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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

Guin Thomas, a 65 year old white woman from Ohama, was born into a traditional Republican family. In 1987, at the age of 30, she married Clarence Thomas, a promising black woman nine years her senior. After four years of marriage, her husband became chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. Since then, guinithhomas has also become one of the top social circles in the United States.

As we all know, the United States is a country of separation of powers in legal theory. The president administers the executive, the Congress administers the legislation, and the court administers the judiciary. If you want to clarify this architecture, it is a very cumbersome and difficult thing. Moreover, the ideal framework will be distorted in the real world. Just like a beautiful woman who likes a dress and wears it on a model, so she buys it and puts it on herself. As a result, there are few ideal clothes. That is why top-level clothes are still customized. Although the person who buys the clothes is definitely a beautiful woman, whether the clothes fit or not does not have much to do with whether she is a beautiful woman. The right one is the best. Therefore, although the separation of powers looks like a good dress, it will still look out of shape when worn on the Americans who made it. Not to mention other countries with different shapes.

However, whether they are out of shape or not, the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court can be regarded as the top figure in the United States. For example, the White House has a large president, including the vice president, the Secretary of state, the attorney general, and a large number of congressional leaders. From the Senate to the house of Representatives, there are party leaders, Party whips, majority party leaders, minority party leaders, and so on. There is a mess, and power is not concentrated in the White House. There are only nine justices in the supreme law. Once appointed, unless there is a major scandal or a major violation of the law, they will live forever. Although there is one chief justice among the nine chief justices, such chief justices are ranked by seniority. As long as they live long enough and die, they can have a chief addiction. In fact, the power of the chief justice and the following eight justices is not very different at ordinary times. The chief justice is only important when impeaching the president or other matters related to the national destiny of the United States and the foundation of American justice. However, most of the time in the world is normal. Impeachment of the president, even in the history of the United States, is only one of the few things. Therefore, as one of the nine elders of the American judiciary, he is still very good. Even though Clarence Thomas was black.

Therefore, as the wife of the chief justice, lawyer Guin Thomas is also a well-known figure in the United States. As the wife of the Lord Justice, she has many political immunities. As a woman, she mixed in a series of things that she shouldn’t have. For example, on the eve of the US general election last year, she saw that Trump’s prospects were not good. She sent an email to trump’s confidant, the chief of staff of the US White House, asking him to tell Trump: don’t admit the election results. It will take some time for the troops supporting trump to assemble. This is a serious violation of the U.S. Constitution, but it is not enough. Within six days after the election results came out, guinthomas returned them to 29 Republican lawmakers in Arizona, asking them not to recognize the election results, overturn Biden’s victory and support Trump’s succession.

Whether or not Guinness Thomas was the direct organizer of the US attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2020 and sent many trump supporters to Washington, Guinness must also be an active supporter and agitator. The Capitol Hill shock seemed to give trump the confidence to overturn the election results. Although this incident did not succeed in the end, Trump and the forces behind his support gained strength from it, which also made the American supremacy represented by trump a major concern of the Biden administration.

A few days ago, the US Congress organized a hearing on the Capitol Hill impact incident out of fear of such a serious problem. A series of “rebellious” remarks about guintomas have also recently been hyped up by the US media. The hype is nothing more than to prove to the public that trump has indeed violated US laws, and that the attack on Capitol Hill was an organized and premeditated “conspiracy” event. For trump, his current political career is full of dark clouds. Even his daughter Ivanka began to cut off with his father to avoid the disaster of pond fish. So can sending trump to prison be a clarion call for the Democratic Party to win the US mid-term election five months later?

The reason why we say “guintomas” is to show that there is indeed a force supporting trump in the high-level circles in the United States, and the bottom level of the United States suffering from inflation has a large number of trump supporters. If the Democratic Party is determined to kill trump, the backlash from the people at the bottom may really become an important factor in splitting the United States.

Today’s Biden administration has a heavyweight opponent like trump, a hegemonic Challenger like Russia, a sudden rise of China in the economy, and defections from Latin American countries in politics. If one or two of these four threats can not be resolved before the mid-term elections to restore the authority of the Biden administration, then the capsizing of the mid-term elections is almost an inevitable result.

