major diplomatic achievement of makron. Unexpectedly, it was suddenly intercepted by the United States and Britain, and the century contract also became a century failure.

France jumped and scolded: the United States, Britain and Australia are stabbing you in the back.

France angrily cancelled the defense negotiations with Britain. With the strong impetus of France, the EU also postponed the free trade negotiations with Australia. In the words of France, “it is inconceivable to conduct trade negotiations with a country we no longer trust as if nothing had happened.”


In addition, France has recalled its ambassadors to the United States and Australia as never before

France is regarded as the oldest ally of the United States. This is the first time that France has recalled its ambassador to the United States in more than 200 years.

After Biden came to power, his slogan was “America is back”. The French finally realized that the United States had come back. It turned out that the United States had come back to rob the French.

Finally, Biden did his own work, apologized to France, and “told” the French: we were also cheated by the Australians. They told us that the submarine contract with you had long been broken, so we provided nuclear submarines

Between France and Australia, the United States chose to sell Australia first. So that Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister of Australia, scolded Morrison on the Internet at that time:

Therefore, we have an Australian Prime Minister who believes that he can mislead the US president. Morrison recklessly made our national security and foreign policy more and more dangerous. It’s time to let him out.

Morrison was speechless. In the Australian election this year, he also stepped down. But how to clean up this mess?

It can only be a loss.

New prime minister Albanese lost money. On June 11, Albanese announced in Sydney that the Australian government had reached an agreement with the French military shipbuilding enterprise, and Australia agreed to compensate the French side 555million euros, about 583.58 million dollars.

Alas, Australia has not yet got a submarine, but it has lost nearly 600million dollars in real money.


But Albanese felt a sigh of relief. He said that this solution is fair and just. “The amount of compensation was initially as high as 5.5 billion Australian dollars (equivalent to 3.9 billion US dollars), and the final figure was reached after negotiation. This compensation still represents a huge waste caused by a government that is always boasting but has poor implementation. This government will be remembered as the most wasteful government since the founding of the Commonwealth of Australia.”

He also said: “I have had many discussions with President macron. I thank him for participating in these discussions and for our friendly way to rebuild and improve Australia France bilateral relations.”

Thanks to France and Australia for paying so much.

But what is more interesting is the following sentence of Albanese: “given the seriousness of the regional and global challenges we face, the most important thing is that Australia and France must once again unite to defend our common principles and interests.”

what do you mean?

It is read by Western media that the settlement of this dispute will help restore friendly relations between Australia and France and pave the way for joint response to China’s threat.

It’s really amazing.

But this view is not new. In fact, as early as the Morrison administration, Darden, then Australian Defense Minister, publicly “advised” France: you should put aside the “pain” of the submarine contract and let’s focus on dealing with China together.

Now that the money has been lost and France’s anger has subsided, we can deal with China hand in hand.

Finally, what do you think?

Let’s go for three.

First, all allies are interests.

The century contract between France and Australia finally turned into century deception. The French should also have seen through the calculations of the Anglo Saxons. Britain is clamouring to leave Europe. Now the United States has come to pry the French big bill. What allies, in fact, are interests. The spirit of contract is not counted in front of interests. Therefore, France did not let it go, forcing Australia to admit it and lose $600million. Do not let Australia shed some blood. Where does France get its evil spirit?

Second, the final result was that Australia cried to death.

The United States, Britain and Australia mechanism, abbreviated as aukus, turned out to be “Australia crying to death” as we expected. Before they got a submarine, they lost 600million US dollars and were criticized by France and the European Union. More importantly, the $600million compensation may only be preliminary. According to Albanese, the final loss may be around $2.4 billion. Alas, poor Australia, do you really want to deal with China, or are you acting as a wrongdoer?


Third, we should be calm and even more calm.

Australia has also been beaten in the face and lost money. The United States is still making a match. France and Australia will probably meet again. After all, the west is the west, and we certainly will not turn our elbows outward. Sometimes we are able to join forces. We should be fully prepared for this.

However, the submarine crisis once again tells us that the so-called democratic alliance and value alliance based on ideology must be vulnerable in the face of national interests. Otherwise, France will not recall the ambassador angrily, the United States and Britain will not laugh at it, and Australia will have to admit that it has lost money

In this world, there are no permanent friends or enemies, but only permanent interests.

Conspiracy and betrayal, with a grudge in our eyes, we should just get used to it. It is the most important for us to be calm and do our own things well.

As for Australia, I don’t know why? You might as well do more to do what you are good at.

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