However, Russia’s hegemonic challenge is obviously difficult to defeat; The attack on China’s economy was also futile, and the two governments had no clue; As for the fact that Latin American countries no longer look up to the United States, it is absolutely impossible to solve the problem in the short term. Well, the simplest and easiest thing is undoubtedly to take advantage of the existing authority in the White House and the current Democratic Party’s advantages in Congress to strike at Trump’s support as comprehensively as possible. It is best to send trump, a monkey, to prison to warn those restless chickens. For Biden, it seems to be the best choice. Therefore, the Democratic Party made such a heavy start this time, and immediately positioned trump as a traitor at the legal level. He also started with such a flamboyant and arrogant woman as guintomas, hoping to complete the encirclement and suppression of trump with enough lethal evidence.

Trump seems doomed this time. First of all, Barr Goh, the justice minister promoted by him in the later term of the presidency, made a counter attack, saying that Trump’s previous claims that the votes were false were the product of madness and all bullshit. He had tried to stop trump, but failed to stop it. Obviously, this is a name given by Barr to Biden. No, it’s not even a name. At best, it’s just to report meritorious deeds in order to protect himself. When trump chose Barr as attorney general, I warned trump that this man named Barr was a speculator. In order to become attorney general, he kept trying to curry favor with trump and resolutely helped trump bite. Although trump was very useful at that time, he is also very uncomfortable now. This is the consequence of appointing villains. After all, as the Attorney General of a government, he had many secrets of the then president in his hands. Barr’s rebellion was certainly a disaster for trump.

However, disasters can be withstood. If you are afraid, you will be afraid of extinction. Barr’s backwater was just a prelude to a climax. The hearing of Trump’s beloved daughter Ivanka may have caused trump to feel devastated. In the hearing of Ivanka by the court, Ivanka changed his support for his father and even agreed with Barr’s statement about trump. Although Ivanka still had reservations and did not provide trump with new illegal evidence to the court, her support for Barr’s testimony was enough for trump to drink a pot.


Attend the hearing for Ivanka, who is haggard for his father

What a lively American political drama! Is Ivanka, once the first princess of the first family, once a powerful and popular fan, now reduced to selling her father to protect herself?

I’m afraid there’s a lot of mystery in it. Trump may have been sacrificed by the American supremacist forces and put on the altar. Through the Democratic Party’s relentless suppression of trump and iron blood punishment, the red necks of the United States were filled with indignation, thus provoking them to bite back at the White House. Trump may be grilled over the fire in these five months, but the result of grilling trump is not necessarily beneficial to the Democratic Party. It is more likely to arouse the passionate support of the American bottom people for trump. So that the Democratic Party lost the mid-term elections. It is undoubtedly worth the sacrifice of one man in exchange for the victory of a decisive battle.

But is trump so easily sacrificed? As mentioned earlier, ginithomas’ husband is a justice of the United States high court. The reason why she is so arrogant in supporting trump and does not hesitate to support him with a military coup is that it is unrealistic to rely solely on her personal passion. When the U.S. National Guard entered Washington, it did not listen to the call of the U.S. Congress [trump was still president, but Biden was confirmed to be elected], but took a wait-and-see attitude. It was not until Mike Miley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, went to Washington personally and made his position on the US military that the national guard finally implemented security management in Washington. This shows that what ginithhomas said is not empty words. There are indeed trump supporters in the US military who are willing to support Trump’s succession by force. It’s just that the strength is not strong, and the preparation is not enough. Finally, it’s all over.

Today, trump has supporters in the military and in the camp of the chief justice. Needless to say, a large number of Republican lawmakers support trump in Congress. Coupled with the passionate support of the red necks at the bottom. It is not easy for Biden to send trump to prison. As mentioned earlier, the Ivanka’s counter attack on trump this time is likely to be just to make Biden let go of the attack, and then arouse greater counter attack from the people at the bottom. In order to get the result of the decisive vote in the mid-term election five months later, Biden regretted it. Ivanka naturally has her own ideas. Even if the anti phagocytosis operation fails, she can still save her own strength and fight for the presidential election in 2024.

At a time when the US government’s palace fights are so wonderful, a good play is also being staged in China. The counterattack of the fifth column never stopped. With this hope, we can finally urge us, who are on the verge of victory, to surrender to the United States and the West. In response to these dog thieves, today, the Fujian catapult aircraft carrier, board No. 18, was officially named today.

Today, those people who are busy with flies and dogs and are buzzing are still unable to see the current international and domestic situation. If they don’t rein in their horses, they will inevitably be waiting for a cliff.

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